The 1.000 years Great Sage

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History says that every 1.000 years, a Great Sage is born. One that can control amazing amounts of Magic. And in this World with so many different Races, that Great Sage will defend, rule or help one of those to advance and evolve faster than any of the other Races. At least, it used to be like that for the past 5.000 years. But then, I was born. . Book on Amazon:

Fantasy / Adventure
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- Well, what I’m going to do now? I just didn’t expect things to reach this point. Do I create some new breakthrough and let things set their own course or I do what I’m expected to do?

At this moment, I’m in my laboratory, looking around, thinking about what I should do next. While I’m thinking, I start wondering how did the old me, a normal man from a small country in Europe back on Earth, ended up on a strange medieval World filled with Magic, swords, strange Races and Magical Beings. And the weirdest of all, a World influenced by the previous Great Sage, that came from Japan!

- My Dear Goddess, you really like to mess with me, right since the beginning. I’m still wondering why you choose me since I’m not Japanese like the previous one that you brought here. That excuse that you gave me at that time “just to be different...” didn’t convince me then and still doesn’t convince me now. I think you are just laughing like crazy, just seeing all the troubles that I’ve been having so far. And I never imagined that the Gifts I asked then, just to test you, that you actually would give me! I’m in fact, truly happy for being alive here, despite having to die on Earth and reborn in a strange World. For that, I thank you.

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