His Pain

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Humans and Monsters coexist in Jacklin's world. But despite the government only emplacing three rules on the society, he feels like the rules are made in discrimination against his race. What he wants to do, is to change the governing body, for then, Daemons to rule.

Fantasy / Action
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In a world where monsters and humans coexist, it’s common for them to get into fights.

The world was run by one single government. The Ministry.

Many people think The Ministry is corrupt and incorrect in their ways of justice. But despite many complaints about their government, no one took action.

There are only four rules in their society;

One, Respect public spaces.

Two, don't kill anyone.

Three, follow the hierarchy.

And four, don't break the first three rules.

Yes. These were the only four rules there were in their world. And if anyone were to break any of those rules, the punishment is death.

Why? Why death? Why not send them to prison and make them suffer for their injustice?

It’s because their world is overpopulated. And the best way to get rid of people was to kill them. And whoever broke those rules would die. Then, in those next few days, well... they would die. And the method is determined by the crime they committed.

Honestly, Jacklin really hated these rules. Why shouldn’t he be able to do what he wants? Especially the fact that he had to obey the hierarchy. And he was at the lowest of the low on the rankings. Yes, he was. And it was all because of his race. He was a daemon, which was referred more commonly as a mixed hybrid.

Jacklin was a half-monster, half-human. And even though he had the power to tear everyone apart, the law forbade him to. He felt like the only law emplaced on their world was directed at him, and all other daemons.

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