Bleu Hearts

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A Plutonians First Summer

Waking up, face down in oozy, damp mud, rain poured all around. Black clouds filled the sky. Thunder roaring in the distance.

This was not Pluto, this place was foreign to Lapis. It worked! She was transported to somewhere far away. She was so happy that it worked, but then she was greatly saddened, she was alone, she didn’t even know if any of her people came here, she didn’t know where the others went, but for now she was alone. Thinking of the chance of knowing people made Lapis so much happier than she was before.

“Get out the way!” Someone yelled from a distance, startling Lapis. She looked around and saw a carriage being pulled by horses with heavy, damp manes flowing through the wind; amazing and beautiful beasts to Lapis. Luckily Lapis was great with languages, she studied languages at school and there were many merchants who travelled to Pluto of many languages, and she made sure she learnt every language that came to Pluto.

So she understood what he yelled and moved out of the way, before she was violently hit.

The carriage was wooden and rugged, with thick metal bars on the little square windows on the side and back. Glancing through the windows she saw men and women who looked like prisoners in their dirty wet rags, and they looked overworked. The carriage sprayed mud all over her as it raced past her. “Yuck!” Lapis winced and wiped most of the mud off her blue face.

“Excuse me young lady? Are you ok? You look a little blue?” A young man asked inquisitively. His dark black, swirly hair stuck down to his face from the rain, covering some of his handsome tanned face. He appeared from the hill behind her, he wore a large black cloak with a white shirt which clung to his toned body. Swords and daggers were strapped all over him, on his torso, black pants, belt and even one of his visible arm also had a dagger strapped to his wrist.

Lapis just looked at him blankly, “I’m a Plutonian. Plutonians are known to be cold blooded people from my home Pluto, because it is so cold there, and so far away from the sun, the oxygen level is low, which means our bodies are at a constant cold. That means our blood is blue, then our skin is blue… Well that’s what my teacher told me.” She shrugged.

He just stared at her, he has never heard of Pluto before, it must be very far away from this land, but weirdly this land was full of many people from different lands. And he has never heard of Plutonians.

“Plutonian? What is that?” He asked looking at her weirdly.

Before she could answer thunder shook the sky and made her jump. “Afraid of thunder?” He chuckled slightly.

She nodded, and looked over at him, then asked, “who are you?”

“I am Illias Briarke and you are?”

“Lapis. I am Lapis Azure Bleutheion daughter of Celurean, King of Pluto.”

Surprised at her authority, he just continued walking, ignoring her, he had places to be. People to meet. And things to do. After a bit of walking he realised Lapis was following him, he didn’t say anything, maybe she was just walking the same way he was.

Then the sounds of splashing puddles made him turn around and he was strangely found looking at a young, blue woman, playing in the puddles. He let out a snicker, the black tattoos which covered her arms, neck and the side of her face started to flicker and glow. That strange glowing caught his attention, he looked back at her and asked, “do your tattoos have any meaning?”

Her head looked up at him and continued walking.

“Yes. The tattoos resemble my family and royal blood. This one,” she said pointing to the dragon-like sea monster beast on her arm, “it’s a Leviathan, a beast of the sea, even though most seas in Pluto are frozen, there is a legend of the beast, and how it once soared from the ice and killed many men going from one sea to the next. There was one account where a knight of my grandfather went down to face the Leviathan, and he threw a javelin at the beast but it took no effect, the blade faded away into dust once it touched the Leviathan.” She said, she looked so excited to talk about her home but speaking of it felt weird, knowing that it was slowly falling to pieces. The story of the Leviathan brought her back to her childhood, when her father and mother took her to the frozen sea to see if they could see the Leviathan, and there she heard it. The sound of the roaring Leviathan from under the ice echoed in her mind that day, but her father never believed in the Leviathan. He always said it was just the roaring ice that made the sound, the sound of moving ice and glaciers. But Lapis was sure that she saw it swimming, she was certain that there somewhere under the ice, something was moving in the shadows from beneath the ice and water.

He saw the sadness in her empty grey eyes and decide to stay quiet. He just continued walking through the marshy road.

A half hour of silence went by, the rain slowed down, and a city stood only a few steps forward. The closer they got, the easier it was to see a group of people, they seemed to be waiting for someone.

“Illias! You're alive! Wow, the rain must have slowed you down… or was it the girl?” They said glancing at Lapis, and then back at Illias. Lapis looked back at them weirdly as they inspected her. Illias didn’t answer he said said some hellos to his friends.

“Blue skin?! That’s different, but this place never fails to surprise us.” They said looking at her, “What are you going to do with her Illias? Is she joining us or is she just passing by?” A female from the group spoke.

“I’m leaving her here for now,” He said then looked over a Lapis, she kept looking around, investigating the land with curious eyes, “Lapis, this is a large town, with many people who have never ventured past these gates, so be wary, they haven’t seen any faerie, mermaid, or any creature not of themselves. But if they ask, say you’re a faerie, they won’t be too hostile… I hope,” Illias said to her and gave the blue stranger a slight smile, as he and his guild of people left her at the gates of a new town, maybe a new home for her. But Lapis walked over to Illias and smiled back, she shook his hand, but her cold, icy hands gave shivers down his back and letting go he said, “Bye, maybe I’ll see you again.” Then they all left.

Lapis looked up at the large, wooden door, with white stone wall, which stood between her and a new city. “State your name and business and you may enter!” A guard yelled from the top of the wall.

“I am Lapis Azure Bleutheion, I am here in search of a new home.” She called out to him, these procedures were the same in her home city.

The doors slowly opened for her to enter, and she walked in. The city was massive, it was around twenty times bigger than the biggest city in Pluto. The wet, dirt path took her to the town centre, where a large stone fountain, spilling water from it, sprayed slightly over her as she walked closer to it.

The fountain had crystal clear water which looked amazing, Pluto didn’t have running water, it would just freeze. Lapis was very interested and fascinated in the crystal clear water. Fire mages were very important in Pluto because they would give us light, warmth, and they’d melt ice for water.

The town was magnificent, there were many shops which sold abundant of things like, clothes, armour, weapons, jewellry and food. Lapis didn’t have any money so she just wandered around.

The storm was passing and the grey, clouds started to move away showing the glow of the sun peering from the clouds, but not just one sun, there were two; one really tiny star, and other sun which was only a little bit bigger but much bigger than what Pluto’s sun looked like. The sun started taking affect to Lapis’ skin, her skin was feeling weird, it felt unnatural and new. It felt nice, then it started to burn, a sensation she never felt before. Warmth felt amazing and homey but the heat burnt like hell.

She winced in pain at the burning twinge from the sunlight, gasps of pain left her mouth as she made her way to the fountain.

“So hot…” she mumbled and ran into the fountain, cooling off in the water. She hid in the shadows of the middle piece and held herself in the water. “What the hell? Why was this sun hurting me, I thought I was safe, why did it take this long to take effect?” She asked herself as she held her knees up to her chest. People came over and watched her cower in the shadows.

“Witch!” “Vampire!” “Demon!!” They called looking at her.

“Guards! Who is she? She’s a witch!!” People said as they pointed at Lapis crying in the shadows of the fountain.

“She’s a friend of Illias, I saw him drop her off, her name is Lapis.” A guard said pushing them away from her, “Lapis right? I’m Arlo, I work for the guard, do not be afraid.” He whispered walking closer to her, he pulled out his arm to grab her arm.

“Don’t touch me!” She called out at him. Her words startled him, but the coldness of her skin startled him more.

“You’re so cold,” her cold skin made him believe that she was a vampire or even some type of witch.

“Leave me alone!” Lapis called out.

The people all started mumbling things, these scared Lapis. “Leave her!” Arlo yelled back at the people, “I have this all under control, just continue on your way.” He said then looked back at the helpless Lapis, curled up in the shadows. “Stay here, I’m going to try and help you it’s my job as a knight to assist the township.” Arlo smiled and got up, then walked off, in search for something to help her.
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