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One day she's a high school graduate working and living above a library and the next she has the ability to jump into her television and interact with the people. Little dies she know what she has really stumbled upon. A Hollywood actor with a secret, another world, elves and magic. This is going to be fun.

Fantasy / Erotica
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One - Remote-control

Another fun day working at the library and it was home time.

To most nineteen year old it would be a nightmare. But to Lydia there was nothing better than working in the dusty old library. Well, apart from watching her favourite actor, Evan Cullen on the television. He had been in a lot of things the last couple of years, but her favourite was Star Quest, a television show based on her favourite book series. That is how she saw him the first time.

She was never much of a television person until she heard the series was being made. She had instantly fell in love.

He played Father Forester, a religious man struggling to keep his faith while traveling around space with a crew of scientists looking for a cure to a deadly virus back home.

She was the same now as at school, a boring book nerd loner. Or at least that's how people described her.

She wasn't ugly, completely average in fact. Except her long naturally curly dark red hair which everyone believed was from a bottle but wasn't. It was an unusually colour but she loved it.

She didn't have to go far to get home. After the last librarian retired they had no one to run it until her. She was offered the job and the flat above. She had no wish to attend college, so it was perfect for her.

It got her a job she loved and out of the house she shared with a mother who daily made it clear she was an accident with a man she had never seen her before or since.

She always blamed her for why she couldn't keep a man and basically any plan she had failed.

Lydia left and hadn't looked back.

"Damn remote-control, where are you?!"

The television was old, already in the flat when she moved in. It was in perfect working ordered except only yesterday the remote-control gave up the ghost. Not even new batteries would help it.

Thankfully, after speaking to a man in the local junk shop she had managed to find a replacement from around the same period.

Digging it out of her bag she let out a little cry of joy. She hadn't missed a show and she wasn't planning on.

Little was known about Evan Cullen, expect he was in his late twenties. He is a very private person. He didn't even attend famous parties or events. He also has a strict no kiss or touch policy.

He was the lustful dream of many of women and girls. With long oddly white hair, eerie lilac eyes and tanned skin. In clothes he looked tall and slender, but his clothes hid a muscular chest and abs to match.

After changing into a pair of boy shorts and cami top she settled down onto the sofa for the evening and she turned on the screen just in time.

The remote was strange but did the job. It had a dozen or so buttons she had no idea what for.

She watch the screen in awe. Evan always reminded her of an Elf with his perfect, almost graceful ways and not to mention his hair.

Something caught her eye. She glanced down in her hands to see a button flashing on and off. Without thinking she pressed it.

Woosh and a flash and she was somewhere else.

Looking around she almost swallowed her tongue. She was sat on the ground of TV ship with Evan or rather Father Forester looking at her curiously.

Quickly she realised she still had the remote in her hand and pressed the same button.

It had the desired effect and a second later she was back home and the events on the show continued as though nothing happened.

She was too scared to touch the remote for days after that. But after a psyching herself up she decided to try it again. Not checking what was on, this time she ended up in a late night movie just as the stars of the movie where getting it on.

But noticing her they stopped and started yelling at her, calling her a pervert.

She returned home and again, the movie seemed to have continued as if she hadn't been there. She tried it on a number of adverts, making sure she could return home before going to the next stage.

Buying a cheap pre-owned television, she set it up beside hers, then pointed her phone camera and sat it in position recording as she tried again.

This time she ended up in a cooking show. The famous chef was cooking the most delicious burgers.

Stealing one she shot back home.

Smiling with the burger still in hand she watched back the recording. On the new screen was what should have happened but her screen showed her and the theft. But when she returned home the show returned to the original, the same as the second.

She could enter anything on the television without effect.

A sinister smile crossed her face. She was a nice girl. But even nice girls needed fun and she was going to have it. Starting with a very handsome priest who won't even smile at a woman.

She had never dated or kissed before. She knew it wasn't real but she wanted it so bad.

With the next episode only hours away, she prepared herself.

She wasn't the stylish one but she had always wore sexy lingerie under her clothes. It made her feel sexy.

With just a robe on over the underwear, she knew she'd have alone time with the character she wanted.

He was showed in every episode in his quarters and no one was allowed to enter. He was a very private man.

It would be hard and she was probably being a complete pervert, but she was going to seduce Father Forester.

Her heartbeat got faster as the show began. Time passed on and the show had only minutes left. She knew if she stayed in the show longer than it was on she would be fine. She had tested it earlier.

Then one minute to the end, the scene she had been waiting for began. He was in only the thinnest pair of cotton pants and shirtless, sat on the floor meditating.

She pressed the button the moment she saw him.

"You have returned to me," He said after opening his eyes and noticing her.

"You remember me? I didn't think you would," She mumbled the last part.

"The woman with the beautiful hazel eyes and magnificent red hair. How could I forget such a beautiful woman?" He said standing up.

"I am Lydia," She felt dumb and hornier than ever. He, the most handsome man on the planet thought she was beautiful.

"You can call me Karan."

They had never learnt Father Foresters first name, so maybe that was it.

"And I will call you Kirin." She didn't argue.

"Now, tell me, beautiful Kirin, why did you return to me?" He stopped inches from her, taking her hands in his. He was so unlike the real actor and character. Both were touch'a'phobs.

Rumour has it that a very famous actress tried to hug him and he had her fired from the movie they were shooting.

His lilac eyes stared into hers, it was like he could see into her soul.

"I want sex."

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