An Alpha’s Mate

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“Don't worry, love. My guys will find them. And if not," he shrugged, "we have your entire pack to choose from. And as the good little Alpha's daughter I know you are, I think you'd want to protect them more then yourself." He smirked *** Aviana (Avi for short) Dylan Simpson was a seemingly normal girl. Well, as normal as a regular female werewolf would be. Except, there was one small unique trait she held in which made her different from everyone else. Aviana was half-werewolf, half-witch. Her father was Alpha of the Silver Crescent Moon Pack, and her mother was a Witch. Both her parents knew the amount of power Aviana would hold once she was born. The only problem with being half-werewolf and half-witch, was that she wasn't able to access her wolf. She had all the traits of a werewolf, but she wasn't able to shift. At seventeen years old, Avi is the most popular girl in her school- but still hasn't found her mate. And she was fine with that, because Avi had a prophecy to fulfill.

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Chapter 1: Avi

Aviana’s POV

“Oh my goddess, Avi, come on! We’re gonna be late!” I heard my best friend, Alison, shout out from downstairs. I rolled my eyes, applying the layer of mascara to my lashes. I blinked rapidly, before taking a last look at my reflection. My pale grey eyes struck out from the rest of my features. Plump, glossed-lips stretched into my famous fake smile and I fought hard to keep it there. My usual pale cheeks now had a light strawberry color to it from the blush I put on earlier and I ran my hands through my hair to give it a little more volume. Finally, I gave a self-approving nod to myself, before grabbing my bag and bounding down the stairs.

“At last, she makes her presence known!” Alison threw her hands up like the melodramatic girl she was. I just shot her a teasing grin and stuck my tongue out at her. She rolled her eyes. “So childish” she murmured under her breath, though a playful glint sparked her deep ocean-blue orbs. Alison was always a girl who was naturally blessed with beauty. Her black hair was short, only falling slightly passed her shoulders. Her pink lips were always stretched into a smile no matter what the situation was and she didn’t even need a lot of makeup to bring life to her features. Her cheeks always had a cherry color to them and her eyes were always that deep shade of blue that never needed makeup to cause them to stand out. She wore a pair of dark denim blue shorts with a navy blue tank top and black cardigan as well as her favorite pair of brown strap-on sandals. Her bag was hanging off of her shoulder as if it was a purse instead of a bag used for school. Then again, it was a two strap bag that could be classified as a purse, but still.

“I thought you were getting a ride from Tyler.” I shrugged as we made our way out of the pack house. Tyler was Alison’s mate, in which they found each other on her sixteenth birthday. Which was good, because we’ve all known each other since we were in diapers and Tyler and her have always been close. So when they found out they were mates last year, both were ecstatic about it. Pretty much everyone in my grade found their mate last year. Well, except for me. But that was fine. I didn’t really want a mate that badly. It could be because I don’t want to hurt them in the future.

My father, Alpha Alexander Simpson turned out to be mates with a Witch, who is obviously my mother. Her name is Alexis, which means ‘Defender of Mankind’ in Greek, and she’s a powerful witch at that. There is a prophecy that was made thousands of years ago. The most powerful of supernatural creature will be a mongrel (to put it loosely): A werewolf and a witch. Only when they access all of their powers, will they finally be able to access their wolf. There is no telling when that breed will get their full powers though. It just so happens, that I am that breed in the prophecy. It is said that when I am able to access all of my powers, and then my wolf, a war will break out. A war between all supernatural creatures. Werewolves. Vampires. Angles. Demons. The only type of creature that will not be taking part in the war, are the witches. The witches will not fight because they have faith in the prophecy. Sadly, I am the one who has to end the war.

How? I wish I knew. But that’s what I have to do to complete the prophecy. My mother named me Aviana because it means ‘Bearer of good news’ in Greek. She was also confident that I would be able to end the war and create peace between all creatures until a new prophecy is made. My mother will not fight in the war and neither will my father.

Shocked, right? My own parents won’t fight this war alongside me. But since my mother is a witch, and Luna of a pack of werewolves, our pack also has faith in the prophecy. Alison is never happy when the topic is brought up, but who could blame her? Her best friend since birth has to go and possibly sacrifice her life in order to create peace between everyone.

No one knows that outcome of the war; only the best case scenario, and the worst case.

Best case: I channel enough energy within me to make everyone’s minds change. The idea is not to kill. Except, everyone knows I’m going to have to, since the amount of power I’d have to channel will take awhile to gather. During the war, I will have two powerful witches guarding my back, and two strong werewolves guarding me from the front. They will kill off anyone who dares step in my way, while I work on the energy to consume me in order to end the madness. If I win, peace between all creatures will last until the day I die. I have eternal life. But there is always a way to kill someone. Even someone as powerful as myself. It’s simple too: Rip off my head, or remove my heart. It’s the only way to kill me. I’ll get injured, but one of my abilities is healing. So even if someone tries to ‘burn me alive’ my healing powers will work instantly and heal the burns.

Worst case scenario: I die in the war and immediate chaos will break out throughout the entire world, and the species who wins the war will end up killing every other species- including witches and humans- and basically take over the world.

So you can see the small conflict I’m having about meeting my mate. He would have to stay back in the safety of my pack while I go and fight. That is, if we do meet before then. If we don’t, there’s a high possibility that I’ll see him during the war. I know that because his scent will overpower everyone else’s. The only thing I’ll have to do is point him out before he points me out. I’ll need to make sure we don’t come in contact with one another or else the entire prophecy will be jeopardized and we’ll both end up dead.

“Hello? Avi? You with me?” I heard Alison’s voice, snapping me from my thoughts. Blinking rapidly, I turned to give her a forced grin. “You alright?”

“Yea. Sorry. Just got lost in thoughts. What were you saying again? ” I asked, looking up in relief when I saw the top of the building in sight.

Alison let out a small chuckle. “I asked when you were going to start looking for your mate?”

At that, I shot her a dark glare. If it were anyone else, they would’ve backed down instantly. But because this was my best friend, all she did was smile at me innocently.

“Ally, I’ve already told you that I’m not going to look for my mate. I didn’t find him last year so he’s not in our pack. Besides, you know the reason why I’m skeptical of all this mate stuff.” I pointed out.

This time, it was her who had a dark and scary glint in her eyes. But it was gone in a flash, and she was back to her usual smiling self. “I know, I know. But he could be in a neighboring pack. All I’m saying is that you should try and find him so you can make memories and then he can be safe with us while you go and be the badass I know you are and end the war once and for all! Don’t you think you at least deserve that?” She asked as we finally walked in through the gates of hell- I mean school. The gates of school.

Luckily, before I had the chance to answer, Tyler showed up and wrapped his arms around Alison’s waist. A squeal escaped her lips and Tyler planted a loving kiss on her cheek. “Hey babe,” he grinned cheekily.

Alison smacked his chest lightly, “You know I hate it when you sneak up on me.” She grumbled, causing him to chuckle. Tyler’s light blue eyes gleamed with happiness and love as his hold on her tightened.

He glanced over at me. “Hey Avi.” He nodded.

I cracked half a smile. “Hey, Tyler,” then I looked at Alison. “Well, since I’m definitely not gonna be the third wheel, I gotta run. Bye.” I waved, and before she could stop me, I closed my eyes and teleported myself to the space that was ten feet behind us.

She looked all around in annoyance but couldn’t find me. Tyler’s eyes connected with my mischievous ones and he cracked a smile. Then, he placed his hands on her shoulders and whispered something in her ear, before they began walking inside. He looked back and shot me a grin.

I mouthed a ‘thank you’ to him as he shrugged and mouthed ‘you’re welcome.’

I tightened my hold on the straps of my book bag, and with one more breathy chuckle, I strutted into the school. Everyone who looked at me smiled and bowed slightly in respect. I would reply back, wave, and smile at them too.

I let out a sigh, all the while keeping the smile on my face. Today seemed like it was going to be normal, like all the other days have been since I started high school.

Little did I know, today... was going to be anything but normal.

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