The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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"When chances come – they must be taken, or forsaken." "When chances come - they must be taken, or forsaken." Eirene is a priestess from the isles of Astrum, young and only educated in the arts of healing. Taken from her home and thrust into a world where the only voices that rule wield a sword or a crown, she finds herself completely out of her depth. But the time for war has come again.

Fantasy / Adventure
Annabel Vigar
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The Twelve Kingdoms: Iokim

Kingdom - Iokim

Capital - Dryce Cestr

Patron - The Warrior

Sigil - Dragon

Perhaps the most powerful of all kingdoms by the sheer amount of wealth, military and political control, Iokim is the land of warriors and dragons. It is a mountainous kingdom, the best terrain for dragons to fly free, and fly they do around the mountains, happy to leave humans to their devices unless called upon by the Kings or Queens of Iokim in great need. The cities of Iokim have been built on and into mountain sides; the lesser towns and villages reside on the ground before the feet of the mountains. Iokim’s capital, Dryce Cestr, is the greatest fortress known to the Twelve Kingdoms. Built almost entirely of the stone the Mountains of Kamira provide, forged in dragon fire itself, no beast or army yet has ever brought it to heel. Only should the Mountains of Kamira collapse would there be an end to this great city.

Long ago, when Iokim’s legendary founder Awak came to this kingdom, he battled first with the ancient dragons before forming an allegiance with them. Among these dragons was the father of them all, Kadmuu, a great beast who had long surpassed one hundred years of age. His scales were the colour of an orange sun, eyes like coals, and a wrath that could burn down cities if provoked. It is largely unknown how Awak was able to befriend such a dragon, but doing so thus began a mutual harmony between dragon and man, and both Awak and Kadmuu ruled over Iokim for many more years, founding the great history of Iokim. However, only the greatest of warriors, rulers and other persons of note have been able to befriend and ride dragons. When such a bond is formed, man and dragon are one of the most deadly partnerships on a battlefield, and one of the most powerful unions to rule over a kingdom such as Iokim. Most notable now of the mighty dragons, thousands of years later, is Cathasakk, a creature said to be directly descended from Kadmuu himself, and companion to the great King Nidhu of the House K’admuzs.

Iokim’s warriors and many others who come to Iokim in search of glory aspire to pursue the Path of Dragons, a great and honourable army dedicated to serve the Emperor or Empress of the Twelve Kingdoms. Formed only a thousand years after Awak discovered Iokim, the Path of Dragons was formed to help unify and protect the realm, and has done so dutifully for the thousands of years after. A warrior to be chosen to be part of this legendary force is the highest honour they could ever receive, yet there are few of them in number, for the Path of Dragons is a trial and many who come to prove worthy of the Path have failed. Numbers have dwindled especially since the Storm of Dryce Mayr, where the Succession of Emperors was brought to ashes. Now the Path of Dragons only purpose is to serve where coin brings them, whether it is to wage war or defend the people paying them. Most however remain in Iokim, loyally waiting for the day they may be needed to serve an Emperor or Empress once again.

*Please note: there are flags of each kingdom available to view on Wattpad, as Inkitt hasn’t got a tool for me to publish these images here. If you cannot view the flags on Wattpad, bear with me, I am deciding which other platform I can use for you all to see them. Thanks for your patience!

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