The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Kalida

Kingdom - Kalida

Capital - Cadievre

Patron - The Thespian

Sigil - Panther

The best thespians of any strain are trained, if not already born, under the blazing suns of Kalida. The residents’ appreciation of the arts has often made Kalida a popular kingdom to live in. Despite the towns and villages being much less better off than their wealthier counterparts, this does not appear to keep the people’s spirits low. As long as they are free to host any festivities at any time, life is merry.

Merriment is a core foundation to Kalida, one that was exemplified by the first thespian of her trade, Semyra, who founded this kingdom. A beautiful young woman who hailed from lands we know now to be Daimfir and Mursi, she came to Kalida with one purpose: to leave no tribe, village or city without merriment. At the time, thespians were unheard of, so when Semyra came to Kalida with her pet panther Numaire, it would seem that perhaps Semyra and her company would not long last, for these desert lands are not kind to the fainthearted with no shelter. But fainthearted Semyra was not. She visited all around the lands of Kalida, charming the residents of Kalida with her abilities. Her efforts were rewarded with a firm and steady home amongst the people whose loyalty she had earned. Semyra then settled in the town of Cadievre on the Taladei river and thereafter, welcomed many who flocked from across Kalida and beyond to watch her perform.

Yet Kalida still had no leader and soon unrest began to rumble the land. Men contended for the crown, waging battles against one another for years until the war seemed endless. Eventually sick of the unrest, Semyra, with the support of her patrons and audiences, came forward to claim leadership. The men lorded her at first for not having an army nor any great fortune at her back, yet they soon realised that Semyra had one thing an army nor money could buy: unwavering loyalty. Semyra was proclaimed Queen of Kalida and a much loved queen she was. Nearly all festivities celebrated to this day were of Semyra’s making and now Cadievre is a prosperous capital, thanks to the patronage of the wealthy who pay to see the legendary thespians of Kalida.

Emperors and Empresses from Kalida since Semyra are famed for being liberal, full of charm and delight towards their subjects, perhaps even extravagant in the eyes of more conservative kingdoms, for Kalida can never make do without a celebration of some sort. Yet many often forget that the price for liberalism is that loyalty only extends as far as one’s own, and no kingdom is truer to this than Kalida. This is not to say that strangers are not welcome to this kingdom, but a resident of Kalida looks after their own first and any outsider should beware trespassing on their kindness, for once done, there will never be another chance to be welcomed back.

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