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Prince Alessandro tends to find comfort in his solitude. After centuries of being a vampire, he decided to live a peaceful life, taking walks through the market and trying events humans seem to enjoy. Every now and then indulging in his more primal needs with a beautiful young woman. But as the years go, it seems everyone around him is adamant on testing him, from his very unstable father to his micromanaging mother and the young woman whose blood he can’t seem to get enough of. He’s only a few gulps shy of snapping. ************************************************************************* She had gripped the wooden stick so hard that it broke in her hand and a big splinter got stuck in her hand.   "Shit," She cursed. Alessandro growled as the scent of her blood hit him tenfold and his fangs protruded as he began salivating at the scent.     Fran had no time to react as her hand was suddenly being held in a death grip by Alessandro. He placed his free hand on her neck to keep her still and sniffed her bloodied hand.     "Didn't I tell you the last time I saw be very careful around vampires," he whispered in her ear. As he continued sniffing her palm, he couldn't control himself even if he had tried harder. The smell of her blood overwhelmed all his senses and all he wanted to do was taste it and never stop.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

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Alessandro leaned against the wall in his room looking out the window as his mother ranted off about whatever she was talking about. He looked out at the scenic view, while swirling the cup in his hand, the dark contents almost spilling over. Just below him, he could see the massive amounts of trees that lined the perimeter of the land his family owned. However, just behind the expanse of trees, he could see the beginning of the town.

Being a vampire, he had impeccable sight, especially since he was one of the original vampires turned by the most powerful and oldest living witches. He could see the road that led to the market just outside of the town. Little heads bumped up and down trying to get through the crowded areas. Horses and chariots parked in the trees as they awaited for the shopping day to be over. He was just itching to get out of his mother's company and go into town.

Alessandro loved going to the market, he always found it calming just being around the humans that resided around the town. The market was filled with shops that lined both sides of the streets and the counters filled with different things like clothes, food or jewelry. The humans there were quite respectful, but some of them weren't afraid to show their disdain for his kind. It was a bit humbling, a feeling he was unused to as he'd gotten used to his life as vampire centuries ago. So, whenever he could find the time, he ventured out to the town for a few minutes just to watch the humans interact.

"I'm very serious Alessandro, I don't need you causing any trouble today," his mother spoke again and stood still folding her arms.

He glanced at her noticing the way her lips tipped down in a frown, almost marring her features. His mother was always a very elegant woman, even they had all been turned. While he and his father had taken a while to get used to who they are, after a few rampages, however his mother had adapted quite quickly. Chestnut hair was tied neatly into a bun, with a few plaits here and there, while she wore a dark green dress that complimented her brown eyes.

"And why is it so important mother?" He asked as he looked down at the glass before taking another sip.

"Your father is planning a ball to be held in a few days, it would be lovely if you keep out of trouble," Katherine looked at her son carefully, "news travels fast now a days,"

"Father's been having a lot of these balls recently, shouldn't that be cause for concern?" He asked her with an eyebrow raised, but his mother simply waved him off with a roll of her eyes. Which he couldn't understand, the balls his father usually held would turn into a bloodbath and a brothel, it was quite disturbing.

"He's in one of his moods, he'll eventually get tired and calm down," she assured him. He opened his mouth to counter her statement but she cut him off, "go, and don't cause trouble,"

Before he could do anything Katherine turned around and walked out, the maid that came with her following her out. Alessandro roller his eyes, annoyed at the patience his mother had for his father.

"Master Alessandro," he turned to look at his personal guard, "shall I prepare the carriage to take you to down,"

"Yes," his reply was brief and curt.

He gulped down the rest of the blood before turning away from the window. His personal maid moved quickly over to him and grabbed his jacket before placing it on him. With a nod of his head he walked out of the room, his long legs moved swiftly as he strode down the long hallway. The maid had a hard time keeping up with his long strides and almost ran to catch up on him.

Finally making his way outside he didn't stop as the carriage door opened and he sat himself inside. He was joined by his personal guard and his maid who sat on the opposite side of him. Not paying the both of them any attention, he looked out the window as the carriage began moving forward, the town was an hour away by carriage and despite the long journey he rather enjoyed the scenery between the house and the market.

At the market, a young woman, Fran Adders walked around the market with her brother, Timmy stomping behind her. Both children were remarkably dirty, their faces covered in dirt, hair tangled in grease and clothes torn in all places.
As they passed through the busy market, none of the vendors paid them much attention as they tried hardest to court the rich passerby to buy something.

She grabbed a hold of her torn skirt, her holed gloves giving her the grip she needed. Walking faster she hasn't seen the stone in her path and walked foot first into the stone.

"Blimey!" She jumped around on one leg whilst looking at her toe peeking out of the shoe. Her brother who was watching dropped to the floor laughing and Liz frowned before pinching his ear. A few high classed person looked at the two children with disgust all over their faces but kept walking at a distance.

"Ow ow ow! Let me go ya nutter!" Just as she was going to reprimand him for cursing, he clutched his stomach in pain. Her features softened before she frowned and grabbed his arm, it had been quite awhile since they had any food so she knew how hungry her was. All she needed was to find a stall with some food and feed him.

They traveled further into the market until they reached the stalls with baked goods. Stopping at a fruit stall, she pushed her brother into an alley, and then went to the blind spot of the stall. Waiting patiently until she heard the voice of the vendor talk excited to passer bye. Peeking out she realized that the man wasn't paying attention and swiftly snatched up some grapes before walking away.

Finding her brother, she handed him most of the grapes and then ate a few herself. Moving again, they came to a stop a baking stall and knelt down. Looking up, she found the vendor distracted and swipes a bread before getting up.

"Aye!!!, what do ye think y're doing?!" She looked at the stall owner a look of shock on her face .

Alessandro was walking through the crowds of the market glancing at the stalls and the people when he heard some commotion. The market was always filled with people trying to steal goods or commit other crimes, so he chose to ignore the sounds.

As he walked people moved out of the way and bowed their heads upon recognizing that he was apart of the royal family. He ignored the bowing people and continued his peaceful walk. As he continued walking the strong scent of blood hit him and he stopped lifting his head to the sky sniffing the air. He looked over at his personal guard who looked at him confused as to why he had stopped so suddenly. The scent got stronger and he rolled his head as he began involuntarily salivate and his fangs forced their
way out.

It seemed that he was the only being so strongly affected by the blood and so he began making his way towards the scent. After walking for a while, he finally appeared to a small gathering, where the scent was the strongest.

"Get ya hands off me you Tosser!" He heard a female yell, "I can't believe ya really cut me!"

He pushed through crowd until he reached the front and looked around to see if he could see a pool of blood any where, but he didn't. Instead a young girl laid rolled up in the dirt holding her hand, a younger boy stood to the side, his finger in his mouth and two men stood shocked to the side.

"What do you mean?! I caught ya stealing me bread, thieves get their hands cut off,"

Alessandro looked at the girl again still expecting to see a large amount of blood big found none. Instead he saw a small cut on the young girls wrist. The sight of the blood seemed to intensify the scent and his mouth began salivating. He frowned as he tried to force himself to stand where he was and not head over to the girl and rip out her throat.

"I was only trying to teach me brother not to steal, I saw 'im taking the bread! I was going to give back the bread." Tommy glared at his sister from where he was standing.

The man looked around shocked and unsure of how to explain what had really happened to the crowd of people and then his eyes landed on the young prince. Hastily he bowed his head, the crowd who was watching turned to see the prince and followed his actions with a loud gasp. Liz looked up at the commotion and then stood quickly before following everyone's actions.

A small growl escaped his lips as he watched the young woman's action, his eyes never straying from her form. He watched closely as her hand swiftly flew to her mouth and she placed her lips over the wound. His pants tightened at the sight and he cleared his throat and turned to the people only to distract himself.

The girl looked up to her side to see the little boy still standing straight and she knocked him over the head.

"Ow! What you do that for?" The little boy yelled and frowned at him sister.

"That's the prince 'ere, ye gotta bow," she told him but the boy frowned and folded his hand.

"I ain't wanna bow," the boy yelled and Liz looked at him shocked while the crowd gasped and straightened up to see the spectacle.

"Why you Manky little fool?" She yelled at him and held onto his ears forcing him down to bow.

The boy struggle a bit but she held him firmly down and waited for the prince to tell them when to rise. Without saying anything he grabbed a loaf of bread from the stall and threw a few coins at the man who still had his head bowed. He walked over to the girl and the boy with the lid of bread.

"You should be more careful not to spill any blood in a place filled with so many vampires," he told her lightly and handed the bread to her.

The two children rushed to get the bread but Liz was the luckier one as she grabbed it and held it to her chest. She broke the bread in half and gave one half that was possibly smaller to her younger brother who immediately began complaining.

"Why do I get the smaller piece?!" He yelled at her

"Cause y'ere younger than me," she said and broke a piece of the bead a small smile in her face.

"But i still be growing," the boy grumbled.

"Ye ungrateful twats, at least say thank you to the young prince," one of the men shouted out.

Realizing this the two siblings turned to say thank you but found that the prince was gone. Not thinking too much about everyone went on with their daily lives.

The next week the young prince Alessandro was walking through the streets of the market again. This time, however, he wasn't doing it for fun, he had some hope of seeing the black-haired girl again. Ever since he has since he had the chance encounter a few days before, he couldn't get her out of his mind. Unfortunately, he has been roaming the streets and still not a sight of her.

Just as he passed a stall he saw a familiar set of jet black locks, her figure hunches over a crate and her hand held out towards a fruit. He smiled broadly and turned suddenly confusing his guards and his maid, making his way over the unsuspecting girl.

Liz looked carefully around before stretching forward to grab the small fruit. Just as she was about to grasp it, her hand was held in a strong grip.

"My my my, what sticky fingers You have," she turned to the sound of the voice and her eyes widened.

Pulling her hand away she looked at the prince before muttering and then stood up to walk away.

"Ill mannered too," she heard and stopped in her tracks.

"I ain't the ill mannered one," she said with her head held high, "y'ere the one who goes round and gets into peoples business,"

"In that case, I'm sorry I interrupted your stealing process," he smirked at the young woman before stalking towards her. He could hear her heart beating faster and reveled in the sound, "I should make it up to you,"

She looked at the man in front of her and gulped. His black hair shone brightly under the sun and his green eyes held mischief, one she was weary of. His canine that were longer than those of humans peaked out at her making her nervous.

"No need," she told him with her head still held high.

"I insist,"he smiled at her but it seemed less of a smile and more of a sneer, he wasn't going to let her go and she could see it too. Nodding she watched as he held out her hand motioning for him to walk. She followed him as he walked to a food stand and brought food, "where's the young boy that was with you?"

"Why? What do you want with him?" He smiled at her defensive answer, "huh! What you want with the little blighter,"

"You do have quite the mouth," She blushed angrily, "I was just wondering if you were going to save some of the food for him,"

Since he had bought her food she had began eating without a care in the world.

"I ain't obligated," she told him.

Even though she said that he did see her stuff a loaf of bread in her shirt. When she finished eating she stood up from the chair. She bowed and her head almost touched the ground with how low she went, "I'll be off, me parents ain't like it when I'm out too late,"

He glared at her as he easily picked up the lie she told, but he has no idea what she was lying about. She turned around and he watched her walk away until he could no longer see her frame.

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