His Pain

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I Know That Guy

"I don't think they're leaving us!"

Katelyn and Jacklin were both jumping over roofs. And having this being the first time Katelyn had ever done it, she was pretty good. She didn't stumble or fall at all. Jacklin could tell she was a natural.

"Just keep running. We need to get down to the ground before they decide to start shooting," Jacklin said. They've already been running for five minutes - the law enforcers on their tail.

Just then, Jacklin spotted an alley they could jump down to as they ran closer and closer to the ledge. If they timed it right, they should be okay.

"There's an alley there! We just need to jump." Jacklin looked over at Katelyn, to see her eyebrows furrowed with worry.

"Just jump on the air conditioners that stick out the wall! Taking the ladders will take too long." Jacklin said, glancing over his back to check the law enforcers running after them. "You should go first. Just jump and don't think about anything else."

Jacklin turned to face the law enforcers, who were running at the pair of them, with guns, shields, and even more guns in their hands and belts.

Not to mention... but they were jacked too, with muscles bulging from their arms and legs.

"I'm okay!"

Jacklin turned around and sprinted away, the enforcers just barely missing him. He jumped off the ledge and skipped on the air conditioners before landing in a roll in front of Katelyn.

"Let's go!" Jacklin told her. Katelyn was watching the enforcers trying to get down before they started shooting.

"Watch out!" She screeched.

Jacklin turned around to see guns firing, bullets whizzing through the air.


Jacklin roughly pushed Katelyn, following her, hoping with their luck to not get shot, even though that was a very unlikely possibility. Even if Jacklin had run away from the law for many years, it didn't mean he knew how to stay invincible against bullets that could very well be the end of his life.

They rounded the corner and continued running, deciding that they needed to get to the main street.

They turned another corner again, only so see more enforcers there.

"How did they get here?" Katelyn whispered. They were surrounded.


They ran back. And collided with the other pack of men who were sent after them.

"Try jumping up the walls. I've done it before," Jacklin whispered to Katelyn. On a count of three, the two dashed against the walls and tried to jump off of them, only to find that the walls were too far apart. The two fell in vain, grunting against the impact as they were thrown back to the ground.

One of the enforcers, the commander it seemed, nodded his head, and the rest of his men came forward towards Jacklin and Katelyn, warily.

"Bind them."

Someone came forward and roughly dragged the two up on their feet, while another two grabbed onto them, while the third bound their hands and feet together.

And before they knew it, they were being carried back to the Tower, the place where their deaths were going to take place.

When the tower came into view, knots twisted in Katelyn's stomach. Jacklin's face was straight, his teeth grinding on each other as he stared at the structure in disdain.

The tower was the tallest structure in the city, even among other buildings. It towered above everything around it. It was at the center of the city, with all the council members living within its walls. And it was also the place where Jacklin's father was taken and killed.

"Alright, move along."

The guard stationed by the door let the pack of enforcers through, closing the entry gate behind them, as well as shutting Katelyn and Jacklin of any chance of escape.

The walls around the tower were another thing. They were tall, huge and thick. If you wanted to explode it, you'd need two or three bombs to do the job. By the time you'd get to your second, the guards would have already been alerted and would be there in seconds to end your life.

The enforcers carried them through the tower, all the way to the top, where the cells were held. The higher the cells were, the harder anyone could get in or out of there.

They threw Katelyn and Jacklin in one big cell, which already held three other people inside, ready to be slaughtered like pigs on the following day.

"It seems like we're joined by some company. I'm dying with only these two around. They're no fun."

Jacklin turned to look at the three people, in turn, only to see that it was the man with the long beard that was talking, a pout playing on his face.


He grinned at the two newcomers and walked towards them, shaking their hands eagerly.

"I'm Urak, nice to meet you!"

The man smiled, Katelyn awkwardly returning his beaming grin, while Jacklin simply ignored him.

"These two here have done nothing but mope. But can you blame them? They're passing the next morning." The man stuck a thumb at the other two figures sitting in the cell. One male and one woman.

The man was a daemon, and the woman a human. Urak... well he was a human too.

"How can you say that so casually?" Jacklin growled at Urak. He pushed past him and sat down beside the other two.

He just inspected the pair, while they both, in turn, watched him.

The man was a daaemon, a skinny one, with barely any muscle on his bone. The woman was ripped, like one of the enforcers. Jacklin had never heard of female enforcers, but he was sure that this woman in front of him was one.

"I'm Jacklin." Jacklin stuck his hand out for the pair to shake. The two returned it.

"You look familiar. I'm sure I've seen you before," The man said, his voice barely a whisper. His hand was shaking as he pointed to Jacklin.

Jacklin felt chilled, "I've never seen you before... so that can't be it."

He tried to drive the conversation elsewhere when the man suddenly clapped his hands, "I know where I've seen you before! Oh, poor boy!"

The demon tried to hug Jacklin, but he moved away from him before he could do anything.

"You're Peter Mchallow's son! I remember you!" The man continued to say, his eyes starting to water.

At the mention of his father's name, Jacklin went back towards the man, sitting down in front of him.

"How do you know me? What do you know?"

"Oh boy, I've missed you!"

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