The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Paxima

Kingdom - Paxima

Capital - Byr-Machea

Patron - The Trader

Sigil - Ibis

Should anyone find themselves bewitched by charm and silver tongue, you can be sure those skills most likely belong to a resident of Paxima, lands most famed for traders of any sort. They can sell you almost anything (so they say), all they need is for you to listen...

The spirit of Paxima and its residents is best embodied in their speed of conversation and wit, which often inspires awe or notoriety. The residents of Paxima often wander between appearing brilliant and chaotic and to pin down them down is tricky - often they have run away with conversation before their listeners have a chance to register the first sentence! But listen you should, for even the most sheltered and least travelled residents of Paxima have a story to tell, most often beginning with a tale of their founder, Nael.

A poor boy from the very heart of Paxima, in its now capital Byr-Machea, Nael had humble beginnings, indeed. But no one outside of his town knew this, for Nael was a trader in every sense of the word. He could sell you his wares, a vision of himself, a vision of the world around him. One day he could be from Astrum, the next he could be from Mursi, and so the tales would spin until one had no choice but to buy from him, nor would they ever find out where Nael truly came from. Historians of the Twelve Kingdoms have concluded that Nael’s tales were likely concoctions of the many he must have heard from the travellers that would often pass through Paxima, although many from this kingdom would argue it little mattered if this was the case. Nael’s skills made him world famous. Even if one had no intention of buying from him, travellers and more would at least come for the show that came with the trade, and Nael would travel all the Twelve Kingdoms in a brightly coloured caravan, a trend which has remained many years after him in Paxima. Many residents in Paxima use their caravans now as a mark of pride in their heritage.

Of course, among the tales surrounding Nael, the lesser known facts about him could have become myth, were it not for the few residents of Paxima who were not as scatter brained as many of their brethren, and the many other writers and historians of the time who had happened to cross Nael while he was travelling. Paxima, like Farrji, is a highly tolerant and interactive kingdom, and Nael mostly earned his place as the founder of Paxima because of these qualities. Whether it was a diplomat from Mursi or a judge from Elbira, there was no one Nael could not befriend, especially not the sacred ibis that live in Paxima. Clever, odd looking birds from the marshes, the ibis, Nael found, had a particular flair for parroting other creatures. This delighted and fascinated Nael so much that he took a family of them for his own, hoping to tame them to be part of his shows while trading. It was only later he discovered that these quirky little creatures could count coins - a very helpful skill that would help Nael in his trading adventures along the years! Now many centuries later, the ibis of Paxima can often be found with their masters in Byr-Machea, faithfully watching and counting the coin needed to make their living.

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