The Adventure that started with Fishing

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The fight for Carthon. Chapter Four

Jenny and I passed through the doorway, it went very dark and smelt musty, the smell of rotting wood. Jenny squeezed my hand very tightly, and I squeezed hers back just to let her know I was as scared as she was. Our eyes slowly adjusted to the light, when suddenly a hand grabbed my arm, another went over my mouth so I could not scream out. Then I heard a friendly voice in my ear. "Sorry to grab you like that." They whispered. "But we are in great danger." I recognised the voice to be that of Trusey. My heart was racing so fast I found it hard to concentrate on what he was saying. "We need to go somewhere safe, and I will explain what is going on. Follow me." Trusey moved forward and I could feel Jenny right behind me. Jenny had been grabbed by someone as well, but more about her later.

We followed Trusey through a maze of corridors, it was like being underground in caves, and yet the walls were smooth, as if carved by someone or something. The thought made me shudder. As we rounded another corner Trusey suddenly stopped and crouched lower to the ground. We instinctively did the same. Out of the darkness ahead of us, we could begin to hear footsteps and low mumbling voices. We stayed very still and very quiet, as the voices became more distant and then silence again. "That was close, I thought they had found us that time." Trusey whispered. I still did not know what was going on, my head spun with all the questions, what had gone wrong when they came home? who exactly were we hiding from, the Gralls and Danks? I knew Trusey would explain everything when he got chance.

We carried on through the corridors until we came to a hole in the wall, which we passed through. The journey took another ten to fifteen minutes with many twists and turns when we stopped at another wall. I must have look puzzled when Trusey whispered "Shoo, Haf, Dar," and walked through the wall. I immediately followed along with Jenny and the others. We were in a small room that had two strange looking people guarding it. They nodded to Trusey and smiled at us as we entered the room. The room was about six foot sqaure with a small table in the center, a couple of chairs and an old lamp. Trusey said the same words over the wall once everyone was inside.

"Well" said Trusey, "I thought it would be a little longer before we would be together again, but I must say it is wonderful to see you both." As he said this he came over and wrapped us up in his arms. "I wish it was under better circumstances that we are all together again, but sadly it is not." He looked sad and worried which in turn worried us. "What has happened?" I asked. "We thought once you were back in Carthon everything would be back to normal." "Yes we thought so too, but Gralthair had set a trap on the other side of the doorway." Trusey said shaking his head. "As the other two passed through, the Grall were waiting, one snatched Solmars wand and another one took Fexlars, taking them separately is safe as you know. So as I passed through the doorway Solmar and Fexlar were already prisoners. The Gralls had the wands pointing at them so there was nothing I could do, even I don't know how the wands would react in the Gralls hands, so it was safer to do nothing." Truseys voice broke as he talked he turned too upset to carry on. "What happened to Solmar and Fexlar?" I asked anxiously. "Where are they?" The person who had grabbed Jenny as we came through the doorway stood up and walked towards me.

"My name is Mallor." she said, "I am a Drell, Trusey has told us all about you Franny and Jenny, you are very brave warriors and we need strong fighters now more than ever, there are not many of us left." "You don't mean Solmar and Fexlar are................" I said in shock. "No, no." Trusey said regaining his composure. "They have been taken prisoners, and are now in Gralthairs dungeons. We have tried to free them on our own, but we are so few and without the wands its hopeless. "You may be ready to give up, but I am not." I said as bravely as I could. "Nor am I." added Jenny. "These girls are brave." Mallor said looking at Trusey. "I would never have believed it, not from humans." "How many of our side are left?" I asked not really wanting to know. "We are not really sure." Mallor answered. "We have been scattered and lost contact a few days ago." "We need to know numbers, is there any way of finding out?" Jenny interrupted. "I suppose we could send Trav, he is very good at avoiding the enemy, and should be able to contact some of them and bring them to us." Mallor said. "Good, then if he is happy to go then thats what we will have to do." Jenny said.

Mallor called in a young boy who did not look much older than us, and told him what we needed. He was watching us very closely and said. "Are these the human girls?" "Yes." Mallor answered. "Meet Franny and Jenny, they have come to help us." The boy smiled and did a low bow. "My pleasure." He said, then immediately turned and was off on his mission. "You are very famous around here." Mallor said with a grin. "Trusey has told us all about your adventures in your world, and it is a great honor to have you with us." She also bowed low, so low her hair brushed the floor. "Thank you very much, but we are here to help our friends, and rescue Solmar and Fexlar, we both want to be treated the same as everyone else."

I went over to Trusey and we talked about what had happened. He said as the entered the doorway and were captured, Mallor and Trav had managed to distract they Gralls and Danks long enough to help Trusey escape, Solmar and Fexlar were too far ahead to help and had to be left. They had tried to rescue them on different occasions but were never successful, that was when Trusey knew he had to call us for help. Jenny and Mallor were talking about the adventures we had already had, when I suddenly had a strange feeling we were being watched. It was an eerie feeling as though someone was right behind you, almost breathing down your neck, but no one is there. Trusey asked if I was alright, and when I told him of my feelings he shouted, "Everyone out the back way, NOW." "What's happening?" Mallor shouted. "Just move." Trusey bellowed.

We headed for the exit which Trusey opened again with the magic words, and all filed through. We had not travelled far when we heard Grall vioces saying the master would not be very pleased that we had all escaped, and heads would roll. So my 'Gift of seeing', had not failed me. At least that was one thing on our side. We travelled on for what seemed like hours, twisting and turning, avoiding being captured. Hardly daring even to talk in case something heard us. The tunnel we were in suddenly came to an end and lead us outside. We hid until dark in the mouth of the tunnel just in case, and moved when it was safe. Making our way down the hillside towards some trees, we needed to find a safe place to rest and make plans.

We found a place which had a stream running through which gave us fresh water to drink and freshen up in. It was a safe place to rest and the Drells stop guard. "So your gift did not fail you?" Trusey said, "We would have been captured if you had not been with us." "What about the boy Trav you sent to find the others, will he be able to find us?" I asked concerned. "Don't worry about Trav he will be fine, that one never gets caught. He will find out which way we went and follow us when he has rounded everyone up." Mallor said very sure of herself. "Mallor knows what she is talking about." Trusey said. "Trav is her brother." "What?" I said in shock. "You sent your own brother." "There was no one else, at least no one as good as him. We have already lost most of our family so we will do anything to stop Gralthair." Mallor answered calmly. "I am sorry, I did not mean to sound so harsh, we have never had a war in our life time in our world, so we don't know how we would react." I said feeling terrible and guilty. "I just had no idea he was your brother." "It's alright, I would not send him if I thought he could not manage." I still felt awful about the way I had reacted, but we did not have time for luxuries like that. We rested for an hour and in that time discussed the best way forward.

"We need to set up camp, somewhere safe." I said "Somewhere that has a good all round view of the area, fresh water and some food and shelter of course. Is there anywhere like that near here?" Trusey looked thoughtful and said "What about Magic Hill, it is about two days trek from here, the Danks and Gralls do not like it because it has magic powers of its own. I'm sure we would be safe there." "What sort of magic powers does it have? Will we be safe there?" asked Jenny worriedly. "I am not sure what powers it does have, I think most of the stories have been exaggerated over the years, and when we were ruling we left it alone." Trusey said. "But we don't really have a choice, do we?"

We all agreed with that and so set off under the cover of darkness once again towards Magic Hill. Jenny and I noticed that Truseys world was not that much different from our own. The odd plant or tree looked strange, and there were not many creatures around, like birds, cats or dogs. There seemed to be no creatures looking for food under the cover of darkness as there would be in our world. As we made our way down a track which lay between two hills, I could sense someone was close but slightly ahead. I quietly called to Trusey. "Someone or something is just over the next hill." Everyone stopped in their tracks and crouched down. After the last time no one doubted I knew something.

Mallor went ahead on her own to see over the hill, we watched her move from tree to large stone and I realised just how different she was from us. She was small for her years which I had found out to be seventeen of our years, her face was pretty in a strange way as her eyes were large and very round. She had a tiny nose and ears, her hair was a dark chestnut brown which was scrapped back and tied out of the way but the pony tail reached her hips. Her mouth was rather large and so were her hands. She wore a tunic style top with leggings underneath. I noticed she had reached the top of the hill and could obviously see something or someone.

Suddenly she stood up and waved and we heard a voice from the other side of the hill. "Mallor, Mallor, is that you?" "Yes, it's me." She called back. We heard footsteps running up the other side of the slope until we saw someones head appear over the crest of the hill. There was another two behind the first one and we could tell that they were Drells by their appearance. The first one threw her arms around Mallor and hugged her tightly. The other two touched her arm in a friendly gesture as they passed by to join us. When they had all eventually joined us at the bottom of the hill, I could see there were tears in Mallors eyes. "This is my sister Hale." Mallor said so full of love. "We thought she was dead, killed by the Grall when they attacked our village. Hale smiled at Mallor and said, "I thought the same of you, I did not know you had escaped. Is there anyone else left?" "Trav is still with us and on a mission as we speak to find more friends and bring them to us." Hale looked at us and said "What are they?" "This is Franny and Jenny, they are human girls who have been very helpful, they are the ones who brought the wizards back from their world when they were banished by Gralthair. They are both very brave and will help us to defeat him."

Right at that moment I had one of my feelings again, this time I knew it was evil, my power seemed to be growing. "We must move now, something evil is near." I said sharply. Mallor told Hale and the others just to move and she would explain on the way. We found a track around the base of the hill which lead into a wood. At least it was extra cover as we had been losing the dark for some time. We found someone to rest and we all found time to chat and catch up with what had been happening. Mallor told Hale about my 'Gift of Seeing', and discovered her sister had been left for dead at their village, and managed to escape when all the Gralls had left. Mallor related her story to her sister and Trusey filled in all of our adventures. "When we get to Magic Hill, we need to think of what is to be done." I said.

"Where are your wands are being held?" I enquired. "Gralthair will have them in his private rooms, they will be extremely hard to get to." Trusey said. "But we need them to stand any kind of chance against him." Mallor added. "Once we have set up camp we must try to get the wands and wizards back." I said, thinking well, that sounded easy. After resting and eating what little food we had left, we waited until night fell and again set off on the last part of the journey towards Magic Hill.

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