His Pain

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Breaking a Law

Jacklin stumbled out of the bar feeling woozy. The world spun beneath his feet, his eyes without the ability to focus on a single thing.

"Urgh" Jacklin stopped in his tracks and bent over, clutching at his stomach. He drank too much, and now, it was making him sick. He retched and gagged before vomiting out onto the street.


Jacklin wiped his mouth with his sleeve and moved his head to look up.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?"

Jacklin didn't answer. He was in no mood to, and even if he wanted to, he felt too sick to do so.

The daemon, a male, grabbed his collar and lifted him up. Jacklin being a half-born was stronger than both daemons and humans. He had the intellect of the human race and strength and brute of the daemon race.

But when Jacklin was drunk, he sunk to the bottom of the hierarchy.

Damn it, why did I give in to drinking? I really do need to fix this problem.

The daemon snickered and smirked at Jacklin as he hung limply from the man's grasp.

"You're weak, huh? Well if that's the case, why don't I sell you as a slave? People like you are rare, and if you're this way, you'll be easy to control."

The daemon gave a sinister look, tracing his eyes up and down his body.

"You do have muscles, but you can't use them in this state, can you?" The daemon mocked, licking his lips.

"No, I can't. Please let me go now." Jacklin moaned. He felt like vomiting again. His stomach was growling, and he could feel something like bile climbing up his throat.

"Why should-"

Jacklin's past drinks rushed up his trachea and came tumbling out, the vomit splattered all across the daemon's face.

The man dropped him and squealed.

Jacklin chuckled and grinned like a child. He'd never been so excited since... well, forever.

"Hahaha~! That's what you deserve~!"

Jacklin laughed as he walked down the street, walking towards the bus stop. The man had not followed him, luckily. When he reached the bus stop, he was right on time. The door to the bus opened and he stepped inside, plopping himself at the back of the bus.

People around him avoided him as he walked through the bus. He didn't really care. He probably looked terrible and smelt terrible right now. All he cared about was getting home to fall asleep.

The next morning he woke up to the sound of shouting and cursing that came from the hallway outside.

"Shut up," Jacklin groaned, plugging his ears with his fingers as he turned onto his side. Who the heck felt like they needed to wake the whole apartment complex up? Despite having his ears plugged, he could still hear the voices ringing from outside.

"Damn them," He said, getting out of bed. He went over to the front door and opened it, squinting at the light outside. He wanted to sleep in, and he felt hungover, but he couldn't sleep if the noise persists outside.

"Let me go!"

A girl was being dragged around by two guys and another girl. Three humans, and one daemon. The two guys and girl pulling the other girl had a knife to her throat and had her legs tied together.

This was normal. It wasn't uncommon to see people do these things every day.

"Can you four keep it down?" Jacklin asked, tousling his hair.

"This is our business and none of yours," one of the two boys growled. A human.

Huh, he's not afraid of me, Jacklin thought shrugging, weak.


The girl that was bound cried out, tears streaming down her eyes. Another human.

"It's not like they're going to kill you anyway. The law forbade it," Jacklin told her, "but if you insist, then I'll help you."

He smiled at her, watching the other three. His head was pounding in his head, hurting.

"You won't be able to beat us, you do know that right?" The daemon boy said, dropping his hands from the girl, cracking his knuckles.

The girl grunted under the weight of the other girl's body, trying to keep her from squirming away.

"Come at me then," Jacklin grinned, taunting the boy with his gaze. His eyes couldn't focus as much as they usually can, but it'll do. He'd still come out on top either way.

The daemon's jaw clenched, his glare unwavering.

"I said to come at-"

The boy ran towards Jacklin, his fists outstretched. Jacklin sidestepped him and made his first move. He backflipped behind the boy and hit him at the back of his neck with all the force he had.


The boy groaned and turned around. But, Jacklin was already one step ahead of him. He hit the boy's neck, this time from the front and kicked his feet out from under him.

The boy groaned and didn't get back up.

"Anyone else?" Jacklin asked. The other two looked afraid, but yet this time, another one them stood up. This time it was the girl, another daemon.

Daemons' bodies were like humans, but their skin colors ranged infinitely. They had fur rather than hair, and they also had horns that protruded from his head. Humans... well they were just humans. But in Jacklin's case, he had the build, strength, and horns of a daemon, but the rest of him was human.

The girl lunged at him, with her claws unsheathed.

So, she's the special type, huh?

Jacklin grabbed her shoulders and flipped over her as he did with the other boy. He then landed consecutive hits on her pressure points before she could regain her balance. Not to mention, Jacklin's speed was extraordinary. It wasn't normal in the daemon race to have such speed.

The girl dropped to the ground, and Jacklin prodded the two with his foot to see if they would get up. Once he checked, he walked over to the other two.

The boy still had the knife at the girl's throat.

"Don't come any closer!"

Jacklin continued to walk towards the two. The boy backed up a little, his knife drawing blood from the girl's neck. More tears ran from the girl's eyes, dripping onto the floor.

At this point, they had an audience. People living on the same floor Jacklin did had come out to see what was happening.

"Drop her," Jacklin threatened, walking closer. The boy pressed the knife deeper into the girl's skin. She cried out in shock and pain.

"You can't kill her," Jacklin said rubbing his temple, stating the fact, "especially not with a crowd like this around."

Jacklin looked around at the people crowding them on both sides, "Even if you wanted to leave, you can't. There are people behind both you and me. So, give me the girl or I'll have to force her off you."

The boy faltered, drawing away the knife from the girl slowly, before dashing into the crowd behind him. Once he was gone, Jacklin walked over to the girl and undid her bounds before telling everyone to shoo. They didn't need to be asked twice. There was no more action, so there was no more point in watching.

"You alright?" Jacklin asked as he helped the girl onto her feet.

"Y-yeah," The girl mumbled, "Thank you, so so much."

"No problem. Bye now," Jacklin walked away, waving as he walked back into his apartment. He wanted to go back inside and order take out from hisfaavorite restaurant. It would most definitley cure his hungover. Even if not a lot,i


"Hmm?" Jacklin turned around.

"Do you have... something to stop the bleeding..?" The girl pointed at her neck, her fingers sticky with her blood.

"Yeah, follow me."

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