The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Farrji

Kingdom - Farrji

Capital - Vernasalu

Patron - The Adventurer

Sigil - Griffin

The open skies and seemingly bottomless mountains of Farrji are not lands for the faint hearted or the proper sorts in society. The residents of Farrji are well known to be outlandish and even reckless. While their neighbours in Iokim approach combat with more polish and finesses, the residents of Farrji can be like berserkers - death does not frighten them, most even welcome it, providing it comes through battle or too many a feasting. The higher the climb to glory, the better, so a resident Farrji would say!

Although Farrji has the famed Vorislau Coliseum where the brave and the strong of any background can contest each other in combat, the pinnacle of this kingdom’s existence is the Jernan stone, so named after the most famous adventurer of the ages and founder of Farrji. Jernan was born in Farrji and was purported to be so adventurous, he was climbing the mountains from as young as ten and often spent days away from his family doing so. It was through his adventuring that he encountered the arch-griffins that had long been passed off as legend, for few who met these creatures ever returned. Historians have contested many a time whether it had been Jernan’s intent to find the griffins, or if it was by chance because of his recklessness. The pride of Farrji would certainly back the stories that favour Jernan going in search of these creatures, for the griffins are all but feral and notoriously difficult, if not sometimes impossible, to befriend. Others would say like a true resident of Farrji, Jernan simply stumbled upon the griffins. Whichever the case, the griffins would have been the challenge and adventure that would define Jernan’s legacy in Farrji. It is told that almost as soon as he returned mounted upon the greatest of the arch-griffins, De’elbar, who would become his greatest companion, Jernan left for more adventures across the Twelve Kingdoms and continued doing so for years to come.

To have one’s name inscribed on the Jernan stone, however, is not only a great honour but a difficult one to obtain. Many have committed acts of great heroism in their time, yet have never been given the honour, for honour goes beyond brute strength and military prowess in Farrji. Despite being unfairly afforded a reputation for being brutish by more ‘delicate’ kingdoms such as Daimfir, the residents of Farrji value more than just sheer fearlessness. Farrji people are jovial beings with generous hearts and exceptional tolerance of outsiders, the latter being a quality not often shown by residents from other kingdoms. In any case, one should beware taking these larger-than-life souls for granted, for a resident of Farrji can easily become an enemy even they were your friend a moment before. Like the arch-griffins that Farrji hold so dear, do not contain their spirit, and any adventurer from Farrji can take you further than you can probably dream.

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