Dragon-Man #1

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A high school teen always dreamed of being a hero just like his idol. But one day on a class field trip, he then realizes that his dream was about to come true

Fantasy / Action
The Dragon Tamer
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Dragon-Man #1

Paradise City. The year is 2006. A fight broke out in an underground temple between Dragon-Man and a notorious man who calls himself Clayton Huntsman also known as ‘The Hunter’. As Dragon-Man was sent flying back into a wall nearly breaking through it, Clayton approached the Dragon clutching onto a mysterious shining emerald stone. Clayton had stolen the priceless gem from a museum, said to give it’s handler extraordinary power. Clayton was a tall man with a scruffy beard and an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. Wearing just a tanish trench coat and a hunter’s hat as well as tall black boots. His pitch black hair was long, reaching down his back. As Dragon-Man was standing back up, Clayton approached him as he balled up his fist and upper cut him, sending the Dragon flying through the air, breaking through the stone wall.

“Getting tired Dragon?” Clayton snarled. He sounded as if he was speaking with an Australian accent.

“Not me. I’m just getting warmed up mate!” Dragon-Man stood back up, wounded and beaten, but still he was not going to give up. He was going to win, he was determined too. He breathed out a stream of fire, however Clayton used the stones power and formed a barrier around himself. Clayton reached for his shotgun which he always carries on his back. He blasted off rounds as Dragon-Man flew, missing the shots and disappeared into the shadows. The Hunter laughed as he pressed forward, loading his shotgun.

“If it’s one thing I know, it is that you can’t wound what you can’t kill!” He shouted, trying to lure Dragon-Man out.

“And I fully intend to kill you!” As he was approaching a column, thinking that Dragon-Man was there, Clayton continued to mock him.

“I’m going to be the world’s first famous Hunter to have slain a dragon! I’m going to mount your head on my wall..... In my trophy room!” He yelled as he turned a corner, aiming his shotgun at nothing. Clayton continued onward, hunting for his pray. For once in his life, Dragon-Man was terrified. He thought to himself while he was well hidden, that Clayton would not find him so quickly. It gave him time to think and come up with a strategy. But questions were rolling through his mind at the same time. Why was The Hunter so fixated on killing him? And why was he chosen to be the Dragon-Man? He was breathing heavily, trying to catch his breath. He closed his eyes but only for a moment. His life flashed right before his eyes. He wasn’t always like this....

Three Months Ago

Drake Fires was a seven-teen year old high school boy. Dressed up in a green leather jacket with a red dragon patched on the back of it. His hair dyed black with a tint of red. Always such an honest and happy student. But like with every Junior, he had a bully. And for him, that bully was Zachery Baxter; A senior in Drake’s high school. Two spiked bands he wore on each arm. Wearing nothing but a pair of ripped jeans, a tank top and a dark red jean vest. His hair was dyed red and orange to make it look like fire. He was fit, muscular and had fire tattoos down his arm. His arms were rock hard. He punched and dented the locker right beside Drake’s head. Drake looked back as he saw Zach’s angry face. Zach grabbed Drake’s shirt and pinned him against the lockers.

“You’ve got hot sauce all over my vest you little shit!”

“Calm down Zach.” Drake calmly said.

“It’s just a vest, you can easily wash that out.” Zach looked at Drake again angrier as he pounded him into the lockers again as hard as he could.

“That’s not the point!” A crowd of Drake’s fellow students circled around them both as they were cheering ‘FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!’ The schools principal showed up and broke up the fight.

“Hey, hey! What the hell is going on here? Baxter!” Zach looked at Drake with an intimidating look before letting him go and threw him down on the floor. He pointed at Drake.

“This isn’t over Fires! Three o’ clock in the courtyard after school! You’re dead!” Zach balled up his fists and walked away. As Drake’s fellow students went back to pretending like nothing even happened, one of his fellow students walked over to Drake to help him up.

“Are you okay Drake?” She was a Junior in high school just like him. Red hair and a gorgeous smile. She lend her hand out to him as he gently reached for it. Her name was Alison Embers.

“I’m fine Alison. Zach and I just had a fallen out, that’s all.”

“Yeah, my cousin can be a real hot head.”

“I kind of forget at times that a hot head like that is related to you.”

“Yeah. Well I have to get to class now. I’ll see you later.” She said as Alison turned and left. She waved to Drake as she descended into the hallway. Drake just stood there, waving back as he watched her get smaller and smaller as she left his sight.

The time had come. Three o’ clock had struck as the bell rang. The other students rushed outside as Zach was waiting for Drake to show up. He just stood there, pounding his fists and cracking his knuckles as the other students formed a circle turning the courtyard into a fighting ring.

“Drake, come on out little dude so I can punch your face in!” He mocked. Finally, Drake stepped out from the crowd and into the ring. Zach let out a smirk.

“Ok Zach, I’m here.” As the clouds begin to darken, Zach pointed towards Drake.

“You’re about to get schooled! The pain train is heading into the station which is your face!”

“Ok Hot Shot. Bring it!”

“Only my friends call me Hot Shot Fires! Which sounds like a name of a male stripper!”

“Oh yeah, how would you know?” The crowd mocked Zachery as if they got Drake’s joke about Zach being gay, which was not true.

“SHUT UP!” Zach balled up his fists as he put them up near his face and threw the first punch. Drake dodged Zach’s fist.

“Can’t we talk about this?” But Zach didn’t listen. He was too enraged as he threw his second punch. Drake kept dodging every punch Zach threw at him.

“Stay still you little piece of shit!” Finally as Zach threw yet another punch, Drake decided to fight back. He ducked and stepped aside as he elbowed Zach in the face as hard as he could. Zach stepped back as he rubbed his jaw because that blow really hurt.

“So, you can fight.” Zach said as he turns to him. He spat onto the ground as Drake went into his fighting stance as if he was about to do karate.

“You don’t seem like a push over after all Drake. This is gonna be fun.” Zach said as he pounded his fists, cracking his knuckles. Zach went in for a hard punch, however Drake caught Zach’s fist and punched him in the gut. Zach stepped back, groveling in pain. He looked up at Drake.

“You little bastard! I’m gonna get you for that!”

‘DRAKE, DRAKE, DRAKE!’ His fellow students cheered. Zach stood back up and attacked Drake again. Drake went in for a punch, but Zach avoided and got behind him. Zach had Drake in an arm lock. Drake thought quickly and stomped on Zach’s foot as hard as he could. Once Drake’s arm was relieved from the pressure, he elbowed Zach in the face and Zach let go of his arm. Drake then turned to face him and kicked Zach in the ribs. Zach ignored the pain to his ribs and swept kick Drake, causing him to fall on his back.

As Zach’s fist was coming in, Drake rolled aside as his fist hit the ground, making his knuckles bleed. Drake kicked Zach in the face, knocking him out. The crowd was cheering Drake’s name in his victory as he was basking in the glory. Alison Embers saw the whole thing. She ran up to Drake and hugged him.

“That was amazing Drake! I had no idea you could fight like that.” He smiled and started to sweat a little.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure he didn’t either. I took a few karate classes here and there.”

“Yeah, you really caught everybody off guard with that one. My dim witted cousin had it coming to him, I’m not worried.”

“Well, I just hope I didn’t kill him.” After saying that, Zach woke up. He slowly stood up, but he was too weak to fight. Drake turned to him.

“This isn’t over yet Drake. When it comes to round two, you’re dead! You hear me!? Dead!” Zach turned around and left, shoving people out of the way. Drake and Alison turned back to each other as she hugged Drake again and kissed him on the cheek. Drake blushed a little.

“Can I walk you home?” He asked. She blushed.

“Yeah, sure.” Alison held Drake’s hand as they both headed out of the courtyard.

“I’m getting pretty tired of our little game of hide-n-seek Dragon!” Shouted out Clayton as he blasts a chunk out of the column with his shotgun.

“Come on out!” Dragon-Man was smart and remained in the shadows until he comes up with a plan.

“I can do this all day Dragon! After all, it’s all in the thrill of the hunt!” He laughed. But Dragon-Man remained quiet. Still trying to catch his breath, more memories flow through his head.

Three Months Ago

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAKE!” Cheered Drake’s mother. She took his picture as he blew out his birthday candle that said ‘18’. She hugged him tight as he hugged back and smiled.

“I am so proud of you honey. Look at you, all grown up, almost a man. Your father would’ve been proud.” She smiled. Drake was close to his dad. He died in an accident at a factory where he worked. Drake was only 16 at that time.

“Are you okay mom?” She started shedding happy tears down her cheek as she wiped them away.

“I’m fine Drake. It’s just.... I miss him so much.” She started tearing up again as Drake walked over and hugged her again.

“I know mom. I miss him too.” Finally, she wiped her tears away and gave Drake a present that was all wrapped up in colorful wrapping paper and topped with a bow.

“Here sweetie. I’ve got you this.” He took it and started unwrapping it, but he was careful not to tear it up like a cat. Drake’s face brightened up once he found what was inside the box. Five issue’s of his favorite Superhero comic’s, ‘Energizer’. Plus a little something extra. A little seven inch figure of his favorite Superhero.

“I know you don’t have those issue’s right now so I thought you might’ve like those.”

“Mom, I love them!” He sounded excited. Just like the fan boy he was.

“Thank you so much mom. I love you.” He said as gave her a huge hug. She smiled.

“I knew that would make you happy. Happy Birthday baby.” After eating a few slices of cake, Drake rushed off to his room to add his new issue’s of comic’s to his stash. He placed the figure on his computer desk with all of his other collectibles. A giant poster of Energizer fighting off a robot and his arch enemy hung just beside his closet. He opened up one of his comics and started reading. As he was reading it, he was thinking of way back then when he saw Energizer for the first time. Drake was only eight years old at the time he first met his idol.

Ten Years Ago

Drake was riding on the bus on his way home from school. Alison was reading a book while sitting next to him on the bus. Drake was staring out the window until he saw three figures flying through the sky. He couldn’t make out who the figures were at first because they were so far away. One of the figures turned around and shot out balls of electricity at the others and Drake knew who it was.

“Energizer.” He smiled. Drake’s fellow students looked out the windows as Energizer flew past them. He was being chased by a robot and another person. His arch enemy which goes by the name of ‘Synergy’. The robot shot out a missile from it’s chest as the missile targeted Energizer. Energizer turned and grabbed the flying missile as he spun and threw it at Synergy. Synergy took his hand and slapped the missile out of the way like it was nothing to him. The missile hit and destroyed the bridge that Drake’s bus was on. The bus swerved out of control as it had stopped right on the edge of the destroyed bridge. Energizer could hear the terrifying screams from the bridge.

“You bastard! Do you realize what you’ve done!?” Synergy just stood there and laughed.

“Better go save them before they meet their watery graves.” He grinned. The robot flew behind Energizer and grabbed him, holding his arms in place. The bus hung off of the edge and was very close to falling into the water below. Drake went in the back of the bus and opened the emergency exit. He calmly signaled everyone to get off.

“Help! My seat belts jammed!” The bus driver said as the bus was about to fall. As everyone else got out of the bus, Drake rushed to the front of the bus to help the driver.

“Stay calm, I’m gonna get you out of here.” He said. Drake took out his pocket knife and cut the driver’s seat belt. The bus was close to falling. The driver was freed as he jetted for the exit.

“DRAKE!” Alison cried out. Drake ran for the exit as the bus was falling off the bridge. The bus fell as Drake leaped out of the exit and landed safely on the street. Drake looked up and saw Energizer get beat up as Synergy was punching him in the gut as Electron held him in place. It pained him to see his idol get beat up. Drake picked up a rock from the ground and threw it at him.

“Hey Synergy!” He shouted. Synergy turned around and looked down at Drake.

“Why don’t you come down here so I can introduce my fist to your ugly face!” He challenged him. Synergy turned back to Energizer.

“Hold on, I’ll punch you later.” He hovered down to Drake’s level as Drake and his fellow students braced themselves.

“You’ve got something to say to me boy!?”

“I’m not afraid of you! I may not have superpowers but I can still kick your ass!”

“Drake, what are you doing?” Alison asked.

“Yes Drake, listen to your little girlfriend. You don’t stand a chance against me.” He grinned. Energizer saw that Drake was about to fight someone who outranks him and became enraged. He head-butted Electron and threw him over his shoulder. As Synergy looked to see what was going on, Drake balled up his fist in rage and punched Synergy in the face. He stumbled back as he felt his jaw. Drake made Synergy bleed.

“YOU FOOLISH CHILD!” Just as Synergy prepared to attack, Electron shot out another missile at Energizer as he deflected it and hit Synergy. Synergy was blown away by the blast as he went off the bridge and landed in the water. Synergy’s electricity combined with the water electrocuted him as Drakes fellow students saw nothing left of him but bubbles. They assumed he was dead, but was he really...? While Electron was distracted by his masters demise, Energizer took his energy sword and sliced the robot in half as Electron exploded in the sky into tiny metal pieces.

As the fight was over, P.C.P.D. finally came on scene to help the other students. Energizer came down and came face to face with Drake.

“That was a bold move you did back there kid.” Drake couldn’t believe he was actually talking with his idol. He felt just like a little boy at his first trip to Disney World.

“You Drake were the true hero of today.” Energizer patted Drake’s shoulder as he was speechless. Just staring at him with glam in his eyes.

“I’m your number one fan!” He finally blurted out.

“You are like the cooliest! I have every one of your comics and figurines! I always wanted to be just like you!” Energizer just stood there and laughed cheerfully.

“Well, you can still be a superhero without superpowers. And you’ve displayed that example today.” He smiled as he took off into the air. Drake watched as his hero flew away.

“Wow. I wanna be just like him.”

The following morning after Drake’s eighteenth birthday, the bus had arrived to pick him up from his house on 23rd street. But instead of going to school, he and his class were to take a field trip today to a dig sight. Upon entering the bus, Drake decided to go sit next to his high school sweetheart Alison.

“Hey Drake.” She said smiling. He smiled back as he took his seat next to her. The bus drove off. She turns to Drake to start a conversation. Both her and Drake were into science. Considering how Alison’s parents were both scientists, she liked to tell him about their findings and what she was helping them research. Zachery was sitting behind them as he saw Drake put his arm around her shoulder. Zach stared at Drake with so much anger in his eyes burning with hatred. He hated Drake so much, he despised him. Alison was the only one in his family he respected. Seeing Drake with her just disgusted him so.

“Listen Drake. You remember that meteor that almost destroyed the entire city a few days ago?”

“Yeah, and that guy that stopped it with his bare hands. It was all over the news. That guy must’ve been hella strong to stop one that big.”

“Well, my parents recently came across a piece of it and took it down to the labs for study. The lab being my parents basement. Anyway I know how much you’re into that stuff like I am. I was thinking maybe this evening, you would like to stop by and see it. That way I can introduce you to my parents.” He smiled.

“Sure I love to.”

“Hey, check out that nerd that’s putting the moves on your cousin.” One of the school bullies teased. Zach turned to him.

“Hey, shut the hell up!” He turned back to them as he grunted.

“I’m gonna waste that little shit bag! Drake’s gonna get his, just you wait.”

The bus stopped at the dig sight as the students got off one by one. They were greeted by a tall man with a scruffy beard. Wearing a brown leather crocodile hat as well as a tannish trench coat, he looked like a regular crocodile Dundee.

“Hello and welcome to my dig sight.” He said as his long black hair blew in the breeze.

“My name is Clayton Huntsman and I will be you tour guide for the day. Today, you will be helping us dig up dinosaur bones. We’ve just recently discovered that sixty-four million years ago, dinosaurs roamed here in Paradise City as well as the entire world. Well back then it wasn’t called Paradise City. It is our job to find these dinosaur fossils and display them in museums all over the city. Any questions?” Everyone just stood there quiet, not saying a word. Clayton picked up a pickax.

“Excellent. This will be a great learning experience for all of you. So everyone grab your tools and start digging.” He said as he tossed the pickax to Drake. Drake caught it and looked at him.

“Well come on, chop chop.” Clayton said clapping. Drake threw the pickax over his shoulder and walked trying to find a fresh spot to dig. Alison joined him.

“I’ve seen that guy before.” She told him.

“They did an interview about him on TV a while ago. They say that he’s the greatest hunter and archaeologist in the city. He alone discovered the secrets of the ancient Mayan ruins as well as uncovering the true legends of the dragons! Can you believe that!?” She said with such excitement. Drake turned to her.

“Dragons? Come on Ali. As much as I love dragons and want to believe they existed, they’re only myth. Folklore. Giant lizards that can fly and breath fire? Just fairy tales that were told to scare villagers back in the dark ages. Don’t tell me you believe that?”

“Drake, there’s plenty of scientific proof that dragons existed. Dragon scales were found off of the cost of New Town. They even found a piece of a dragons horn. It’s all displayed in the Museum of Ancient History. I am taking you there someday so you can see for yourself.”

“Listen Alison. It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just....” His sentence was cut short once he tripped and fell through a hole that was covered up by sand.

“DRAKE!” She cried out. She dropped her pickax as she could do nothing but see Drake fall. Drake fell and landed on his back on a stone floor.

“Drake! Are you hurt?” Zach came over.

“HA! That clumsy oath. I hope that little shit broke his leg.” Alison turned and hit her cousin in the shoulder.

“That’s my boyfriend down there!”

“Yeah, so?”

“Don’t you ever have anything nice to say about him?”

“Nope.” Drake stood up. Alison let out a sigh of relief as she placed her hand on her chest.

“Oh thank god.”

“Son of a bitch, his leg didn’t break.”

“Oh I’m sorry Zach! You wanna come down here so I can break yours!?” He called out. Zach balled up his fists and jumped at him before Alison stopped him.

“Zach stop! Stop being such a hot head!” She turned back to Drake.

“Are you able to climb back up?”

“No, the hole is too high up.”

“I’ll go get help.”

“No wait.” Drake looked around and noticed that he stumbled into something spectacular. Like he discovered something amazing. He looked back up at Alison.

“I’m gonna look around here, I think I may have found something. I’ll find my own way out. I’ll be fine.” Alison and Zach left but not before Zach kicked some of the sand down onto Drake. Drake shrugged and brushed the sand off of his shoulders. Drake looked around him as he saw a wondrous marvel of extraordinary proportions. Moss and vines grew from the stone walls as well as the pillars.

“Wow, this is amazing! This structure must’ve been buried here centuries ago!” He wandered around until he came across a massive stone door. The door was tall enough to reach the ceiling of this structure. The door was guarded by two massive stone dragon statues. Curiosity got the best of him and wondered what could’ve been behind that door. He used all of his might to push the stone door but it wouldn’t budge. He kept trying and trying until at last the door opened. What was inside was breathtaking. Rows of stone columns stood high, leading to a mural on the back wall. A huge skull of a dragon was hanging on the back wall as well as it’s two clawed hands. Drake couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“No way! Is that.... It can’t be! That’s impossible!” Drake walked closer and closer to get a better look. Looking at that skull made him wonder, were dragons really real? Did they actually exsist? The mural told the story. The mural tells of five humanoid dragons battling what looked to be a wizard. Five elemental dragons who fought alongside humans instead of terrorizing them. They were lead by a king who ruled over the land of Dragnar. But where was Dragnar he thought. The last panel of the mural told that the five humanoid dragons would come together in prayer and summon the one who would be, the Dragon-Man and would defeat the wizard and his monster once and for all.

But he wondered if all that was true. It sounded too much like a fairy tale to him. He looked down at his feet and noticed a nest of five eggs. He then looked back up at the five elemental humanoid dragons that were displayed on the mural as he came to a realization.

“These must be their eggs!” He reached for them as some sort of magic seal suddenly appeared, trapping his hand. He freaked.

“Hey! What is this!? Let me go!” He pulled out his hand as a dragon symbol was now etched into the palm of his hand. He looked at it as it started to glow. Just then, five energy like streams rose up from the eggs. The streams turned into specters of dragons as the specters begin to fly around Drake. He looked at them as they lifted him up into the air as they kept chanting ‘chosen one’. Drake was so confused, he didn’t know what to do. The specters charged and merged inside of Drakes body as he collapses onto the ground.

“Wake up boy. Can you hear me? Wake up boy!” After several minutes, Drake finally woke up. His eyes slowly opened and was greeted by a strange man covered in bronze armor. Drake immediately sat up, startled by the strange armored man. But something was different about Drake. He was no longer human.

“Who.... Who are you?” Drake said pointing. He looked at his big clawed hands and knew something was not right. His hands and arms were covered with red scales. He touched and felt his head and realized that he now had a snout as well as horns on it. His ears were replaced by fins. Drake ran past the man and looked at his own reflection from a pound.

“I’M A FUCKIN’ DRAGON!” He shrieked. He also noticed from the reflection that he had grown bat-like wings and a tail.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO ME!?!” He then looked back at the armored man and pointed.

“You! You had something to do with this!?” Drake walked up to the man as he stood ten feet tall.

“If you’ll just listen to me I’ll explain!” Drake calmed himself and sat down.

“My name is Thorax. I’m from a clan called Dragon Tamer’s.”

“Dragon Tamer’s?”

“Yes. As Dragon Tamer’s, it was our duty to train those who would become, The Dragon-Man. Training dragons to fight alongside humans. And it would seem that you have been chosen to be the new Dragon-Man.

“Dragon-Man?” He said confused. Thorax begins to explain as he circled around Drake.

“Yes. This buried temple you found was the headquarters of ‘The Dragore Force’. The Dragore Force and the Dragon Tamer’s have existed since the medieval times. An evil dark elf wizard named Uultama tried to destroy the entire world until The Dragore Force stepped in. Uultama then summoned an ancient beast to destroy them. But The Dragore Force united as one and summoned Dragon-Man to seal away Uultama and his monster as described in the mural on the wall.”

“So what does that have to do with me?” Drake questioned.

“You happened to stumble upon this ancient temple and have been chosen by the spirits of the Dragore to become Dragon-Man. The prophecy speak of the day that Uultama may return in the coming days. It is my duty to train you, teach you how to use your abilities effectively. But it is up to you how you use these gifts. Will you use them for good? Or for evil? The choice is yours to make.” At that moment, Drake thought back to that day where his hero Energizer saved him and his classmates several years ago. He remembered how he looked up to him and wanted to be just like him. Energizer was his idol. Drake then realized that this could be his chance for greatness. That he could become..... A superhero.

“I have made my decision.” He said. Thorax turns to him.

“I want to use these powers to help people, not hurt them. Except for the bad guys. I’ll hurt them a lot.” He smirked.

“Very well then. Let the training begin.”

Alison tried her best to wait for Drake but it had been hours that he’s been down there. Zachery saw Alison waiting at the hole that Drake fell through. Seeing her waiting, he felt something. Perhaps it was sympathy he was feeling toward his cousin. He realized how much Drake meant to her no matter how much Zach hated him. He walked up to her as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Ali. It’s getting late. We should....”

“I know he’s not dead!”

“He’s been down there for hours. Who knows what he’s doing? Come on, I’ll take you home. I’m sure he’s fine.” Alison looks back down in the hole.

“I certainly hope so.” She stood up. She and Zach walked away as it began to rain.

Zachery had driven Alison back to her house just before the rain started to pour down. He was always into those muscle cars. He drove around in a red ford mustang with a black strip on the sides that his uncle gave to him on his nineteenth birthday. The two pulled up in front of Alison’s apartment.

“Thanks for the ride.” Before Alison walked up the stairs, Zachery spoke up.

“Hey Ali.” She turns to him as he sighed.

“I’m sure Drake’s fine. He’s a tough guy.” Alison smiled but Zachery almost felt sick saying that.

“Thanks cous. I’ll see you around.” She slammed the car door shut as Zach drives away. She walked up the stairs as she unlocked her door and walked in.

“I’m home!” She called out to her parents. No one answered which could’ve meant one of two things, they were either out or they were down in the lab in the basement. She hung up her backpack and headed downstairs. Beakers and test tubes were placed on the tables. Computers, microscopes and other equipment were down there as well. Alison’s parents were in their white lab coats in front of a consule. The meteorite piece that they managed to chip off was in the center of the room separated by a wall of glass from Alison’s parents. They were trying to drill through it but they had no luck so far. It was like the rock was a lot stronger then they thought.

“You two are still at it?” Alison asked as she puts on her lab coat.

“This meteorite piece is simply amazing. After all my years of research, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Her father says.

“We would all be dead by now if it wasn’t for that..... Space guy. I forgot his name.” Her mom said.

“I think he said his name was Captain Meteor.” Alison reminded them.

“Right, Captain Meteor. No human could stop something that massive with his bare hands. But enough about that, this meteorite piece is our main concern right now.” Finally they were able to drill through the surface of the rock.

“Success!” Her father shouted.

“We got through! Now to uncover the secrets that this rock is hiding.” Once the hole was made, there was a blue glow coming from within the rock. There was a camera attached to the drill so they could see within the rock through the screen.

“What the hell is that stuff?” Asked the mom.

“I don’t know. Some form of blue liquid maybe?” The lights in the entire lab suddenly started blinking red as the word ‘warning’ in all caps displayed on the bigger screen. Alison started to freak out.

“What the hell is happening!?” The radiation meter spiked up on the consule.

“The radiation spiked! Too much exposure! I can fix this!”

“No! We need to get out of here now!”

“Not yet!” The father was determined to fix the problem. The mom backed up.

“We need to hurry!” But the father wouldn’t listen as he fiddled with the knobs trying to get everything under control.

“Almost got it!”

“It’s going to blow!” Finally the meteorite piece exploded, releasing the radiation and breaking the glass in the process. It blew all three of them back as they hit the wall behind them and fell unconscious on the tiled floor.

Three Months later

Night had fallen upon the city. An alarm whaled throughout 42nd street and it was coming from the ‘Museum of Ancient History’. P.C.P.D. was at the museum and had set up a crime scene. Apparently it was a murder and a break-in. Detective Wydock was in charge of this investigation. The man had told the detective that the night guard that was on patrol had indeed seen the men breaking and entering before he died. Two very tall men dressed in black about 6 and 5 feet tall stole the precious artifact known as ‘The Green Firestone’. It was made out of pure emerald and is said to house extraordinary power within. The silhouette of Dragon-Man stood on the roof top of the building across the street and listened in carefully to the conversation between the two. But what would thieves want with such a powerful stone? Detective Wydock looked up at the roof but did not see anything. However, he did see a glimpse of a shadow flying through the night sky and across the moon.

“Detective.” Wydock stopped looking up and looked at his partner.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He didn’t want to tell his partner what he saw. It was up to Dragon-Man to find the thieves. Ten blocks away, Dragon-Man had found the thieves on a roof top counting money. But wait, they just robbed a museum not a bank. Dragon-Man was determined to get to the bottom of this. He needed answers and he was going to make the thieves talk.

“C-Can we get off of the roof now please?” One of them said.

“Why, you scared of heights all a sudden?”

“Nah man. It’s just I’ve heard a rumor.”

“What rumor?”

“There was a guy that spend too long on a roof top one night, and he was eaten alive by a dragon.” The other thief looked at his partner in crime like he was crazy or something.

“A dragon? Come on gimme a break.”

“It’s true, I’ve heard...”

“Heard from whom? There are no goddamn dragons! Whoever told you that must’ve high on shrooms or something. Now help me count this.” Just then, the two thieves saw a shadow looming over them, a shadow with wings. They turned around as Dragon-Man jumped down, standing ten feet tall. They freaked as they backed up and shot it. But the bullets did nothing to Dragon-Man, they just bounced off of his scales and breastplate. The two thieves looked at each other scared out of their minds as Dragon-Man brushed a bullet off of his shoulder.

“Now do you believe me!?”

“D-Don’t eat us please.”

“I can’t guarantee that.” Dragon-Man said as he approached one of them. One of the thieves pulled out a knife and tried to stab the dragon. But he caught the man’s arm and yanked it right out of his hand. Dragon-Man looked at the thief and head-butted him. Dragon-Man then threw the man over his shoulder onto the floor. The other one took out another knife as he ran toward the dragon. Dragon-Man wrapped his tail around his leg and lifted him up off the ground. Dragon-Man took the hanging man over to the edge of the building as he had the man strung up by the leg. He screamed in terror.

“W-What do you want from us!?” Dragon-Man looked into the criminals eyes.

“Where is the Green Firestone!?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He lied. Dragon-Man let the man drop a bit before catching him again. The man screamed in pure terror.

“Okay, okay! We sold it man!”

“Stealing and then selling it? Who’s your buyer!?” Not wanting to fall to his death, the man spoke up.

“Draco Bousley, calls himself King Dragon.” Draco Bousley, he was the crime boss of Paradise City. But why did he want the stone?

“Where do I find him!?”

“I don’t know man, I swear! Please don’t eat me!” He said crying. Dragon-Man threw him back onto the roof.

“If you’re lying, I’ll be back for you!” Dragon-Man spread his wings and flew away into the night sky. The frightened man watched the dragon fly away as he began to sigh and laugh in relief. But to his surprise, Dragon-Man had circled around a building, flying up from behind them. He caught the two thieves. A few moments later, the P.C.P.D. had arrived and as to their surprise, the two thieves were strung up to a lamp post tied up with a note attached to them.

“Get a ladder.” Detective Wydock commanded. Wydock climbed up the ladder as he took the note in his hand. It read ‘I believe these two belong to you. -D’. Detective Wydock looks back as he saw the same shadow that he saw earlier flying across the moon.

Dragon-Man had flown back to the underground temple where Thorax was waiting for him. Thorax just stood there with his arms crossed waiting patiently until he landed.

“You’re getting stronger.” Thorax said. Dragon-Man smiled as he walked side by side with Thorax. He put his hands behind his back as he talked to Drake.

“You’re growing much more powerful, but it is important that you know your limitations.”

“What do you mean master?”

“I’ve seen the way you fight. You are too eager at times, you have a habit of rushing into battle without thinking. A cunning warrior studies his enemy, learning his every move. Then he waits for the perfect time to strike.”

“But master, I am training everyday.”

“Perfection doesn’t come cheap Drake! It takes time and skill. Patients is the key. Remember this Drake.”

“Yes master.” He sighed. It had been three months since Drake got his dragon powers. And within that time period, he had been training with Thorax who was pushing Drake to his absolute limits.

“What did you find out about the break-in?”

“I’ve learned that the priceless artifact called ‘The Green Firestone’ was stolen. The men who stole the gem sold it to a Draco Bousley.” Thorax stopped in his tracks. This troubled him as he just stood there in silence. He looked up at Drake.

“Paradise Cities crime boss? Why would he want the stone?”

“I have no clue.”

“This troubles me. I think he’s up to something. Find out what you can then report back to me.”

“Yes master.”

In the city, a man in a black suit and a long red ponytail was looking out the window of his skyscraper with his arms crossed behind his back. A red buttoned shirt underneath his suit and a red tie with a golden serpent dragon on it he wore. He had a tattoo of another dragon on his neck.

“Mr. Bousley, your package has just arrived.” Said a female voice over the machine on his desk. Draco smiled as he walked to his desk.

“Send it up sweet cakes.”

“Right away sir.” Draco sat on his black leather office chair behind his oak wood desk. He laid his elbows on the desk, putting his fingers together in front of his face.

“Now, where were we?” Across the desk from him was a man all tied up on his knees and covered in blood, beaten and bruised. Two bulking men wearing matching suits stood on either side of him.

“P-Please Mr. Bousley, I swear I didn’t mean to steal from you. I-I swear I was going to pay you back.”

“I believe you, but you were way past the due date. This just simply can not go unpunished.”

“P-Please, I have a family to feed.” Draco got up from his chair as he approached the beaten man.

“I pity them, I really do. But I gave you a second chance and you blew it.” Draco bent over and looked at the man dead in the eye.

“I’ll be sure to send them my condolences.” He grinned. He stood back up as he turned his back to him.

“Take him out to the parking lot, curb stomp him and then put a bullet in his head.” He told his men. The two men grabbed the beaten man’s shoulders.

“N-NO, NO. PLEASE!” The two men dragged him out of Draco’s office as the poor man screamed and squirmed, trying to free himself. A blonde haired woman wearing a red sparkling dress stepped into Draco’s office holding onto a small black box. Draco smiled as the woman approached him.

“Ah, there it is.” The woman opened the box as Draco grabbed the Green Firestone necklace. He held it out as he stared at it.

“I’ve been waiting for this Sofia.” He called the woman. Sofia was one of three of Draco’s wives.

“This priceless gem will do just fine. And I know the perfect guy to take care of our dragon problem. This dragon has been a problem in my city for three months. There is only room for one dragon in this town.” He grinned.

At the excavation site, Clayton walked side by side with one of his fellow workers. They were discussing about their finical problems.

“The budgets are running low sir, that grant given to us by the university wasn’t enough. We need more.”

“You don’t think I know that already? We’ll just have to get another grant from the museum.” The two of them stopped at the sight of a slick black stretched Limo. The driver got out of the Limo and opened the back door as Draco stepped out with his three wives in the back seat.

“Wait here.” Clayton instructed his co-worker as he approached Draco.

“Mr. Bousley, to what do I owe your presence?”

“Clayton, just the man I wanted to see. I don’t want to take up your time so I’ll just get straight to the point. You still owe me a favor and as it turns out I need your help. You are the best hunter in Paradise City and I need something dead.”

“What? You’ve got rats in your gutters or something? I am a hunter not an exterminator.” Draco chuckled.

“No no, nothing like that. It’s much bigger then a rat. A dragon.”

“Is this a joke?”

“Believe me, if it were a joke I wouldn’t even be here right now. There’s been a dragon loose in my city for three straight months now and I want it gone. And you’re the only one I can count on for the job.”

“I am not your knight in shinning armor, get someone else.” Clayton begins to walk away.

“Not even if there was a hefty reward?” Clayton stopped and turned back as he approached Draco again.

“How much?”

“Five million dollars in cold hard cash.”

“Five million? This dragon must be a real pest if you’re willing to pay that much.”

“So what do you say? Is it a deal?” Five million dollars? That would be more then enough to finish this excavation.

“You’ve got yourself a deal.” Clayton and Draco shook hands. He had placed the stone in Clayton’s hand. Clayton looked closely at the stone.

“What’s this?”

“I just figured you needed a boost for when your fighting this dragon.”

“You stole this from the museum?”

“More like borrowed.”

“Whatever. Just have my money ready.”

“Of course. Pleasure doing business with you.” Clayton walked away as Draco headed back to his Limo and got in the back seat with his three wives. The driver closed the door as he went back to the drivers seat and drove off. Clayton looked at the stone as it glowed in his hand.

“Keep digging until I get back.” He told his co-worker. Clayton went back to his shack. He opened the door as his shadow loomed over the ground. Animal pellets were stuffed in crates on his work bench. A cheetah skinned rug laid in the center of the room. His shotguns were stacked on a rack on his back wall as he approached the work bench and grabbed one, it was a double barrel. He took a box of shells and loaded up his shotgun. He lit a cigarette and put it in his mouth. He straightened up his hat as he threw the shotgun over his shoulder, walking out of his shack.

To be continued.....

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