The Adventure that started with Fishing

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Chapter Three

Outside the farm house Solmar and Trusey held their wands together up high and a deeper green light shone to the left and towards a range of small hills, they were about three or four mile away. We set off with Solmar and Trusey in the lead, talking and sometimes whispering together as we made our way towards the hills. Once we arrived we could see the hills were quite small with pathways leading up and across them, they were covered with short grass and had small bushes dotted here and there.

We climbed to the top and again the wizards touched the wands up high and the deep green light shone off in front of us towards a small village. We set off again, reaching it in about half an hour. As we approached the village people were frozen in whatever they were doing at the time Trusey froze time. Once man was on his bike, just standing upright without his feet touching the ground, he looked very comical. Ladies were washing their windows and people in conversations without speaking or moving.

"We think Fexlar is here, but we don't know where. It is too near for the stones to work now." said Trusey. "Every building must be checked, remember he can still move about, he is not frozen like everyone else." Solmar added.

We called for him and searched for him but he was nowhere to be seen. We did not understand why he did not just appear if he knew Solmar and Trusey were here. The only building left was a pet shop, as I entered it everything was frozen just as it was outside. There was a man behind the counter, he was serving a customer who had decided to buy a hamster and its cage. There were puppies and kittens, fish and birds of every description. Then out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a movement, I turned to see a parrot of the most glorious colours staring back at me with its beady eyes. It seemed frozen like everything else but I was sure I had seen it move.

I wondered if I was having one of those Gift of Seeing moments, so I left to get the others. When we came back into the shop, the parrot was in exactly the same position as before. I thought to myself that I had made a mistake, until without warning Solmar and Trusey began to laugh, they laughed and laughed so much so, that tears rolled down their faces. Jenny and I could not see what they were laughing at but we began to laugh because it was so infectious. Then the parrot moved. "Ok, ok," it said in a parrot like voice. "The fun is over, get me out of here."

Solmar opened the cage door and the parrot flew out over our heads in a beautiful splash of colours. Then with a falsh and a puff of smoke, there stood who we assumed was Fexlar. He was exactly the same as Trusey and Solmar except he was all in brown. "Well we have told you before you will get yourself in trouble trying to be a bright colour, will you ever learn?" Trusey laughed. "I just wanted to be something bright for a change, like you two, I feel dull and boring." moaned Fexlar. "When I found myself in this world I landed near some people, they were just behind a tree. So I changed myself into that wonderful parrot, thinking I could hide in the tree, but of course they saw me, caught me and then sold me to the pet shop owner. Once he placed me in that cage, that was that." "I don't understand, why did you stay in the cage, why didn't you change into something smaller and escape?" I asked him. "The cage was so small and the wires so close together that nothing could of escape, even a mouse, and my power was not strong enough to transport me out of the cage. I was well and truly stuck, and when you came into the shop I was not sure if you were friend or foe." "She is definitely a friend." Said Trusey with a smile. "These two girls are Franny and Jenny they have been helping us track you down, and are going to help us get back to Carthon." "Well thank you very much for rescuing me Franny and Jenny it is a pleasure to meet you." Fexlar said. "Alright". Solmar said hastily, "We must get moving if we are to stop Gralthair before it is too late." "Yes." said Trusey, "We don't have forever to sort this mess out, and evict Gralthair once and for all."

As we walked outside the pet shop explaining to Fexlar as we went about finding the doorway back and so on, we were met by a large army of Danks and a few Gralls, there must have been at least three hundred. "Hand your wands over." Shouted a rather large Grall. "The master says he will finish you off this time." The three wizards then did something rather strange, they lifted their wands and then lowered them to the ground. They were offering their wands to the Gralls. "No." I shouted angrily. "You can't give up, not now, not after we have you all together." "Shut up, you silly little human girl." spat the Grall. "We know it was you who have been helping these wizards, you will be dealt with by our master." A couple of Danks moved very slowly forward ready to claim the wands when a large Grall shouted. "What are you waiting for, take the wands, there is nothing to be afraid of, not now." The Danks still seemed unsure, and still held back. The main Grall pushed his way through them and made a grab for all three wands. Immediately he lifted into the air and he began to shake and as he shook he changed colour, he went from black to red to blue and yellow then the colours shot out from his body and flew off hitting the other Danks and Gralls that were watching in absolute terror. The same thing began to happen to them and each and every one shook and changed colours. Then with a large explosion which almost deafened Jenny and I all the creatures disappeared and in their places were flowers, different types and colours, it was a very beautiful scene.

Trusey turned to us and said. "They forget the old laws very quickly. The three wands may not be held together by anyone or any thing as you can see, it causes great chaos." "I am sorry I doubted you." I said apologetically to all three wizards. I really should have known better." "You are a fighter Franny, and you did not want evil to win, there is nothing wrong with that."Trusey said with a kind smile. "We must move on back to the ruins." shouted Solmar.

We reached the farm house and carefully and quietly entered checking ahead all the time for danger. Solmar could now make himself invisible, as all three wizards were together and went in ahead to check for Danks and Gralls. We were surprised to find none, and could only think that Gralthair had sent all of them to catch us at the village. He had left the doorway back to Carthon unguarded. We went inside when Solmar gave us the all clear and we headed straight for the hidden doorway.

We cleared it very quickly but quietly so we did not alert anyone or anything on the other side. The three wizards touched their wands and placed them pointing to the floor, the ground began to ripple as before, but this time as Trusey touched the area with his hand, it disappeared through, as if it was made of water. He pulled his hand back through and said, "It's ready, we must move quickly." Trusey, Solmar and Fexlar stood in front of us. "How can we ever thank you for what you have done?" Trusey said with a saddened face. "I must find you a gift." He placed his hand inside his robe and pulled out an orange stone. "If you ever need us for any reason, this will call us to you wherever you are." He placed the stone into my hand, and curled my fingers over it and held my hand tightly. I knew what he was trying to say, even though there were no words, and I felt the same for him. "Hold the stone and say our names and we will come to you." Solmar added. We thanked them all very much for the gift, and watched as Solmar and Fexlar disappeared through the doorway back to their world. Trusey seemed reluctant to go. "I will miss you both very much, and when I can I will be watching over you to see how you are doing, I think there are other adventures for us so be ready just in case we need you." "We will." Jenny and I both said together to him as he disappeared into the hole to be with the other wizards. The last thing we saw was the tip of Trusey's hat slowly vanishing under the ground.

We stayed in the ruins for a while, just in case they needed us, but no one came back through the hole, the doorway had closed for good. So here I am telling you this story only a week after it happened, and I wonder sometimes if it really did. Jenny and I talk about it all the time, about the adventure we had and we wondered if they would ever come back for us. As we sat in my bedroom, talking about the wizards we heard a strange rumbling sound that started to shake the chest of drawers across the room. I went over to them and opened the top drawer, the stone Trusey had given us was vibrating. I picked it up and I could hear Trusey's voice. "We need your help, can you come at once?"

Jenny and I could not believe Trusey was calling us so soon, but we knew it must be very important. I called to him through the stone telling him we would come of course but how would we get through. A doorway to Carthon appeared in my bedroom and we could just make out Trusey's voice calling softly to us. We held hands and passed through the strange wobbly opening, not knowing what we would find on the other side.

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