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Rosetta Rainbow and the Arts of Magic

By Paperboy Jacky All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

The beginning

Elemente Magicians' Mottos:

Magic taken to the next level

Let me show you a spell

Elemente Magicians
Rosetta Rainbow and the Arts of Magic
First book of the Elemente Magicians set.

Magic is not discovered. Magic is founded by those who are curious enough to seek her. Because they are willing to take enormous risks to achieve their goals, they have the right to be extraordinarily powerful in exchange of spreading their magic with trusted others. Therefore, utopias are possible to create because everyone is one.

One of the most powerful wizards in history took great risks that no one dared to ask of him. He founded Pureatory, the fundamental magic to enhancing all other arts of magic by purifying the impurities everything contains. As Pureatory has that ability to enhance other magics, naturally, it is the most powerful magic founded at that time.

Pureatory is founded by only a mere child who proved his worth to nature herself. As there are others who have found magic as well, they came together to form a pact to the path to the doors of utopia. Along the way, the child founded an even more powerful magic, Mysticatory, which holds the true power to all the other magics. Because it is such a risky magic, only the ones who have founded their own arts were able to adapt to only a little bit of its incredible power.

The boy has swam under the seas of the Bermuda Triangle full of sharks, dived down a path within Antarctica in freezing cold waters, bonded with radical exotic creatures to form peace in their society, fought ferocious evil hippos and found balance. This led him to find Pureatory. The boy felt that to learn Pureatory, he must leave the other arts he found, so he did, and another boy far younger than him had found it.

First having the knowledge and abilities Balanceatory, the balancing of magic, leading to Pureatory, the purification of magic, and then Mysticatory, the rare energy found in only the strongest of Pureatory, now the most powerful magic known. Those are the three main arts one needs to learn in order to understand magic herself.

The legend the boy left behind is called the Island of Waterlou Legend, one that will help future generations of wizards and witches prosper greatly.

A woman woke up with a start. She looked around her and found herself in a wooden room with enormous logs as an infrastructure. She found herself on a bed, as if she was sick and her mother was taking care of her. Beside both of her sides were sleeping patients. Despite the fact she knew she was in a hospital, the beautiful place made her feel as if she was at home. But she just remembered what had just happened. A hooded figure had murdered her mother, Blossom Rainbow.

Rosetta lived a perfectly ordinary life on Planet Earth. However, her birth was the most astounding of all births. Her mother decided to fall down the Niagara falls and give birth to Rosetta the moment she fell inside a barrel full of cushions and air. She wondered how her mother had accomplished these feats. In the later years, she gave birth to Lotus the year after she was sitting on an unbelievably large lotus flower while sailing across a calm river. Next came out Violet, born while her mother was sitting on a field of oleanders. Daisy came out next at the same time her mother was running across a field of daisies. Finally came out Rue born on a mountain on a rue bed. All five sisters got along extremely well, much more than a mother could have asked for.

However, Rosetta did not anticipate that she would have children of her own at such a young age. The first two were fraternal twins. A boy and a girl, Nate and Lavender respectively. Two years later, she gave birth to duodecoquadruplets, or twenty four fraternal children named after the greek alphabet after her greek origin.

On Rosetta's eighteenth birthday, the family decided to go to Hawaii. The moment they got there, they walked in the beaches in their white wonderful light tunics that her mother sewn for them. That was when the hooded figure murdered her mother. He used... magic. He used magic to split the kind-hearted Blossom Rainbow into thirteen pieces then tied the family up and dangled them under a volcano. When the full moon hit, the hooded figure dropped them into the volcano. The sisters were so mortified at the turn of events that they fainted. As for the children, they already fainted. Rosetta felt her body twist in horrible angles she did not wish for and fell into a world of nightmares. Then, she landed on a soft pillow and felt her body revert to normal, a relieving feeling she has never had before.

A knock on the door alarmed the woken up Rosetta.

"Come in." Rosetta replied remembering her manners. A teenage boy walked in. For a short while, they observed each other's unique physical attributes. Why would a young person with round black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes visit her? Perhaps her own physical attributes, her purple hair with bangs and her enormous jumble of hair tied tightly into a rose made her worth the news. Blinking at the young teenager with her blue eyes, she tried to make the best first impression she could ever make, but failed miserably. She could not take the little boy seriously. At least... she was smiling and that was enough to satisfy the teenage boy.

"My name is Jay." the boy replied, "Your manners are wonderful. Would you care to tell me your story of how you got here? You will be taken seriously. I promise."

Rosetta looked at the teenage boy and easily fell for his request the moment she saw his eyes. She poured out her miserable story about every radical and unseen thing she had ever saw and felt.

"Happy Birthday." Jay first answered without Rosetta telling him so, "First of all, your family are all safe. Four sisters and twenty six children, right?"

Rosetta nodded.

"So you mentioned that you were blasted from a volcano. I heard it on the news just now that there was a volcanic eruption… I'm sure that was no coincidence." Jay mentioned, "I hope we healed your injuries well. After all, I can’t have an injured student."

"Thank you for your concern Jay. About the volcanic eruption, I have to say I am forever grateful to you because you rescued my family from that tragedy." Rosetta answered.

"No problem. That is why we are here." Jay replied. "Any questions so far about absolutely anything?"

"Wait, did you say you can't have an injured student?" Rosetta asked, "What did you mean about that?"

"You told me a hooded figure used 'magic' to kill your mother, correct?" Jay asked and continued, "Well, we know who did that as we know magic ourselves as well. The one who murdered your mother is Lord Ryoula. He is the leader of the organization the Hell Tribe who plans to destroy all happiness. If you want to be able to defend yourself the next time we meet him, it is necessary to be equipped with the protection of nature on your side. That is, to learn magic, the good kind. Our island is paradise. We have absolutely every magical creature that you may want to see, like dragons..."

"You mean you have dragons here?" Rosetta asked, "And what else do you have here?"

"I told you, we have every magical creature possible. " Jay explained. "We have magical creatures such as dragons, phoenixes, chiquitas, fairies, pixies, elves, goblins, imps, orcs, unicorns, sphinxes, griffins, pegasi, moobows, and many animals that stand on their two hind legs, or should I say...all the animals?"

"What are chiquitas and moobows?" Rosetta inquired.

“Chiquitas are like people, except they are magical and are two times smaller than a regular human. This is how we have elves that are no taller than our knees." Jay explained, "Human-sized fairies were also created from the combination of butterfly elves and an elf. This happened when an elf accidentally fused with a magical butterfly. The tiny fairies we have are created from a Chiquita. Like the fairies, they too accidentally fused with a magical butterfly. And Moobows are just flying rainbow cows. There is so much to explore Rosetta. I also have a lot of hope for you."

"Hope for me in what?" Rosetta asked, "You don't mean in learning magic, right?"

"I mean it when I wish for you to learn magic." Jay answered, "You have an extremely strong magical spirit within you. I believe we can help you tap on those resources that you have within you and use them yourself. The first magic I would like you to learn is Hydromancy."

"What’s that?" Rosetta asked once again.

"Water Magic." Jay announced. "Lessons begin this afternoon at three in the forest. I have provided a map and directions on how to get there beside your bed stand. I will be there to watch you learn. The one who will be teaching you will be my apprentice, Py."

"It sounds like a rip-off of your own name." Rosetta muttered. Jay rolled his eyes and ignored the rude comment Rosetta made and left the room. Rosetta couldn't hold her surprise.

"What a cute teenager, bossing me around. I think it might be fun to learn magic!" Rosetta giggled. She jumped out of her bed.

"I’m going to learn magic!" Rosetta shouted and jumped for joy. All the sleeping patients screamed with Rosetta, not in a good way though.

"The patients in this room need rest!" a nurse yelled looking rather annoyed. She looked at Rosetta with her beady eyes as if she was saying that she was up to no good.

"I’m sorry." Rosetta apologized and bowed after she got on the ground. The nurse's facial expression softened.

"Don’t worry honey, it’s natural for you to feel excited." the nurse answered, "I would give anything to have the Leader of the Leaders personally supervising you learning magic! Or maybe teaching you magic! But him coming here personally is already a big honor..."

"Is he that good?" Rosetta asked quietly in a doubt.

"He is the greatest wizard of all time, the greatest!” the nurse piped, “His powers are even more powerful than Merlin's."

"Wow, I’m really excited then!" Rosetta answered.

"Do you want lunch?" the nurse asked. "It will fuel you up!"

Rosetta nodded. An early lunch sounded great. Within moments, a hot piping lunch arrived. It tasted so good, just like her mother's cooking, perhaps even better.

"You came earlier than I anticipated." Jay answered, "Way earlier than I anticipated. According to my time, you came two hours earlier than the given time. But knowing me, I anticipated that my anticipation may be wrong as well! So I came here just in case you thought to show up early."

Bang! Rosetta looked at a boulder that a little boy just obliterated with some water.

"I got too excited, that’s all." Rosetta answered, taking great interest at the fragments of the shattered boulder. Jay chuckled and noticed her interest and her hunger. He got up from his spot, a smaller boulder and walked in front of Rosetta. The little boy quickly followed him and hid behind his leg.

"Alright, let’s start. I told you back in the hospital I was going to make you my student." Jay told Rosetta. She nodded. At Jay's leg was a really young little boy who looked like he is five years old. He was unbelievably adorable looking at Rosetta with his brown eyes. He too had hair like Jay's.

"Depending on how fast you learn, it will be the determining factor of how fast you can learn all the magics! Your first lesson of the day is Hydromancy, a fancy term for Water Magic. The user of Hydromancy is called a Hydromancer, do you understand?” Jay asked.

"Yes. I understand." Rosetta replied and asked, "Wait, isn't the little boy the one who is teaching me?"

Suddenly being taught magic was a little difficult for her to take in, but in the end, she managed to pull herself together. Who wouldn’t want to be taught by the greatest wizard of all time?

"Py here indeed knows extremely powerful Hydromancy." Jay explained, "But he isn't good with words, as a five year old."

Py pouted.

"Me good with words!" Py shouted at Jay, "Let me teach da beautiful girlie!"

Jay looked at the little boy as Rosetta turned red.

"I think it would be better if I taught her." Jay answered, "After all, you don't know how to teach, but you can show her how your magic is done. Sounds good?"

Jay waited for a minute until Py responded. He folded his arms and looked up at Py.

"Only if you buy me ice cweam after this!" Py shouted.

Jay turned left and nervously looked inside his cube wallet hanging from his waist. There was only a couple of quarters inside. Unfortunately, Rosetta saw his tiny allowance as well. A bead of sweat came down the side of Jay's forehead when he saw Rosetta looking at his wallet. Jay slightly glanced back at the pouty Py who noticed his look. Those brown eyes were way too sad to resist. Jay sighed and shrugged his shoulders.

"Um, sure thing bro." Jay answered. Py's pout reverted back into a smile. Now Py's arms and legs were wrapped around Jay's leg. Jay quickly turned back to Rosetta.

"I sense a strong magical aura within you." Jay replied. "I believe you should be able to learn magic. Let me explain how you conjure your magical energy from within. All the elemental magics require energy within you. It is the same concept with Water Magic. You need to focus energy in a certain spot in your body, and it’s from your hands. Easy right? Well for Pyromancy, they have to focus their energy in their armpits."

Py and Rosetta guffawed.

"Their armpits!" Py shouted while laughing.

"This is not funny!" Jay snapped, "You must focus! You need focus! You have focus! So use it! Gather your energy from within your body and concentrate it in your hands. Py, please do not laugh. You are distracting her training!"

Py looked away from Jay and looked at Rosetta.

Rosetta had a feeling in her body and she directed that feeling into her hands.

"We are one with nature." Jay explained, “We imagine we are Water itself. Water is easy to mold. We aren’t manipulating the water. That’s not being one with nature. The moment you manipulate is the moment you defy nature who provides the connection between you and whatever you want to bond with. When we are one with nature, we may draw water from the environment and release it from our hands."

A small droplet formed on Rosetta’s hand. It fell and made quite an impact to the ground although she didn’t notice. She tried again. A cup of water slowly oozed out of her hands and suddenly dropped on the ground. This water control was not easy at all.

"You lack control." Jay pointed out."I told you, you need control on how to use water magic!"

"I know!" Rosetta shouted back. This time, a ball of water formed on her hands. In no less than a second, the ball deformed and fell to the ground.

"I want a demonstration of any sort!" Rosetta demanded. Jay had a nervous look to his face as Py looking up at him with nails.

"Are you sure, Py might make you look really bad." Jay nervously told Rosetta while looking at Py's nails that were hammering into his eyes.

"Just get him to show me please!" Rosetta pestered. She didn’t care how bad the five year old would make her look. Her yearning for magic wanted a demonstrator for magic too as she did not want to learn everything by herself or by theory.

"Rosetta... Py's little demonstration will make you look bad!" Jay told her and looked at Py who ramped up the power of his eyes to his laser eyes. Then Jay looked at Rosetta's firm face, "I...no Rosetta, Py will not give you a...uh...ok, fine, Py will show you a small demonstration, step back, it’s going to get messy."

Jay lost to Py's laser eyes. Rosetta suspected it was either that Py was really that good with his vision, or that it would be too cruel for Jay to give him the same look back. Jay and Rosetta stepped back.

Also, Rosetta’s steely look was enough to push Jay to tell Py to give her a demonstration. After all, any type of demonstration can’t hurt, right?

Py brought his tiny hands up with his hands pointing up to the sky. Rosetta frowned as if she was expecting a better display of magic. The earth shook and Rosetta fell on the ground. She regretted her the thought about not getting hurt. She got up and watched as a few geysers erupted from the ground violently, leaving a giant holes deep from the earth. The water spiralled up in the sky and dropped. At that moment, the huge mass of water whirled above Py’s head, constantly spiraling around his head like a dragon. Jay looked at the demonstration looking completely shocked.

"That must be equivalent to a whole lakes worth!" Rosetta spoke breathlessly looking at the size of the water dragon. There was a boulder the size of a small hill nearby. Py aimed his hands that let off a blast of water at the boulder which effortlessly crumbled under the twisting walls of water that headed towards it. Rosetta gasped. Jay was right. Py's power had really made Rosetta look bad as she watched the enormous damage the mass of water had done. And most of all, she couldn't believe a tiny little five year old had done all that! Py smirked at Rosetta.

"I told you Rosetta." Jay replied. "I knew Py's display would make you feel bad."

"How did Py do that?" Rosetta asked stupidly. Jay ignored her.

"Py. You totally went overkill there." Jay somewhat scolded Py.

"What's that?" Py asked innocently. Jay covered his face with his hand. It must have been a very stressful day for him.

"Never mind that." Jay quickly dismissed the idea of scolding Py. He then turned back to Rosetta, "Your question again please?"

"I said how Py did that." Rosetta asked Jay again.

"You need a massive amount of control and focus." Jay explained, “I mean it. And you also need a lot of time to train your hands to get used to the power that you gather in your hands. This magic is still Hydromancy, except Py used a water source from underground. You need to persuade Water’s will. That will... is to be free. Of course, Py could have used his own magical energy to create a mass amount of water from his hands, but it is much more preferable if you use a water source. The reason being is because it is easier to obtain than by creating water. Of course, Pyromancers and Fyllomancers have a different way of creating their sources of magic for their own element that they use too."

"What’s the name of the spell?" Rosetta asked.

"Py combined a huge variety of spells to do this nice little display for you." Jay replied while Py was playing leap frog with a water frog he created. "Py combined the geyser art with the free water art. Then he morphed it into a solid water dragon which then transferred its power into a tiny tsunami. I forgot an important detail in Hydromancy. When you perform spells, incantations greatly help your magic. The incantation for Hydromancy is Hydromancas. Remember again, the incantation is invented to channel much more power and control over your spell."

Py leaped over the frog and landed in front of Jay. The frog leaped in front of Py and splashed on Jay making him awfully wet. Rosetta couldn't resist it and let off a burst of giggles.

"I'm all wet!" Py complained and looked back at Rosettta, "Did you get everything though? Are you confident in what you are about to do?"

Rosetta nodded and shouted, "Hydromancas!"

Absolutely nothing happened. A young girl just arrived to watch Rosetta fail a spell. Py recognized the young girl and they played patty cake.

"You need to channel your energy as you say it. After all, this is magic, you can’t just say the spell to activate it! Humans are so selfish, they think phrases of words and just speaking the incantations of a spell will grant them magic! Try again." Jay replied. That comment was sharp.

The young girl giggled. She beat Py in patty cake. They then played again. Rosetta ignored them can continued to attempt the spell with a more successful attempt.

"Hydromancas!" Rosetta shouted and aimed her energy at a tiny boulder. It was barely ambushed, but it was ambushed. The young girl and Py's heads immediately flicked over to Rosetta's. As Rosetta saw them do that, the young girl's black hair whipped aside, revealing emerald-green eyes. The look from her eyes were powerful. Rosetta’s felt some sort of pattern going on.

"You learn extraordinarily fast!" the young girl remarked while still sounding surprised.

"Who are you?" Rosetta asked, "My name is Rosetta by the way."

"I am Lila, the Leader of the Forest Tribe." the little girl revealed, “I am the first student of Jay!”

"Rosetta, your next lesson continues with Lila." Jay replied and looked at Lila, “She’s all yours! I have to buy this little guy some ice cream... and some for myself too. After that... well, I already told you by mind.” and Jay walked away with the little five year old Py following him like a little puppy.
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