Her Life: Deadly Superstar

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She won that competition in a one in a million chance, but she wasn't interested in winning at all. But there is a great secret that the superstars seems to be hiding. Whatever could it possibly be? Derek is named the most eligible bachelor on this side of the universe. Stasha is the girl trying to hide from the spotlight. Their worlds collide when an accident forces Stasha to spend two weeks with the Superstar. How exactly is she to keep a low profile in the presence of the most famous bachelor? Even more when the demons chasing him are pulling her down with him.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Chapter One ~ The Posters

I was walking back home from school, when I came upon a group of over-excited girls. Everyone gathered in front of those huge billboards, asking you to join the 2014 Derek Shinly contest. I read it over the top of my head as I had passed this particular billboard - with just as much, sometimes even more, girls crowding the street - everyday as I walked home. This was the shortest way home and worse yet, this is the street my house is in.

I didn’t have a problem with taking the long way home, I didn’t take it because my twin didn’t want me to take that road - as I’d have to go through the woods bordering town to get home, if I did.

Anyways, about the contest.

It said that I’d get to spend two weeks with this upstart, world famous bachelor, Derek Shinly, in his villa and even get to be in his latest music video.

Groaning, I slumped my way around the screaming hoard of girls. I couldn’t wait until they picked a winner and get this whole thing over with. Everyone in school had been obsessing over the guy and it’s annoying. What’s worse is, my two friends are pretty obsessed with the guy as well, and it’s a nightmare. I was getting pretty tired of how awesome or great or whatever-not the guy was.

While it was a usual occurrence, it had never been this bad - or irritating - before. Now, all anyone could talk about was the competition and not shut-up about it.

If given the chance, I doubt he’d glance their way, nor care.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against the guy. I’m just annoyed at all these girls - and even some guys - were flocking around a guy they thought they knew, but in reality knew nothing about him. The only thing they know is whatever stuff the media and paparazzi dress them and I doubt a quarter of what they know about him will be true.

Even more so, that they love him and shower him with affection, because he was rich and famous. I don’t think even one - not one - of them knew anything about the guy, besides anything they read off magazines and watched on the media. I’d be surprised if anyone knew the real Derek Shinly.

What is he like behind the cameras? Who is that person behind those fake smiles?

I’m talking from experience. My elder brothers, Ozuru and Izuru, are the heads of the Vampire Hunters association, but the world knows them as successfully businessmen. World class businessmen. Though it is my eldest brother, Alan Kiriyuu, who runs the Hunter’s new technology and architecture, Ozuru and Izuru are the ones to get the credit.

The reason being, Ozuru-nii and Izuru-nii are the heads of the association and therefore anything Hunter related will go to them.

And I’d rather have it that way than let Alan get the credits for his work. He’s too pig-headed for his own good. He’d positively abuse his power.

He is still my brother and loved him dearly. Yet his passionate hatred for all vampire’s because of what that one vampire did to our parents, out ruled everything else moral for him. He was too stuck in taking his revenge - against every vampire that exists - make him forget the important things in life most of the time. Okay, always. So he tends to act rash, which we can’t have.

There is a truce between vampire’s and Hunter’s and best not to cross that line. Something I’m positive Alan would, if he gets more power, which is why I’d rather not have it any other way.

Okay, enough with the ranting, I should probably start from the first.

My name is Starlestail Starflower Crysaline Liana Emming DeVolius Hunter Night. But never, ever, ever call me by my full name. I always go by the name Stasha Kiriyuu, but all my brothers and sister called me star, or little angel or princess.

Ever since I can remember my life has been a whole new level of messed up. I’m no ordinary human, though I appear like one. I’m a Tennyo - the Japanese word for celestial beings. Neither am I any normal Tennyo, I’m the most powerful Tennyo to ever exist.

Some 1000′s of earth years (100,000 Nox years) ago, my family was killed by a power hungry vampire named Vampero. Me and my elder brother Dustin, however, were saved by Vampero’s son - my beloved papa and the High king of Nox - and for safety reasons, he gave me to the Kiriyuu family to look after, taking Dustin with him.

It is there that I met my beloved elder brothers Ozuru and Izuru - though their real Names are Ozuru and Izuru Kiriyuu, I call them Ozuru and Izuru after watching that anime, called vampire Knight. Their names ending with Kiriyuu is a complete coincidence, but it made me love it even more for that very reason.

I stayed with the Kiriyuu’s - my second family - for three long years, while papa and Dustin took over Nox while Vampero hunted for me.

When I was nine papa came back to get me and took me to Nox. There I trained to use my powers and how to handle it, but most of the time I just filled around the grand castle - which was brand new at the time.

In Nox, I met papa’s son - Nathaniel Nox - for the first time and we soon became friends and I gained another older brother who looked out for me and loved me just as unconditionally.

While I loved Nox, I missed goofing around with Ozuru and Izuru. In them I had found a bond much thicker than blood. A bond I didn’t even have with Dustin, who was my brother - by blood.

Three years later, papa’s let me come back to earth (Japan), realizing how, much I missed the brothers I had made on earth.

However, when I got here I learned that my adoptive parents and Izuru-sama were dead - don’t fret, just continue reading. Dustin had left me on the doorstep and hurried away, not wanting to be seen and giving my safe haven away, but little did he know that my safe haven had already been destroyed.

I don’t really like talking about that time of my life at it was too personal - for Aniki (elder brother) Ani-san (also elder brother) and myself - but I did find Aniki - my nickname for Ozuru, or Ozuru - and a few incidents later found out Ani-san - my nickname for Izuru, or Izuru - wasn’t really dead. As I said, I don’t want to go into details about that part of my life.

After all of that were sorted out, papa needed my help back in Nox and that’s when everything went wrong.

It was in our last battle against Vampero - by far. A miscalculated spell on my part. Which should’ve been a clean kill, only put Vampero into a deep slumber and backfired on papa.

I too had been hurt badly, but it hadn’t been anything fatal. Yet some wounds aren’t easily healed. I blamed my miscalculated spell on papa’s death and Yasha - it’s how mama (Nathaniel’s mother) called him - thought it was best to let me sleep in frozen time, until I was ready to face myself.

Before Dustin had died - he was killed in an attack by Vampero, when he realized he had lost his throne while he looked for me - he and papa had made a glass coffin. It freezers time and heals the person in it - and I was the only one who’d fit.

Ozuru-sama and Izuru-sama had a big role to play in my life and as Dustin was already dead, there had to be someone who knows me best to look after me when I awoke. So, connected to my coffin - with all the same powers - they had been, pretty much, in the same condition as me for the past years.

I don’t exactly remember much of my second life, except for the most striking pair of amethyst eyes I saw remembered when I woke up and for the last few moments where I wish to give my beloved brother there family back.

What I hadn’t anticipated, was how well that wish was going to work.

When Ozuru-kun and Izuru-kun woke up, mom and dad were alive, and not to mention they already had a son. Thankfully they remembered their last life pretty well - as I said something I didn’t anticipate.

The reason Alan was elder to Ozuru and Izuru, is because he was already born before Ozuru-sama and Izuru-sama awoke.

When I woke-up, mom and dad already had another two kids. Tessa who is two years elder to me and Blake, who is the same age as me, but a month elder - so we introduce ourselves to everyone as twins. I was a part of their family, though not blood-related and none of them treated me like I didn’t belong. They all loved ma as dearly and saw me as their little sister same as Ozuru and Izuru.

Though my bond with the latter two had always been too strong a bond and no one has come close to it - so far.

Now I had two 7 year old brothers - twins - as well. They were 9 years younger than me.

5 years ago, a vampire killed mom and dad - who gave their lives to help us escape and this is what brought on Alan’s vengeance towards all vampires.

Now, I and Blake, lived in New Jersey in a little town surrounded by woods, away from the media and trying as best we could, to live like normal teenagers.

I had never given anyone my surname - either introducing myself as just Stasha or Stasha Starflower. Never mentioning the name Kiriyuu to anyone. Not even my two friends - Lea and Mora - knew of my true name.

Anyways... I was just about to crossing the street, before continuing home, when I heard my name being called from among the girls crowding the billboard.

I turned around to see my two best friends pushing their way through the crowd to reach me. I face-palmed myself. I should’ve know they’d be here, after all they had been going on and on about the competition.

“OMG! Stasha, they finally put it up! All we have to do is send in a post - or e-mail - to said address with all our details!” Lea cried, jumping in excitement.

“This is awesome! And don’t worry, we already gave in your details as well, because we know how you won’t do it otherwise” Mora - who was the better composed of the two - told me, calmly, like she hadn’t just about given me a panic-attack.

“What!?” I exclaimed in panic.

I didn’t want to enter this stupid contest - like at all. The reason I and Blake were here in the first place is because we don’t want to be in the spotlight. The other reason being, I was skittish around strangers. Call me anti-social, but I never know what to say to strangers. I always had this problem, but to spend two whole weeks, in a villa, with people I didn’t know, with no one I know, was a nightmare. A complete and utter, nightmare.

Lea and Mora knew this, hence the sheepish glance at each other.

“Lord, I better not win - fat chance that's gonnna happen - but if I do, I’m going to hold this against you two” I fumed, shuffling my bag to my other shoulder.

It was already done, no use crying over spilt milk. Just because I get mad, what they did wouldn’t change. The two of them knew that. They knew I wouldn’t blow everything out of proportion. They also knew that I’d hold it against them if I do win - though I was very crappy at holding grudges.

Now that it was settled, they asked me to come join them to grab something to eat, but I excused myself saying I had to get home. It wasn’t a lie. I really was in a hurry to get home. My brother - who went to Hunter’s high, an hour from home - had an exam today and I was worried about him.

There was no way I was walking to that torture on my own free will. That was so not happening.

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