The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Tieore

Kingdom - Tieore

Capital - Aluvedet

Patron - The Watcher

Sigil - Golem

Tieore is a mysterious kingdom, a land of marsh and often shrouded in fog. No one knows the origins of the magic that brings the mighty Golems of Tieore to life, only that the first watcher Evvamu set the tradition for all of Tieore’s citizens to ally with the Golems to protect themselves from any enemies. Tieore has little to no military, thus making the protection from the Golems all the more vital, for being invaded has often been the misfortune that Tieore has had to face.

But like the dragons of Iokim, the residents of Tieore used to be at war with the Golems and any hold on the lands here were slim pickings, for the Golems often had the upper hand. Thus peace and unity had to either be hard won, or negotiated. Evvamu, a daughter chosen initially as a sacrifice to the Golems in an attempt to appease them, went in search of them. Although she had no military prowess, Evvamu was known for her sharp eyes and her ability to sense how far away danger could come. Nothing escaped her view and this made her a vital asset during invasions. No one knows for sure what was said and done between Evvamu and the Golems when they came upon her, but when she returned to her home with the Golems in tow, Evvamu swore that forevermore would she and her people stand as watchers with the Golems.

To make their duties as watchers more effective, the residents of Tieore build their homes on stilts above the still waters of the lakes, and there they often remain. Because Tieore is mostly within the winter lands of the Twelve Kingdoms, it’s people rarely leave their homeland, for the journey can be too extensive and often dangerous. In turn, many people from the other Kingdoms rarely venture to Tieore either, not just because of the land itself, but because the residents of Tieore are purported to be reclusive, unwelcoming, and especially suspicious towards outsiders (although after so many invasions, historians have concluded they have fair reason). Should anyone venture to Tieore, be sure that trust will be the hardest to gain from it’s people, but once it is gained, the people have been known to be protective and steadfast. Invaders should also beware the sneaky battle tactics of Tieore warriors - they may not be skilled in sword combat like one from Syvina or Iokim, but they can hide better than any, and if you do not spot the attack before it comes, one would know it when it arrives.

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