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"Artemis! What do you expect us to do? He's out of control." Zeus growls, leaning back against his council chair. His finger tips impatiently tap against the arm. Artemis, the Goddess of the moon, just continued to plead, staring down every last council member. "Please, I can fix this. Don't do this to my child." She dropped to her knees, bowing to the men and women in the room. "Artemis, we sent Abaddon to the mortal world to try to calm his uncontrollable anger. He's worse than Ares! I'm sorry but we just cannot allow him to thrive." Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, countered apologetically. "What if I can calm him? If I found a way to stop his ways?" Artemis questions, looking at them with hope. Zeus leans forward in interest, clasping his hands in front of him. "Go on." He urges. Artemis rises to her feet, holding her head high. "What if I made someone who can put him in his place. Put up with his anger and calm him. Someone to love him unconditionally. A mate." "And how would she be structured? A fighter such as Athena? Possess the beauty of Hebes?" Apollo, her twin sibling, asks curiously. She just lets out a breathless laugh, "She would be the most beautiful out of all the lands. She possess the ability to love and cherish everything around her, no matter what it is. An innocence aura would run through her veins. Her name shall be Rosebud."

Fantasy / Romance
Autumn Gibsn
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types of elves

Before we start, I just want to give you a run down of all the Elf species that will be mentioned in this story. Don’t worry, I will remind you which species is which.

Aquatilium Elves: These elves live under the water with the Sirens and Nereides. They learn to control the element of water at a very young age. They usually stay in the Kingdom of the Water Folk. They age slowly and die around their 40,000th year.

. . . .

Avariel Elves: These elves live in the mountains, taking care of the nature around them. They control the element of Earth. They create the Earthquakes and Mountains. Also grow trees and plants. They take care of all Plant life. They age a little faster than the Aquatilium Elves but they can stop aging whenever they wish so they look the same age forever.

. . . .

Caeli Elves: These Elves control the element of Air. They live in trees as high as the clouds, and mostly eat leaves. They can cause tornadoes and hurricanes. They age the same as Avariel Elves.

. . . .

Ignis Elves: These are the fire elves. They live in the volcanos and heat sprouts towards the center of the Earth. They heat the Earth during the moments of Worldwide Ice Ages and use the fire when needed. They don’t technically age or die, they are part Lava and fire so they aren’t technically alive.

. . . .

Elemental: These Elves have been chosen directly from the moon goddess, Artemis, to be able to practice the ability to manipulate all the elements. They live in any of the four types of environments. They have a light blue tint to their skin and a symbol on their forehead that shows that they are elemental. They can disguise themselves to protect them self.


Okay, that’s all right now. There will be other species in the story but they are pretty explanatory. If they aren’t I will explain.

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