The Wheel - Book 1: Death of the Phoenix

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The Twelve Kingdoms: Elbira

Kingdom - Elbira

Capital - Isolmin

Patron - The Judge

Sigil - Elder Owl

In all the twelve kingdoms, judgment comes no fairer and harsher in Elbira. All laws of the twelve kingdoms are reviewed and decreed here. Yet this kingdom was not always the quiet, law-abiding land it is known to be now. When Jadun, a principled and unusually learned man, first came to this isle, it’s isolation from the rest of the kingdoms made it a home for criminals of all trades. The residents, if they themselves weren’t criminals, lived in acute misery. With now a purpose for which he could use his wisdom, Jadun set about righting the wrongs of this unlawful land. He first befriended the criminal masters, offering his services as an advisor to them. While some rejected his help, plenty of others began to listen, and where they listened, they were in fact blindly lending Jadun the power he needed to overthrow them. He intended to strengthen the people of Elbira by sharing his knowledge with them, so they could not beaten through ignorance. Jadun soon set up small school with the consent of the criminal masters, and once he had taught and raised very adept group of pupils, he strategically placed them as teachers to the children of the criminal masters, who believed Jadun was merely educating their children for their benefit.

But their naivety soon paid the price. Raised on Jadun’s teachings of truth and justice, the children of the master criminals soon grew to be men who were nothing like their fathers, seeking to change the face of Elbira forevermore. This was the moment Jadun had been planning for years. In a coup de tat known as the Wake of the Infants, the children slaughtered their fathers and took over leadership of Elbira as noble lords. They all then named Jadun the first judge of his kind, tasking him with establishing laws so that Elbira may never become again a criminal land. Jadun accepted the role and fervently served Elbira as the overseer of the truth and justice where it needed delivering. Isolmin, where Jadun started his first school, was made the capital of the kingdom and now holds the Courts of Oyungi, where all judges, including the High Judge, live and lead Elbira today.

Another part of Jadun’s legacy are the elder owls. Until Jadun’s arrival, the elder owls lived in obscurity, for they are magical creatures with the ability to speak as humans do and possess eyes that can see the good and evil within souls of men. A target of the criminal masters for years, elder owls were captured and used until they died of maltreatment. Monwu, the eldest of the elder owls, was found by Jadun, who swore to Monwu that once the criminal masters were no more, the elder owls would be free. Once this oath was fulfilled, Monwu proclaimed that as thanks to Jadun for his efforts, all elder owls forevermore shall assist the Judges of Isolmin as they study, so that the laws of Elbira are kept. The elder owls now choose and remain with their judge as they study alone, unless the High Judge calls for all to convene together. This is to either come to a decision on a question of the law, or to oversee a trial, although this occurrence is rare. Should a case be brought before the Judges of Isolmin, it is known to all on Elbira and beyond that a very great crime has been committed, and any suspects in trial had best beware, for no criminal since Jadun has yet escaped the justice of the judges and elder owls of Isolmin.

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