The Rise

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**Valentine's Day Exclusive**

This is not a part of the current timeline. It references some parts of it; however, it is NOT a part of the story. This is JUST a one-shot for Valentine's Day!

Damon’s POV

6 Months Ago

Moon Goddess, she was beautiful. The way her skin glowed under the moon. The way her eyes lit up like stars. The way her chalky blonde hair flowed down her back in the wind. I wished that I never had to take my eyes off of her.

She sat across from me, her dress a bit too revealing for my liking, at the restaurant that we met at. Too many wolves were staring at her tonight, but I didn’t want any of them to see what was meant for my eyes and my eyes only.

The waiter walked over to us, his ears had the faintest sharpness to them. A werewolf.

“No more wine, please,” Mae said, plump lips moving so softly. When he walked away, she leaned closer to me, pressing her breasts into the table and grinning from ear to ear. “I think that they’re trying to get me drunk.”

I chuckled. “Trying to get you drunk, but not going to get to take you home.”

She tugged on her coat, throwing her hair over her shoulder. Her sweet scent drifted over to me, and I inhaled it like it was everything. Because it was.

“And you think you’re going to?” she asked.

I cracked a smirk. “Yes.”

She chuckled, leaving me at the table, and walked toward the exit to the restaurant. “Well, then, Alpha…” She turned to me for the briefest moment. “Catch me if you can.” She pushed through the door and took off into the woods.

I waited for one, two, three moments, wanting to give her a head start, make her think that she had a chance to run away from me, let her believe that she could before I devoured every inch of her tonight.

She ran through the forest, leading me on a familiar path. She had disappeared, but her scent and her light was leading me to her. I loosened my tie, letting it flop in the wind. Moon Goddess, I could do this all night and never get tired of her. Of my mate. Of who we are and who we were going to become.

I couldn’t wait to be chasing our pups around the forest, to make them think too that they were too sly to ever be found. I couldn’t wait to hear their giggles under the moonlight, drifting to me and becoming the sweetest sound that I had ever heard. They’d be a spitting image of her.

“Kitten,” I said when she had totally disappeared from my view, but her scent was the strongest it had been tonight. I stared at the warehouse that had vines climbing up the sides of it. A mural of another Moon Goddess was painted on one side, but her beauty could never compare to Mae.

She had brought us back to the place I brought her on our first date. After all of my stupid decisions, we were here, back where it all started.

Suddenly an axe flew by my head and impaled the tree next to me. Mae peeked her head out of the door. “Come play with me, Alpha.”

I pulled the axe from the tree and walked over to her, placing a kiss on her lips. “Ready to lose?”

She grinned up at me and turned on the lights to the warehouse. Everything was quiet, almost too quiet, but we were here. And we were happy. For once in our fucking lives, we were happy.

But I didn’t know how long that would last. These days it never lasted long.

For the next half-hour, I watched her hit bullseye after bullseye. Her throws were so powerful that nearly broke the wood in half. Throw after throw she beat me every single time, but I didn’t care. I watched her, my eyes on her and only her.

That smile.

That laugh.

Those eyes.

My mate.

She grabbed our axes from the woods and walked over to me, handing me mine. “Looks like you’re rusty.” She turned away from me and tossed her axe on the stump of wood in front of us. “Beating you at your own game, Alpha. I’m so disappointed. I thought you were gonna give me a hard time tonight.”

I walked closer to her, my eyes drifting up her bare legs. “You want me to give you a hard time?”

She didn’t turn around, just let me step closer to her until I was nearly pressing myself against her. “Not if you can’t.”

I chuckled under my breath, drawing a hand up the front of her throat and pulling her to my chest. I pressed my lips to her neck. “I can give you more than a hard time, Kitten. I can give you the night of your fucking life.”

She giggled and turned in my arms, plump lips curled into a smirk. “Prove it.”

Moon Goddess, I couldn’t wait anymore. Everything about her was so fucking sexy. I pushed her against the wall, wrapped my arms around her waist, gripped her ass, and lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me tighter. It was the best fucking feeling in the entire world.

She rested her forehead on mine, tugging on the ends of my hair. Her moans were soft as I pressed my hard cock against her. She was irresistible. I pushed her underwear to the side and rubbed her clit with my fingers.

“Damon,” she said under her breath.

I growled in her ear and nibbled on my mark. “Say my name again, Kitten. Tell me that you’re mine.” I undid the button on my jeans and pushed them down. I didn’t care where we were, I’d take Mae anywhere and everywhere. “Now.”

She whimpered when I rubbed my hardness against her. “Damon,” she said. “I’m yours… I’m yours… I always have been and I always will be.”

I pressed myself into her, and her tight pussy wrapped around me as I filled her. She would always be mine. Every night. Every day. Every time one of us fucked up. And I would do anything that I had to do to protect what was mine and mine only. I’d even die if that meant she could bless this world with her grace for one more moment.

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