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As we walk down the stairs, I can’t help but wonder what Jasper was talking about. How many abilities do I have exactly? And when will I know what they are? Not being able to defend myself isn’t exactly a good feeling. If my dad is Hades, maybe I can manipulate the dead and then, I can bring Annabelle and Parker back, just for a few minutes to find out what happened…

“Hey it’s going to be alright,” Mika snaps me out of my day dream before squeezing my hand to reassure me.

I look up at him before leaning into his side, “I can’t defend myself if anything happens,” my words come out shaky, but, I can’t hold my voice steady even if I try.

“That’s why Alex and I are going to be with you,” I can hear he is trying to be calm and let me know nothing’s going to happen, but, he is getting a little nervous himself. We stand in front of the dining room door and Mika lets go of my hand making me look down at my hand then back at him, “he can’t know we have an attraction,” he sighs as he shoves his hands in his pockets.

“What would he do?” I whispers as Mika puts his hand on the door knob, he hesitates as he goes to open the door, as if he was going to answer me, but, he doesn’t. What if he takes Mika away from me and sends another demon here. He can’t though, I have Mika’s bond on my body, he can’t.

He swings the door open allowing me to enter first, “My dear!” A strong male’s voice echo’s in the room. I snap my head to him to see a man who’s dressed like he’s about to make a deal with the president sitting in one of the chairs. He looks around 40 and strangely enough, I think I have his nose, “you have my nose,” there it is. He laughs as he points at his nose.

“Hades,” I speak clearly making him frown. I hear the door close behind me causing me to turn around and look at Mika who has the lividest expression.

He stands up and makes his way over to me, “call me dad,” He speaks, but, Mika stands in front of me making Hades stop in his tracks.

“We have a deal your majesty,” Mika growls causing a smirk to play on the devils face, “break any of those rules, and we are allowed to send you back to hell.”

“Mika its fine, really,” I speak up pushing him to the side. I will admit, my fear is running wild in me right now, but, if I show him weakness now, he’ll never think I have what it takes to defeat him.

Mika looks at me before slowly backing off, “well now, would you look at that, my daughter can control him like a dog,” he smirks. Where’s Alex in all this? I look around the room and see her resting her cheek in her hand as she watches, obviously she can’t interfere due to not being in a contract with me.

“Were in a contract,” I place my hand over the mark he engraved into my ribs, “he has to do what I say.”

Hades looks at Mika before looking at me, “no he doesn’t,” My mouth opens to speak, but, I close it. What does he mean by that? “Mika is here to protect you and help do what you asked him and only that, not do your bidding,” he chuckles as he crosses his arms spinning on his heal walking the opposite way to me.

“Hades, don’t say it,” Alex warns him causing a laugh to erupt from his lips, “Your majesty please.” She almost begs.

Say what? What is going on? “You are my daughter, that you can’t deny,” He starts causing me to step forwards and to my surprise, Mika doesn’t stop me, “you’re already subconsciously using one of your abilities, the ability to control the dead,” My heart starts racing as my breath gets caught in my throat.

“She would have figured it out eventually,” Mika snaps as he sits on the table trying to calm himself and stay out of my way.

“Would have I?” I ask as I bite back turning my head to look at him, “I didn’t even know I was doing it, what else have I been doing that I don’t know about?” I ask him.

“Nothing that I’ve noticed except for the night where you met,” he cuts himself off before widening his eyes and slamming his mouth shut.

Hades turns around and looks at Mika, “the night you met me ma’am,” Alex chimes in saving Mika’s ass. Hades looks at her before looking back at me knowing were hiding something, or someone.

“The night you used a great force of energy, I felt it,” Hades mumbles before taking his watch out his pocket and checking the time, “I haven’t been able to use energy like that in a while, what was it?” He asks as he leans on the window seel.

I shake my head, “I don’t know, all I know is that I was out for three days afterwards,” I shrug.

“It’s nothing we’ve ever seen from you before sir,” Mika cuts in, “you can’t make a shield around people sending the people who are attacking back in an explosion,” he speaks.

“I knew you’d be strong,” Hades smiles causing me to smile awkwardly, “how’s that throwing skill going?” He asks. How did he know about that?

“Good, how did you know?” I ask slowly.

He shrugs and looks out the window, “It was something I had a hobby in when I was younger, I was quite good at it too,” he smirks before pretending to throw something out the window.

“She is pretty good with knives actually,” Mika speaks up causing me to turn around and look at him angrily, “she saved me from a fallen angel,” He mumbles.

Hades starts to laugh, “Saved you?” He looks at Mika, “I’m talking to Mika right?” He asks sarcastically before slowly dying down his laughter, “that’s good though, you my daughter, will rule valiantly by my side, don’t you think soldiers?” He asks as he looks at Mika and Alex.

“Yes sir,” Alex mumbles obviously annoyed with this situation, but, Mika stays quiet.

“I said,” Hades voice becoming gruff, “Don’t you think soldiers?” He asks one more time, his eyes going dark.

Mika looks up at him, “y-yes sir,” He mumbles angrily, “but, to be fair,” Mika starts up before Hades can talk again, making him angry, “you made me make a contract with her to protect her, no? Therefore, shouldn’t I protect her from becoming the ruler of hell?” He asks making me smile a bit.

“There is nothing wrong with ruling hell,” Hades growls as he points to his clothes, “I’m living in luxury, my own army, my own castle,” He speaks, that doesn’t sound half bad, and even if I did go with him, I don’t have to live by his rules, I can change everything, the way good and bad are set out, “so what is the problem?”

Mika stands up off the table, “if I let her go with you, she will lose her humanity, turn for the worse, she won’t feel remorse, won’t even care about the one’s she knows now, won’t feel anything when killing someone, it will almost be as if she is used to the thrill of killing before she even starts,” Mika’s words strike fear in me. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t go with dad and try out my plan, I won’t even care about the world if I do, and “she’ll turn into a monster like you, sir.”

Hades smirks before checking his watch once again, “no one is born a monster, you turn into one,” he steps towards Mika, “you should know that better than anyone.” I see Mika tense from the corner of my eye.

“You should leave,” I growl causing my dad to look at me, “you’ve caused enough trouble.”

He shrugs and places the watch back in his pocket, “well, when you turn 21, you’ll have no choice, but, to join me,” my body freezes as those words leave his mouth. It’s January now, my birthdays in August, that’s in six months… “Like Mika said, you will lose your humanity, whether you like it or not.”

“Not if I can help it,” I scrunch my hands up in balls, not taking my eyes off of him. His eyes stay locked on mine as he tries to control his anger, but, suddenly his expression changes only the slightest bit as if he just saw something in my eyes.

A side smirk grows on his face, “where’s the angel?” I continue to stare at him trying to hide my fear. How could he possibly know that?

“I have no intentions of having any deals or meetings with an angel, trust me, there isn’t one here,” Mika lies and quite calmly if you ask me.

I look out the window behind Hades trying to calm myself down before looking back at him, the smirk falling as his eyes land back on me, “there is definitely an angel here,” he walks up to me causing Mika to step in front of me, but, being thrown back by Hades.

I snap my head to Mika, “Mika!” I yell as I try to run to him, but, get my arm yanked back to face Hades.

“Sir, stop, we worked out a deal,” Alex growls as she stands up pushing the chair back slamming her hands on the table.

Hades hand reaches up and grabs my chin making me look at him, “I’m leaving anyway,” he mumbles as I try to rip my face away, but, he forces me to look at him, “you shouldn’t lie to your father,” he growls as he studies my eyes, fire in his eyes, “no daughter of mine is going to be a fucking angel,” he curses as he pushes my face away from him as black smoke engulfs his body before disappearing into thin air. An angel, me? I’m alive, why would he say I’m going to be an angel?

I keep staring at the spot where he disappeared from, “Jamie!” Mika yells as he runs to me embracing me causing me to stumble slightly snapping me out of my day dream, “why did he call you an angel?” He asks as he pulls away and looks down at me.

Slowly I look up at him, he really is gorgeous, “I was hoping you could tell me,” I mumble with a slight laugh, but, my laugh disappears as he stares blankly at my face not saying anything, “Mika?” I ask slowly.

I feel his hand wrap around my chin as he stares deeply into my eyes, inspecting them just like Hades did. I feel anger and jealously radiate from him even though he has the straightest expression, I can just feel it. I continues to stare at my eyes and it looks like he wants to gouge them out, “no mistress of mine is going to be an angel,” He growls letting go of my chin slowly and carefully, still staring at my eyes. What is wrong with my eyes?

“Now who does that sound like, huh?” I ask sarcastically crossing my arms. Why can’t I be an angel? Just before he said I was going to heaven, why does this change now?

“Mika, what’s wrong?” Alex asks as she slowly walks up next to him placing her hand on his shoulder.

He moves his head away from me, his lips pursing, “her eyes,” is all he says before turning around and slamming the doors open before heading up stairs.

Alex leans in, “I don’t see,” she cuts herself off before gasping and slamming her hand over her mouth, “why, no when, when did Jasper show you his true eyes and what did you talk about?” She asks as she shakes her head stepping back from me.

“Just before Mika came to get me and we spoke about the past, it made me really happy. Even Hades couldn’t shake me,” I smile causing her to snap her head to the door, worry written all over her face. I follow her gaze and realize the same thing. Mika just went up-stairs to where Jasper is and he is pissed off.

“Mika stop!” Alex and I scream as we run up-stairs, me almost tripping and hurry into the room, “Jasper run now!” Alex yells as she pushes the door open. I hurry next to her to see a shattered window indicating they fought and fell out the window, what the hell is Mika doing? He’s such an idiot! We run over to the window and look down to see Jasper and Mika wearing different clothes, almost like battle clothes, their weapons drawn as they attack each other, “No, no, no!” She yelps as she looks down to see if she can climb down, before I can ask what’s so bad, she speaks, “they’re battling! That’s their battle gear!” She worries as she grabs hold of my waist pulling me into her as she jumps down out the window.

I scream as I close my eyes before feeling the impact on her feet, “don’t ever do that without warning again!” I scream as I push myself away from her standing body and running my shaking hands through my hair.

“Oh toughen up!” She growls as she continues to stare at the two fighting, “you started this, not subconsciously of course, but, you did start this! Go finish it if you want them both to live!” She yells as she pushes me in front of her running behind me while pushing me making me run faster. I feel like my feet aren’t even moving due to the speed she’s running at.

“Mika! Jasper! Stop this right now!” I call as Mika comes down hard on Jasper sword making Jasper grab hold of both ends of his sword. Alex stops pushing me allowing me to run on my own. I have to stop this, they’re both such idiots! I don’t even know what they were seeing in my eyes? I should have asked, but, I didn’t have time, I still don’t! Jasper and Mika are going to keep fighting until death at this rate.

“You didn’t have to turn her into a fucking angel!” Mika roars as his sword lights up brighter in flames.

Jasper pushes Mika’s blade off his sword before coming around and attempting to hit him in the side, “Profanity!” Jasper warns as he blocks a hit from Mika.

I’m almost there, I can stop this. I look up to see dark clouds swarming over the sunset before a light is seen landing in the middle of the two sending me back flying. What just happened? My back hits the pavement hard as I slide across it, I cover my head as I stop finally. Ow my body… I feel Alex place her hands on my side, my eyes still closed, “Are you okay?!” She asks as her breathing becomes rapid.

I let out a groan as I try to lift my head, “what was that?” I ask as I struggle to hold my head up, I open my eyes slowly to see a boy about 17 standing in the middle, his white wings out stretched, a staff type weapon that is a silver and bigger version of the grim reapers weapon in his right hand. A scythe… Mika sits on the floor on his knees as the curve of the weapon is around his body. “Is that an angel?” I ask as I sit up swallowing hard at the pain.

Alex nods as she takes her hands away from my body and placing her hand over her mouth, “Ch-Charlie?” She stutters as stands up contemplating whether or not to go help fight.

“Go help him!” I yell causing her to look at me before closing her eyes and speed running over to Mika, before I know it, she is in a new outfit just like the others, her hands covered in an orange metal. She runs up to Charlie and slices the scythe in half with her ability. Are they lasers coming out of her hands?

Charlie stumbles back before collecting his ground once again, “you’ve gone and done it now,” he groans as he stands it up raising his hand sending a black smoke to wrap around the whole scythe, I watch closely, my body not too far away from the fight, they must be ignoring me while in battle. Once the smoke disappears, his weapon is fixed. He looks back at Alex who is sitting next to Mika with her hands on his shoulders trying to get him to stand up, “look what we have here, two Guardians,” he smirks obviously referring to himself and Jasper, “and two, ha, I don’t even have a word for you two.”

“Jasper, call your dog off,” Mika growls as he pushes himself off the ground slightly leaning on Alex. I wish I could get there right now! I start stand up, but, I fall letting out a slight scream in pain. My pain level is lower than those immortals. This isn’t fair! Everyone’s head turns to me including Charlie whose orange tinged hair has fallen in front of his eyes. “Jamie!” Mika yells as he speed runs kneeling next to me.7

“I’m okay,” I mumble as I lean my head into him trying to hold myself up, but, failing miserably, “well I will be,” I swallow hard as he holds on to me softly trying not to hurt me.

“I always find you’re the one who gets hurt in these types of things,” Mika sighs as he lets go of my body for a second, still letting me rest my head on him, pulling his long black coat off his back and throwing it over me before quickly grabbing my body again. I smile gratefully, “it’s not safe here right now, okay? We have to get you up.” He whispers.

“This is who you two were fighting over?” Charlie laughs as starts to walk towards us. Mika quickly stands up, picking me up in his arms in the process, “who is she anyway?”

“Charlie!” Jasper calls as he lands in front of us, his wings on full display from the back anyway, putting his sword away, “This is Jamie, Hades daughter,” he speaks as he steps out the way slightly.

A gasp leaves Charlies lips as he lowers his weapon and stops in his tracks right in front of Jasper. His eyes study me as he blinks a couple times, his mouth hanging open, “I thought she was going to be strong,” He mumbles to himself causing Mika to tighten his grip around me, obviously hearing him too.

I smile slightly, “Hi,” is all that leaves my lips. He is quite handsome, purple eyes and light orange hair, but, Mika is 100 times more handsome.

He steps towards me holding his hand out, an annoyed smile on his face, “pleasure to meet you,” he speaks with as much kindness as he can muster. He doesn’t like me.

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