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You thought you were normal. Turns out you are way beyond normal. You enter a world of things you thought to be stories. Will you ever be normal again or will your life be inhumanly? I own this book, please do not say this book it your own. This is my book.

Fantasy / Adventure
Sadie Wolf
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Chapter 1: a weird day

I woke up and started to get ready for school. Then I remembered that I didn't have school today, for it was spring break. So I then got in sweatpants and a baggy shirt, went downstairs to the kitchen to get some cereal. When I got to the kitchen I looked in the pantry, and to my disappointment, we were out of cereal.

"Oh come on!" I griped as I got out stuff to make waffles. When the waffles were finished, I grumbled to myself about how, whenever you want something it isn't there. So as I put butter and syrup on one waffle, I put peanut butter on the other and some banana slices. As I cut into the waffles, I heard my mom slowly closing her bedroom door as she came out.

"What did you make today?" Asked my mom as she came out of her room and into the kitchen.

"Waffles." I replied with distaste that was easily heard in my voice.

"What's wrong with waffles?" She asked.

"Nothing, it's just that I wanted cereal." I replied.

"Well, if there are any waffles left, I would like some." She said laughing at my tone and reply.

"There is, it's on the counter." I said pointing.

"Thanks." She replied and went to get some of the waffles.

"You're welcome." I said. She sat down with me at the table, after she had got her waffles. I thought that after two whole waffles I'd be full, but I was still hungry. So I got another whole waffle, and ate it. I was sure I should be full by now, I wasn't. I knew I should be full, but instead I just got more hungry. So instead of eating more, cause I knew I shouldn't, I cleaned my plate and put it aside to dry.

"I'm going to take a shower!" I said, already halfway up the stairs.

"Ok, holler when You're done!"

"Ok, mom!"

After I was done, I hollered, then went to get dressed. After I was dressed, I went downstairs. Mom was out of her pajama and in a grey shirt that was tied in a knot on the side, she had a pair of black pants on, sitting on the couch in the living room.

"Did you want to talk about something?" I asked.

"Yes." She replied.


"I know I might sound crazy after I talk to you about this but I must. You are at the age that, in our family, you will go through very large changes. Your changes may be bigger or smaller than most. You will only go through one, or maybe two, changes. So please know that you, may or may not, go through physical changes, but will definitely go through mental changes. It is rare to go through physical changes, but you might. Ok, you're looking at me like I am crazy, so let me show you the changes I went through. Come with me." She said. I did.

After a short walk in the forest, that surrounded our house, we arrived at a small clearing.

"Sit down on that log." She said nodding in the direction of a large log. Once I was seated, she told me that I might be frightened at first but that everything would be alright. She then walked to the middle of the clearing and closed her eyes. Her skin almost looked as if it was rippling. Then she wasn't there, a large lioness took her place. The fur on the lioness began to ripple and then my mom was there again. My eyes must have betrayed my fear for she said "Theo, please calm down. I know you might be a little frightened, bu-"

"A little, a little!" I screeched. "I have the urge to run back to the house, call the police, and then run blindly away from you!"

"Calm down, Theo. My change was that I became a shapeshifter."

"Oh, and what is my change gonna be? Am I gonna turn into some large scary beast?" I screamed, becoming hysterical. I didn't give her time to answer, for I turned on my heels and fled toward the house, when I got there I ran to my room and locked myself in.

The house was one of those cabinish houses. With wooden floors and wood walls. The walls held up surprisingly well. The doors throughout the house were a dark brown color.

The front porch of the house had a roof going out over it, the porch was made of pale wood, with grey-brown beams holding the roof up. Along the stairs were pictures of nature. Closest to the bottom was a picture of a snowy forest, most of the pictures were of forests. My favorite picture was the one that hung above my bed.

It was a picture of the stars, an owl was flying across the sky in the picture. It had always calmed me some. Not much right now though. I stared at the picture for a bit, it calmed me down some. Eventually I looked away from the picture and began pacing from one side of my room to the other.

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