The Adventure that started with Fishing

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Chapter Two

Putting the stone back in its place he held the wand aloft. He chanted some strange words and after a while the green stone began to shine in the direction of the woods. "What's that?" I asked pointing towards the green line of light. "The stone is telling us which direction to go in order to find my friends." said Trusey. "I have no idea of distance just the direction." "Oh well, lets get started" Jenny and I said together. "The quicker we get started the quicker it will all be over, and you will be back where you belong Trusey." I said.

We set off towards the woods which were across the fields in the opposite direction to the way we had come. Jenny and I had never been this far on our own before and it was a little scary, but at the same time we were both excited as to what would happen next. It was only about half a mile so it did not take too long, as we reached the outskirts of the trees I began to feel nervous.

At first it was easy to walk as there were paths leading in but the deeper we went the harder it got. We had to push our way through bushes and brambles and at the height of the summer everything was very overgrown. As we struggled along a thorny branch lashed back across my face and I cried out in pain. Trusey came over to me and lifted my face to his, gently he laid his finger on the long deep scratch and ran it the full length of the wound, immediately the pain stopped and as I reached to touch the cut Jenny told me it was completely healed and gone. I thanked him and we carried on.

After another ten minutes or so Trusey said, "Stop, Listen." Jenny and I strained to hear what Trusey was obviously listening to but we could hear nothing. "What is it?" I whispered. "There, do you not hear it?" he asked. "No" Jenny and I said quietly together. We slowly pushed our way passed a large bush and in a fairly large clearing, large enough for five or six people to stand comfortably. Trusey stopped and crouched down listening very carefully, so did we. Suddenly Trusey jumped up and leaped into the clearing he pointed his wand in the direction of a large tree and shouted a few magical words.

At that moment there was a squeal which came from behind the tree, as we watched too scared to move Trusey seemed to be using his wand like a fishing rod and was reeling something in. We could not see what it was but we could hear the squealing noises it made. Slowly from behind the tree a creature appeared being pulled out by a green rope which was the light from the wand. It was trying to run away and was grabbing at anything to stop itself being pulled along.

The creature was not from our world that much was clear, but how to describe it to you? Well it was about the size of a small dog, springer spaniel maybe, black in colour and it stood on skinny back legs, its arms were very skinny too. The body was round and furry but not a nice fur, the kind you would like to stroke, it was spiky and very dirty. It had glowing yellow eyes that were very large and evil. "So he has sent some of you to this world has he?" Trusey bellowed. The creature immediately stopped pulling and look straight at the wizard. "Master says you finished." Its eyes shone brighter than before, and I would say it smiled, if that was possible. "Oh he does, does he?" Trusey said amused.

"Now what are we going to do with you? Hang you from your skinny back legs from that tree over there, or tie you into knots so you can't move? I think I will let my new friends decide." He called us over and told us it was safe. As we approached the creature it began to squeal very loudly and thrash about. "Please, no" the creature screamed, "Don't let them touch me." The wizard laughed. "He thinks you are very dangerous and frightening, in our world Danks which is what he is, have been told awful stories about Humans enough to frighten anyone.

" Even though this creature was disgusting I did feel sorry for it. "I'm sure the stories are not true" I told him. The Dank lifted its head to one side as if to weigh me up. "You bathe in clean water almost every night, and wash the fur on your head in flowery smelling stuff." It said nervously. "Well, yes, that is true." I answered. The Dank began to wail again even louder than before. "It's true, you do bathe, yuk yuk, yuk. Keep away your too clean, I might catch something and become ill." "Be quiet." said Trusey. "Well girls what's to be done with him?" "Girls, girls." The Dank moaned, "They are even worse, always washing in water and putting on smelly smells." He suddenly became very quiet and looked quite ill.

"That will keep him quiet for a while" Trusey said, "I think he's gone into shock." "Can't you just send him back to your world?" I asked. "No, I can't send anything back until we three wizards are back together." Trusey said thoughtfully. "I don't want him hurt, we need to put him somewhere safe, until you go back, then you can take him with you." "But where?" Jenny said. "Can Danks dig or climb?" I enquired looking around me. "No, they don't do anything really apart from tell tales to their master, smell a lot and make awful noises." "Well why don't we put him in that large hole over there, he won't be able to get out and he will be safe until this is all over." I asked Trusey. "Yes, that seems alright."

The wizard said placing him in the hole with the aid of his wand. The hole was slightly behind the tree was not easily seen. We told him to be very very quiet or other humans would find him and make him take a bath to make him smell lovely, and they would put pretty flowers in his fur and paint his toe nails. At this the Dank hid under some leaves and did not make a sound.

The journey continued once more, the stone shone towards an old deserted farm house that was in ruins, it was about two miles away running slightly up hill. We set off in high spirits, Jenny and I chatted about the strange creature we had caught, but Trusey never spoke. He seemed to be concentrating on the journey ahead. As we neared the ruins we slowed down so Trusey could check ahead in case of a trap set by the Danks. After finding the way clear we went inside.

"We need to rest and eat, this place will serve us well." Trusey said. Jenny and I had brought some of the things from the picnic so we sat down to eat and drink. Trusey did not eat very much and seemed very thoughtful and after we had finished he went outside on his own to look around. We knew he needed some time on his own so we let him go. I began to look around inside the ruins, most of it had fallen many years ago and there were piles of stones and bits of wood all over the place. In a corner there seemed to be a much bigger pile, almost as if something was buried.

I went over to it and began to pull the stones and wood from the pile. "What have you found?" Jenny asked as she finished he last bit of cake. "I don't know, I think there is something underneath all this rubble." Jenny came over to help me move the bigger stones and planks of wood, when suddenly a piece of wood I was picking up flew at me and knocked me to the ground. "Something pushed the wood." I shouted to Jenny, "Get away from there." But before she could make a move a skinny black arm grabbed her.

The arm was almost the same as the Danks but it was much larger and stronger and it held on tight. Jenny screamed and struggled to get away but it gripped even tighter. I jumped to my feet and grabbed a piece of wood, ready to whack anything that got in my way. "Let her go, now." I screamed. "Not so quick." The creature said in a gurgling voice. "What are you doing here?" Quickly I realized the danger we were in so I said. "We are having a picnic and playing we didn't mean any harm." "Well we can't let you go, you will run off and tell another human what you have seen, I think we will tie you up and lock you away until our master can deal with you." The creature seemed to enjoy that thought and smirked.

We all heard the noise at the same time, it was a scuffling sound, very quiet at first then slightly louder, coming towards us. Then we saw a tiny mouse, moving in and out of the rubble, he did not seem to notice us and carried on with his business. The creature spoke again. "Instead of tying you up, I think we will just bury you here and save bothering the master as he is so busy." Just as I was about to complain about this there was an enormous blue flash and there stood Trusey but this time he was dressed all in red. The creature jumped back releasing Jenny and she ran to me very scared.

We held each other tightly as the wizard lifted his wand and after a few strange words the creature began to shrink, smaller and smaller until he was no bigger than the mouse we had seen before. The wizard bent down and placed the tiny creature in a jar he pulled from his cloak, and placed him in a corner. "There that will stop his little game." He said. We ran over to him and threw our arms around him. "Oh, Trusey thank you." We said together. The wizard gently pushed us back to arms length and said. "You called me Trusey, where have you heard that name before?"

We looked at each other in shock, it was as if he had lost his memory. "But Trusey, it's Jenny and Franny, don't you remember us?" Then a voice from behind us began to laugh. "He does not, but I do." As we turned around there was our Trusey still dressed in purple standing in what would have been the door way. We looked from one wizard to the other and back again, they were identical except for the colours of their gowns and hat. "Meet Solmar." Trusey explained. As you can see he is one of the other wizards. They greeted each other in a wizard kind of way and Trusey told Solmar about our adventures so far.

I went back to the rubble where the creature had been. I was still convinced that something was there. The others came over to see what I was doing, and then they all began to help clear the area. Once it was cleared there was nothing there at all, not a trap door, loose flooring, just nothing. I was very disappointed but Solmar said "Well you were right about these girls being helpful." Jenny and I must have look very surprised because Trusey said "Look very carefully at the floor." They touched their wands together and I saw a ripple move across the floor, just as if someone had dropped a small pebble into still water. "What is that?" I asked in amazement.

"This is our door way home." Explained Solmar. "To open it fully we must find Fexlar, we are not strong enough without him. You have done a great thing, how did you know it was here?" "I didn't, I just had a feeling something was there." "If you have anymore strange feelings you must let us know straight away." Trusey said. "I think you may have the 'Gift of Seeing'." "Yes I thought so too." Said Solmar. Trusey explained that the Gift of Seeing is something that most humans are born with, but never really use. It is a feeling of knowing something is right without being told and then later on you find you were right. Us humans call it sixth sense. We covered the floor up again with all the rubble and left it as it was before. Solmar picked up the jar with the squeaky creature in it, and placed it back in his cloak. "There's something I don't understand?" I said. "Why was the Dank not scared of us like the other one?" "That was not a Dank, it was a Grall, they are bigger and a little more intelligent, they do not frighten as easily with stories like the Danks. He was guarding the way home, now we must move quickly and find Fexlar before anyone misses the Grall." said Trusey with a worried look. "He will not be pleased at being so small and will be in a terrible temper." "I know that feeling, being a mouse was enough for me." Laughed Solmar.

"The mouse was you?" Jenny and I cried together. "Yes, I heard someone shout as I was coming up the hill from the north, and once I neared the building I turned myself into a mouse, and when I saw you getting into trouble I made my move." "Well we are very pleased you did, we thought Jenny was a gonner."

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