The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Maco

Kingdom - Maco
Capital - Ixi
Patron - The Builder
Sigil - Mammoth

For the most beautiful, elaborate buildings, Maco is so famed. Only a select few Kings and Queens of Maco have ever become Emperors and Empresses of the Twelve Kingdoms, but those who have done share one common trait: their keen investment in wealth. Prosperity is the only value that best represents Maco, and second to that is the security for the residents of this kingdom, though it could be argued that one without the other threatens Maco’s very existence. So despite the generosity that Maco can extend elsewhere because it has enough prosperity to do so, you will more than likely find that the people of Maco will stow away their wealth, for the tradition long held is that one may never know when they may need these extra resources.

When the first builder Zina came to Maco after travelling from the western lands we know now to be as Paxima, Iokim and Farrji, learning from the best stone masons and carpenters, the land was all but bereft of habitable homes for the residents already living there. Unlike in Iokim and Farrji where the mountains provide protection, or the balmy climates of Daimfir and Syvina which provide kinder weather for farms, Maco is an autumn land full of hills and woods that do not often see the sun. Yet what the residents did not realise is that they may not have had the stone of the mountains, but they had the stone of the ground beneath, which is just as hardy as any material, as well as wood from trees that are apt for weathering all elements, unlike the soft trees of the south.

So with these discoveries, as well as steady hands and unending patience, Zina used what he had learned and transformed Maco into a land where builders thereafter flocked to, thus creating a legacy where the kingdom is now the most fortified of the Twelve Kingdoms. Ixi, the capital city, is Zina’s greatest achievement; a huge city built of stone, it was crafted from the ground upwards and holds within great spires that continue to grow in height, for the sky is never the limit in Maco. Should anyone dare to invade Maco, they have done and shall do at their own behest of the sturdy walls built by the builders of Maco that have come after Zina.

However, the great success story of Zina and the forthcoming builders of Maco cannot truly be complete without mention of the great mammoths. Both able to roam free and be tamed over the thousands of years, the great mammoths are the ideal beasts at one’s side to aid the residents of Maco. Their tough hides and thick tusks make easy work of heavy pulling stone, or protecting scores of warriors on the battlefield, rightly earning the gentle giants a place on Maco’s banners and by the sides of many a ruler in Maco.

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