The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Daimfir

Kingdom - Daimfir

Capital - Heorzuri

Patron - The Keeper

Sigil - White Stag

Some say Daimfir is another land of mystery, but one could say this kingdom has easily gained that reputation with the residents having a keen use for more subtle magical abilities such as illusory spells. Thanks to the magic meticulously recorded in scrolls by Daimfir’s founder, Ismevai, the leaves of the trees remain forever green, fruits of these and fields are plentiful, and illusions can be cast at will. In this land of bounty also resides many woodland creatures, which the residents of Daimfir task themselves to watch over, especially the White Stags, the most sacred of all woodland creatures that the residents protect at all costs.

Ismevai escaped to these lands having once been a slave in the mountain kingdoms. Seeing that the White Stags shared a fate similar to hers being enslaved by the residents, Ismevai cast spells to drive out the abusers and protect those that wished to live alongside the woodland creatures she had a fondness for. So this once barren kingdom became a free land, and once all who had been enslaved were entirely free, the stags and the residents of Daimfir gathered in the Mirie Orchard to proclaim Ismevai their leader. However Isvemai declined such a position and instead chose to live the rest of her days among the stags as their companion, preferring the open air she had long been denied during her long years as a slave. Many since have followed her example.

Depending on one’s point of view, the residents of Daimfir are either extremely insular, or extremely inventive. A resident cannot be easily found because they have built their homes high into the trees - clever, but uninviting, especially for outsiders. The residents have also learned to use illusion spells to easily confuse outsiders, or make castings that make the air so heavy, one could fall asleep, only to wake and find themselves surrounded by the residents of Daimfir. In this case, a warm welcome is unlikely, as the residents tend to use these spells on those who seek to attack the kingdom. But no attack or ambush ever remains secret long in Daimfir. The White Stags are peculiarly sensitive to their surroundings, able to feel movement from many feet away, which the residents have learned to use to ensure that no attack or ambush comes to fruition.

As a land set firmly in the spring and summer lands of the Twelve Kingdoms, most often purport the land to be a kingdom of some sort of paradise, but its true purpose is that it is a land of Keepers. So long as the residents are left to live their lives peacefully and quietly, with respect for their customs, paradise is never far away in Daimfir.

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