The Golden Rose

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What happens when your mother gets taken away from you and your kingdom barely knows you exists?. Well let's find out how brave alexandria deals with it. Will she lose hope or will she gain it?

Fantasy / Adventure
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The dark night was cold as ice; the unequal sound of the rain knocked the windows of all people of the kingdom of Aurelia. Queen Emilia, tucked Princess Alexandria into bed “Mother, will you tell me a story before bed?” asked the princess, “I’ve read all the stories that are in your collection,” replied the queen, “Can you tell me a story that haven’t read to me yet,’’ suggested Alexandria, Emilia smiled lightly at her daughter then said “Fine, but only one story then bed,” “Yes.’’. When Emilia was about to reply she felt a cold chill run down her spine, “Do you feel that?” she asked with her attention still trained on her daughter. “Feel what, mother?” Alexandria said with curiosity in her voice, Emilia stood from where she was sitting on the princess’ bed, walked over towards the window, noticing that the rain has stopped. She opened the window and felt the same chill similar to before but a lot more coldly and instantly close the window. Emilia turned to Alexandria that was now standing looking at her mother with only fear in her eyes, Emilia went in front of her and knelt then said “Listen my beautiful little rose , something bad is about to happen, whatever you see or hear do not leave this room,” “I don’t understand mother, what’s going to happen?” asked Alexandria with a confused tone and tears in her eyes, the queen placed both of her hands on the princess’ cheeks, stared deeply into her eyes and said “You are an Everton, you are the rightful heir to the throne, people will try to take it away but you have more influence in this kingdom than anyone,’’ just then tears stared stinging her eyes but she continued “I love you rose, I always will and I will always be watching over you,” by now Alexandria was now crying “Why are talking like you’re going leave?’’ she said. “Take this,’’ she took a white pendent from around her neck and handed it to Alexandria “It will protect you on your journey if I’m not there,’’ “What journey?’’ asked a crying Alexandria, Emilia kissed her daughter’s forehead while she said letting from where she knelt and walked out the room shutting the door behind her, leaving Alexandria alone in the room. While Queen Emilia passed through the castle on her way out, she told her hand- maiden to go to keep an eye on Alexandria and so she did.

In the Kingdom’s Armoury, “Alright men, winter is coming and she’s angry, so you better be ready,’’ she continued “I do not know if any of us will make it out of this fight, but hopefully we do. Will you stand by me?” “Yes your majesty!’’ they yelled with a powerful roar, “ Good,’’ the Queen paused, turned around as if she was leaving, then she turned her neck to her right side and said “If you’re in a loving mood, get rid of it or else you will die.’’ With that said she left the armoury. Later that night they stood at the double golden gates to the kingdom. Suddenly the temperature dropped to a negative one, they breathed you could see the air eluding from their mouths. “BOOM, BOOM!!” throughout the entire kingdom, until “Whoosh!!” the gates flew open waking every single soul ,while blowing out all burning torches in the kingdom. In walked a woman accompanied by four Bengal Tigers, she had white colored hair that was tied in a back braid, light gray eyes, white eyes lashes, grey eyebrows and paled skin. She wore a white V-neck dress, the bottom part of it black, as if she was running for days, maybe weeks.

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