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Flash and Background Guy

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My Name is Flash the Dog and this is the story of how I met my pal Background Guy. I used to be a normal dog until I got ahold of this magical chip. Soon, my whole world began to change for the better

Brandon Richard
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Chapter 1

My name is....Flash! I'm a dog. I am one hundred and forty years old. That's twenty in your human years. I have a human whom I call Background Guy, and through out the years, we have found ourselves defending our planet of all the demon and just about everything that was evil. It didn't all start out like that so let me start at the beginning.

I remember very well the day I met Background Guy. It was July 17th, 1582, it was a very quiet afternoon and I was with my first human who happened to be a police officer. "Officer Richard front and center" shouted the Commissioner. The Commissioner was a mean, angry, snotty, down right nasty man.....that loved donuts. Officer Richard came running and saluted the Commissioner. "Yes, Sir!" he shouted. The Commissioner starred my master straight into his eyes. My master, was nervous. The Commissioner never called on him. This was bad. He started to sweat. My master and I usually stayed on his good side but today...the Commissioner called on my master. Even I was nervous. I was only 6 months old when this happened. The Commissioner reached for his donut and shoved it in his mouth in front of my master. "Now listen here," he said with his mouth full. "Tonight is the opening of the new magic chip at the Doglesburg national museum of science and facts. The chip when used is said to give you incredible power. You'll be more powerful than a genie in a magic lamp, and I want you to guard it." My master looked down at me for about a moment. At the tie, I didnt understand so I just wagged my tail and smiled. "If it's that powerful why dont they take it back to the lab once the museum closes?" my master asked which of course in the Commissioner's case was a very stupid question. The Commissioner took another bite of his donut and frowned. "You idiot! Don't you think I already asked them that?! What's the matter with you?" My Master wiped the drool and donut crumbs off his face. "I'm Sorry sir," he said quietly. "I didn't know you already asked them." "Of course you didn't know if you knew that you wouldn't have said it." The Commissioner took another bite of his donut. "More or less," he said once again with his mouth full. "What makes you think we need to guard it hmmm....tell me." This was bad, now my master has to give him a good answer or we would be dead meat. "Because....." he stammered. "Because you wouldn't be telling me this if we weren't." Silence filled the room. Everyone stepped back slowly and I saw the Commissioners eyes bug out as he crushed the remains of his donut with his bare hands. On his knuckles I saw five letters which spelled out the word 'Death.' I quickly hid under the table and started shaking, I had a feeling this wasn't going to end very well. "Let me tell you something right now Richard...." The Commissioner got silent as I saw my master continue to sweat more bullets and shake just enough to where nobody would notice. Then, the Commissioner took a deep breath and picked up another donut and backed off. There was a silent shock as he walked quietly over to his desk and sat down. "Richard" he said calmly, "you have been on the force for ten years now and you have been knighted by our beloved queen who is now dead. I want you to protect that chip. If it falls into her daughter's wrong hands it could spell disaster in so many ways you wont know what to do." The Queen of Doglesburg. What a beautiful Queen she was. According to History on December 23rd, 1566, she gave birth to a baby named Evelyn and a mysterious prophet came forth and split the baby apart creating a good and evil baby. The good one loved playing piano and singing. They called her Lyn. The evil one enjoyed talking to demons and setting things on fire. They called her Eve. Eve also killed the Queen so she could rule the world and control all humans and creatures with her demons.


At the courts hearing two weeks before this all took place, Eve played the court like a fiddle. She blamed Lyn for the death of their mother. "Order order!" the Judge bellowed. "Your honor, I won't stand for this. Lin killed our beloved mother by giving her multiple toxins and stabbing her in four different places on her body! The Metropolitan Federation should be aware that this princess killed the only person who brought peace only because she wants this world full of demons and hatred." The entire court covered their mouths as tears flowed down Eve's eyes. Was it true? Did Lyn really kill our Queen? The Judge couldn't believe it. "I don't believe it" he said startled. "Last time I checked Miss Eve, it was you four years ago talking to demons and setting items on fire and you were also cutting yourself for your own enjoyment!" "That was the past your honor," Eve said. "This is the present. I only want peace and tranquility and if you don't lock this demon-loving princess away...." Eve stopped. She quickly looked down to where her eyes hid behind her bangs as she started to speak she started to choke. "Our world.....is doomed with all the hatred and demons that need to remain in hell." Lyn couldn't believe this. Deep down inside she could instantly tell that Eve was lying. But, the courts were starting to believe everything that Eve had said. Lyn quickly stood up. "Don't tell me that the Metropolitan Federation that saw Eve playing and setting things on fire with demons is thinking that she is telling the truth. This woman....." Just then, Eve interrupted Lyn in the middle of her sentence. "Don't you dare call me a woman; I am a princess just like you Lyn! I have the best responsibilities unlike you who love demons and fire and I know the court won't pick someone like you who upped and killed our peace-loving mother. That’s why I will be Queen and you will be a peasant." Lyn clenched her teeth with an angry look on her face and said, "Yeah the Queen from HELL!" With those 5 little words, silence filled the room. The Judge more furious than ever before stood up, slammed his fists down on the table, looked at both Lyn and Eve and shouted, "I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!" Then, he sat back down in his chair and looked at Lyn. "I'm sorry Lyn" he said calmly. "After your little outburst I believe Eve I telling the truth and the results of killing the Queen is burning at the stake." Just as the Bailiff started taking Lyn away, Eve jumped in to save her. "Your honor" she said in a sweet voice. "Let me take care of her I will lock her up in the demons chamber where she will never escape." The court room all looked at Eve in shock. Why would she do this does she have some kind of scheme or something up her sleeve? The judge thought about it long and hard. "I don't know" he said. "She's a dangerous criminal. You said it so yourself." Eve turned and looked at Lyn. "I have the power of good" she said smiling. "Perhaps I can use some of that power to give her a happier life." The Judge agreed and Lyn was placed under Eve's custody. The question remains though, what’s really going to happen to Lyn? My master was going to learn that mystery after the chip mission if it wasn’t for the events that happened that night.


My master continued to stare at the chip. He found it very hard to believe that one small chip that looked like it would fit in a computer or a phone would have the power to control a person's wishes. As he looked at the chip and stared at the other exit I stood behind him and looked out the other exit. I was starting to get sleepy it was almost two in the morning and nothing had yet happened. Just as I was starting to fall asleep, I heard something. I quickly stood up and growled loudly to where my master lost his train of thought and turned around. "Hey" he said, "What are you growling at?" Just then, we saw a shadow as someone continued to creep ever so slowly over towards us. "D-Don't move! I have a gun and a dog that is ready to take out some burglars!" I wagged my tail as I put a cute smirk on my face and let out a loud high pitched bark. I turned and my master looked nervous as bullets of sweat ran down his neck and he started shaking. "Man, you really need to chill" shouted the voice behind the shadow. My master quickly calmed down and lowered his gun. "Wait a second.....Ethan?" It was no more than my master's older brother Ethan. "Man you really need to lighten up" Ethan said chuckling. Although Ethan is older than my master, my master outranks him. "Do you always need to be an ass?" my master laughed back at him. Ethan just laughed back. "You know I do it because I care. Listen, it’s a peaceful quiet night which is kind surprising. But anyways I got you and the puppy dinner in the car. Go eat it while it’s hot" My master looked at me as I wagged my tail and let out a high pitched bark. Then, my master looked back at Ethan and smiled. "Thanks bro," he said, "I don't know what I would do without you." Ethan patted my master on the back. "Stop being a kiss-ass and go eat I can stand watch for a bit." My master looked at him and sighed. "Okay," my master said. "But be cautious this chip is very powerful and like you just said it’s been very quiet and that still concerns me." Ethan smiled at my master and nodded his head as we walked out the door to go have dinner out in the police car parked just outside. Outside as we were eating I couldn't help but thinking that this was strange that no one has come to steal the chip yet. My master looked at me as I stared out the car window. "You’re thinking about that chip too aren't you?" he asked. I looked at him and whimpered. "Okay I am done too so let’s go back insi...." Just as he was trying to finish his sentence, gunshots came from inside the museum. My Master turned off all the lights in the car as every alarm in the museum was screaming as a large bulky man ran outside clenching something in the palm of his hand. As my master was going to turn on the lights and show him he was cornered, the burglar answered his phone. "Yes madam, I have....the chip and I have shot all the guards. Yes madam even the one guarding the chip." Now my master was mad. It meant the burglar who apparently had no brain that decides to answer his phone in front of the scene of the crime killed Ethan. "Yes Madam I swear all of them are dead" he finished as my master turned on all the lights in the car. The burglar dropped his phone. "You didn't kill all of us!" my master shouted over the intercom. "You......you will not catch me as I use the power of the chip to teleport back to my master's hideout!" With that, he lifted the chip high into the sky and shouted "TELEPORT!!!!!”........ Nothing happened. My master just laughed. "Well," my master said. "That was fun for a laugh. Now hand me over the chip and we will pretend none of this ever happened. What do you say?" The burglar looked at the chip and then back at us. Then, he turned around and took off as fast as a cheetah. Our mouths dropped as my master rolled down my window and put the car into drive. "So shall we catch up to them?" I stared at my master with a silly look and started to howl as if I was howling at the moon. My master smiled and put his foot on the gas. "I'll take that as a yes!"


So off we went. With a chip that powerful you would think the burglar would want to get it straight to his boss so he can make a quick buck. Not this guy. You see like the Commissioner said earlier, my master has been on the force for ten years, little did we know my master has changed this guy for almost eight years now. The burglar stopped up by the creek leading to Alley City, and turned around and looked us both in the eye as we approached him in the car. "Ah, Richard. So nice of you to finally catch up to me." My master stepped out of the car for a moment. 'Who are you?' my master thought. "You don't remember who I am do you?" replied the burglar. "Awww such a shame too really as I seem to be the same guy you have been chasing for the past eight years now." My master gasped as he jumped back into the car barely closing his door and slamming his foot onto the gas trying to run over the burglar. Now, frightened as ever the burglar turned around as ran as fast as a human. As we went from alley to alley I continued to howl louder and louder. "Rotten puppy! There has to be a way to shut his damn beak" thought the burglar as he stormed an idea to summon street signs to pop up from the ground where my head was hanging out the window. Soon all I could hear was CLANG! CLANG! CLANG! As my head continued to hit one street sign after another. We quickly stopped in the middle of a big court yard. "Flash are you okay buddy?!" At the moment, all I could hear was birds chirping. I quickly shook my head and let out a high pitched bark to let him know I was okay. "Okay Flash," he said concerned. "This is more serious than I thought. We have to get that chip away from him before he gives it away. The tracking device I planted on him eight years ago is still active after all these years." Then he pointed to the screen and told me to go in one direction and that he will go in the other and corner him off. I jumped out of the car and ran off. "Good luck buddy!" he shouted back and I ran off into the shadows. As he turned his vehicle around and drove off I heard over the intercom: "Calling all police in Alley Town repeat calling all police in Alley Town! Move to West Wing license A-seven two nine and set all guns to kill! This is not a drill! I repeat this is not a drill!" As he was issuing the order I continued to seek the burglar. When I found him, I stayed hidden and listened to what he was saying over his other phone. "Yes Ma'am" he chuckled. "Everything is going according to plan he just gave out the order. That’s right.....your majesty." I couldn't believe it. The Queen of Doglesburg was giving the order? I couldn't hold it any longer and I jumped out and let out a big howl. That howl was so loud that my master heard it and sped so fast that his car from a pile of wood flung up into the air and flew towards me. "You made a big mistake puppy" the burglar said as he took out his gun and pointed it at me. "All my life, I have been waiting for the day I could kill your beloved master. I have killed most of your colleagues, fellow officers including your master's dear brother and...your father." My eyes bugged out. My...my dad was killed by this man? "Oh you don't believe do you puppy? Yes, your daddy was on your master’s force for the past six years before I killed him." Then, he placed his finger on the trigger and aimed at me. "Why don't you join him in oblivion?" Just before he could pull the trigger, my master flew over us and firing at the car. The car caught on fire and crashed up-side down blasting into flames. "Finally," the burglar chuckled. "After almost ten long painful years I have finally managed to kill the one who has plagued me for too long." Now I fully couldn't believe it. My master was killed?! "Well now," the burglar chuckled as he re-aimed his gun at me. "Where were we?" I started to whimper and back up slowly with my tail between my legs and suddenly the gun fell to the ground and his hand started gushing out in blood. As he turned around with a dirty look, a man was walking out of the flames with cuts and bruises and blood coming from the top of his head. I was relieved. My master was alive! "This ends now!" he shouted as he snapped his fingers and every blue and red light came on in the alleys. We were surrounded with guns and cops ready to fire on my master's command. "It's hard to believe that we have been at each other’s throats for almost ten years now. Tonight it ends!" Then, my master gave the order to fire at the burglar. It was to be a happy moment. Suddenly, the burglar waved his hand and every bullet went right to my master's heart. My master fell to the ground. "You moron! Apparently you have forgotten as long as I possess this chip, I control EVERYTHING!!!!!" That was it! If he didn't have the chip we could stop him. With all my might I charged at him while he wasn't looking and bit him on the butt. He let out a really loud yell and the chip went flying and flying until it landed.....in my mouth. Suddenly, guns started firing at the burglar as he ran off into the shadows not to be seen. "Hold your fire!" shouted one of the officers as I ran over to my master who was straining for dear life. I looked at him and whimpered as he gently turned and looked at me in tears. "Hey Flash" he said quietly. "You did it. Good boy. You got the chip back." He patted me on the head as I continued to whine. "You are a very good do....." He was gone. I heard thunder as it started to rain as all the officers all closed their eyes and placed their hats on their hearts. It was the worst day of my life.....but for some strange reason I fully understood what was going on.


The rain started to let up as I continued to walk through the nearby park. I figured I'd find a crumpled up newspaper and sleep under a bench tonight. I couldn't go home since both my master and Ethan were killed. Suddenly, I heard someone who continued to shout out the words "Magicus Firius!" I followed the sound and found a 10 year old boy practicing magic by the nearby tree. "Why can't I get this spell right?" he wondered. "Hello" I barked. Startled, the boy turned around and looked at me with a strange look. "D....Did you just talk to me?" he asked. Wait a minute....I was talking? How was that possible? "I....." I looked down and couldn't remember. He got down on his hands and knees and looked at me. "Have you talked before?" he asked as I shook my head. I was just as confused as he was. Then he looked at my tag. "You Belong to Officer Richard", he said as he realized something. "Wait if you belong with one of Doglesburgs greatest cops, why aren't you with him right now?" I looked down and sighed. "Because he was killed why we were stopping a burglar from stealing the magic ch..." Wait...That was it! That's why I was talking. I swallowed the chip so it infused with my entire body. He continued to look at my tag. "Your name is Flash am I right?" he asked as I nodded my head. He shook my paw. "It's an honor to meet you," he said. "My name is John Saga. But, everyone calls me by my nickname Background Guy." I smiled as I stared at his clothes. "Are you a real magical wizard?" I asked. He stood up and dusted himself off. "No I'm not. I am still in training to become one. I plan to go up against the Queen of Doglesburg someday. She's the one who ruined our country with all these demons and monsters she keeps summoning. I wouldn't even be surprised if the burglar who killed your master is working for her." I looked down with tears coming out of my eyes as I clenched my teeth together. "He...he is working for her. I heard them talking to each other over a comlink in the alley not too long ago" I said crying hard. Background Guy quickly fell to his knees. Now he couldn't believe it. I looked at him. "Can I stay with you?" I asked him. "I want to learn magic and stop that Queen from doing more harm." Background Guy blinked. A talking dog was asking him for a place to stay. "Thats not gonna be to easy." he said nervously. "I live in the dormatory at the School of Wizardry right here in Doglesburg. I don't even know if they accept outside animals. Let alone dogs." Most Wizardry schools use rabbits, owls, and doves as pets. Never once has it been said of a dog assisting a wizard. "However," Background Guy said quietly. "I guess it couldn't hurt to try. After all, you possess the magic chip. Everyone including that burglar will want to get ahold of you and will stop at nothing to get it out of you."Then maybe it would be better if we kept the fact that I can talk because of the chip a secret what do you think BG?" I told him. Background Guy looked at me in confusion. "BG?" he asked. "Yeah I think it would be easier to just call you that...if thats okay." Background Guy looked down and nodded. From that day on I called him 'BG' "Anyways Flash," BG continued. "We have to tell the Adminstrator the truth because if she finds out that you are no more than a everyday dog she would probably go ballistic." "I am a normal everyday dog" I replied. "You were one but not anymore. You now have psychic abilites." What? Me? Psychic Abilities? "What makes you think I have Psychic Abilites?" I asked him. "Well for one thing your lips don't move when you talk. So you are using telepathy to speak to me in my mind". This was getting too confusing. I needed some answers and it sure as hell I wasn't getting any from him. Then suddenly BG held out his hand and smiled. "C'mon Flash lets take you to your new home." I looked at him with tears in my eyes as I charged into him and knocked him down and started licking his face as I began my new life with Background Guy.


"A dog that uses telepathy?" questioned the head administrator. She was in shock. Like I said before normally wizards kept doves, rabbits and owls as pets never once did anyone use a dog as a pet. "It's true" BG replied. "He uses telepathy when he....." then he stopped in midsentence and covered his mouth. The head administrator adjusted her glasses and sat in her chair tightly. "When he what Mr. Saga" she said roughly. I then saw BG start to break out in a sweat. This was bad. I had to do something. But what do I say? Even I began to panic. "Wh-What he meant to say was..." What do I say? What do I say? Now even I was worried. "When I was born....I was born this way. What can I say? Other then the fact I'm a freak of nature." The head administrator then stood up and adjusted her glasses again and looked at me. I got nervous but all the same I wagged my tail and gave her a human type smile. She sat back down and sighed and opened her file cabinet. "Here are the standard pet forms. Just sign away and he can stay in the dorms." Me and Background Guy looked at each other confused. "Wh-What made you change your mind ma'am?" BG asked. She looked at me and gave a serious look. "That is not an ordinary dog! He definently has magical powers! Powers that may be able to overthrow you-know-who." She continued to sort through papers as she continued to speak. "At first I thought you were doing some kind of ventriloquist act. Then, I saw him give me some kind of human type smile and I instantly knew you were telling the truth." I did it! I got in! ALL RIGHT!!! This was good. I got a new home and a new master all in the same day. Pretty soon, I will be able to avenge my previous master and Ethan's deaths. But, not just yet. "Ma'am if it means I will be able to avenge my masters death and his brothers too, I will learn every trick in the book until I succeed." The head administrator just chuckled. "Don't worry about trying to be a pro just yet," she said with a smile. "As our leader once said: 'if you try to be perfect you could lead yourself into your own destruction' so just be yourself not somebody else." After she told me that, BG handed her the papers as she patted me on the head she sent us to our room for the night.


While things were getting better for me, things were getting much worse at the castle. That same night, Eve as angry as ever crept softly down the stairs to the dungeon. She couldn't be too angry or she might give the guards the wrong idea. "Can I get a few moments alone with my daugher pretty please" she said smiling all cheerfully. The guards looked at each other and then walked off. She stood there smiling until they were out of her sight and they shut the door. Then, her sweet face turned ugly as she turned around and stormed at her sister. "WHERE IS IT?! WHERE THE HELL IS THE CHIP?!" she screamed as her eyes turned dark blue. Lyn just blinked and scoffed. "I have no idea what your talking about" she answered turning her back on Eve. "If you weren't heavily protected by really strong magic I would kick your piano playing ass!" Lyn quickly turned around. "Oh yeah that's really mature. Saying your going to kick someone's ass and then turn around and say you can't do it just because there's strong magic blocking you." Eve started getting angrier when the door opened and the burglar came running down the stairs. When he got there he kneeled down in front of them. "This better be important," said Eve. "I was having a nice happy chat with my sister." "Your majesties" the burgler said. Lyn just smiled and waved as Eve shrugged her shoulders. "It's just majesty" Eve said with a smirk on her face. "Little miss goody-two-shoes behind me doesn't need royalty. She's nothing more than a mere peasant." Now, Lyn was furious. "Tramp! I'll peasant you" Lyn ran at the bars and fell to the ground as the electricity from the bars electrocuted her. Lyn then let out a small whine as she looked up at Eve. "See," Eve chuckled. "Nothing more than a mere peasant with powers." Then, Eve and the burglar walked away laughing as Lyn sat there and started to cry.

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