Someone's Forever

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In the mystical world of fantasies, where mysteries awaiting to be unveiled, Miracles happen and destiny tests; the heart of Forever! * Two Souls destined to be together. ...and two broken hearts to heal and to complete one another.... *** Niera William gets everything in her life she wants, not because she is born with silver spoon but she is hardworking and passionate. She always seeks for something interesting and exciting, which can add some colors in her simple boring life. Smart and intelligent yet gentle, serene and pure. Working as a legal advisory in Greefy Inc., she never had thought that her life would change Exceptionally. Coming to A V Inc., to solve some misapprehension, she never thought she'll become the missing piece of someone's entire existence. Be a part of her Journey. A Journey of love, passion, hope, honor, destiny and her fate, where she meets her Miracle; her True Love, her Savior. Her Forever.... You’re invited to the land of Mysteries, and Forever with Miracles!

Fantasy / Romance
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For my Miracles

For my Mumma,

The Miracle of our life...!

Though, I can never be enough with words,

But Someone’s Forever is possible, only because you never accepted defeat.

Mumma and Bhaiya, thank you for being mine!

Papa, for allowing me run in the direction of my passion!

My Grandparents, for blessing me from Heaven!

The Forever story of Gidiera is possible not just because I wrote it, but it is possible because of the people behind me, who encouraged, loved and trusted me more than I could ever have!

Thanks to each and every one for being with me as I struggled, stumbled and ultimately made SF possible!

I was cherished more than I ever expected, Thank you!

December 29, 2019

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