The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Syvina

Kingdom - Syvina
Capital - Hoaeda
Patron - The Sorcerer
Sigil - Phoenix

The volatile volcanic lands of Syvina, where the vast Epelaii Volcano has laid dormant for the last one hundred years, is home to many tribes, the greatest of them to date being Hoaeda. A tribe famed for its warriors, and second only to the Path of Dragon warriors in Iokim, the warriors of Hoaeda are known to be vicious in all elements of combat and since the formation of the tribe some thousands of years ago, they have pillaged many other tribes who have stood in their way to power and glory. Unlike the other eleven kingdoms, the vast majority of disputes over land and wealth end in battle. Hoaeda have not lost a battle in five hundred years.

Thus because Hoaeda has become so famed, it has produced a number of worthy emperors and empresses to rule of the Twelve Kingdoms. Most notable is Emperor Cendril Tupha, a powerful warrior to be sure and known to be ruthless when blood was to be shed, but he was also a better sorcerer, perhaps even the best of his kind since Syvina was founded by the first sorcerer. Named Iasae, the first sorcerer was a rogue hailed from the ashen lands, riding a large phoenix named Hyuma. Even though Syvina has great military prowess, the most masterful of sorceries are the very essence of this kingdom. Unlike the Isles of Astrum where the magic honed there is mostly for healing and conjuration, sorcery in Syvina is transfiguration or enhancement of the physical. Also, and only for the most practiced and masterful of sorcerers, sorcery can be used to delve into seeing the future. So when Iasae came upon the rich lands of Syvina, he utilised the strong energies that Syvina had to offer and once he founded a small tribe who followed his teachings with complete loyalty, he passed his knowledge down. When Hyuma also laid eggs and hatched more phoenixes, Iasae blessed them and declared they become the sigil of Syvina, as Hyuma had for those years been Syvina’s greatest protector from it’s enemies. Thereafter, the growth of the phoenixes in the generations to come inspired the warriors of Hoaeda to name their ranks as First Bloods, Fledglings, the Seasoned and the Great Wings.

However, unlike the more diligent kingdoms such as Vertil and Elbira, the tribes of Syvina have little to no scrolls recording the original teachings of Iasae. Most that have passed through the centuries have been lost by word of mouth. Only a few sacred rituals and spells now remain as core to the tribes of Syvina; many more are still to be rediscovered and developed. Most notable of traditions that all must partake in to be joined with the tribes of Syvina is the Trial of Muuya, where the participants must complete four tasks. A brutal tradition, many have died in their attempts to prove worthy of joining a tribe of Syvina, yet this part of the trial is the most celebrated by the residents of Syvina. Death is welcomed by all in the tribes of Syvina, for blood is considered to be the only ample payment for being permitted to use the sorceries of Syvina, whether that blood is willingly given or not.

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