The Prince's Beloved Reincarnated

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Prince Cole, son of the Vampire King and Queen.

Hanni, daughter of a noble vampire family, who have close ties with the royals.

Meaning Cole and Hanni spent most of their time together growing up and became best friends.

When they reached their teens, Hanni discovered Cole was her beloved one - aka soulmate.

Cole and Hanni couldn't have been happier and soon confessed their love and got married.

But that is not where the story ends.

No, this is merely the beginning.

Because the couple who would eventually become rulers and take over from Cole's parents were loved and worshiped by everyone around them.

Well, all but one...

Freddy, the man who would never be king, but would stop at nothing to become it.

That includes killing Cole's beloved one, Hanni.

After her death Cole went into a deep depression.

But soon hope came in the form of his father who told him of a little-known secret.

If a royal loses their beloved, they are reincarnated into a new body, a baby.

He gave his son all the information he had discovered and Cole set off on a long journey which lasted him much longer than anyone ever expected. Even the location he eventually was to find her in was unexpected.

After more than eighteen years of searching, a very depressed Cole makes a rest stop at a roadside diner and finally found what he had been looking for all those years.

But there are still problems to deal with for the pair, including finding Freddy, who has been in hiding since her death...

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