The Rise

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Chapter Thirty-Eight

Where are they?” I linked.

By the Great Oak,” someone said.

I closed my eyes and teleported Valerio, Ayodele, and me there. Twelve Challengers were already there, each with a small pup in front of them. As soon as they saw me, one of them smirked. “Luna, you decided to join us.”

“Where is she?” I asked.

“Where is who?” He played stupid with me.

I growled, not having time for this shit. He was playing a mind-game with me and so was she, wherever she was. I linked all of the Protectors to search the property, but, to stay cautious. Some were ordered to guard my cabin to protect Aaisha, while others were told to scan the area and the surrounding property.

The pups whined as the Challengers stood there, claws to their necks. They all tried to stay completely still but their little bodies still shook with each cry. Tears streamed down their cheeks.

I took a deep breath and stepped forward. No pups were dying here today. I would make sure of it. These men and women were stupid to think they would be able to come here, drain pups, and leave unharmed. They weren’t leaving the property alive.

Before they could make another move, I held out my palms, releasing Black and White from them.

“If you come closer, we will drain them,” another warned.

“Go, Black,” I ordered. He ran through the woods away from us. “White, stay until you’re needed.”

I stepped toward one of the men, a white film blurring my vision. I closed my eyes, hoping that it would work. There were too many of them. I needed to create a diversion. I gazed straight at the leader, letting my beam of light split through my chest and burn him straight through his eyes.

He stumbled back, letting go of the pup. And that’s when Black attacked the next one behind his back. Chaos ensued. Pups screamed. Claws cut into skin. Blood splattered everywhere.

The Challengers weren’t as fast as I was. It took me less than a second to kill and teleport to each one. White followed after me, licking the wounds that some of the pups did get.

These Challengers weren’t as threatening as others had been. These seemed like rejects - like werewolves too slow, not strong enough for a pack. Their claws were sharp, but they didn’t accomplish much to the pups.

After a few moments, all of the Challenges were on the ground, dead and being drained of their blood. I dropped to my knees and immediately began aiding White with helping heal the pups.

What is your status?” I asked through the link, hoping someone found the Hunter. No response. “Your status?” I asked again, hoping that who ever was out there would hear me. Again, nothing.

I’ll go check it out,” Ayodele linked.

I gazed over at him, pressing my hand to the pup’s little heart, trying to revive him before his soul departed. He had an open wound on his abdomen that looked to have been there for a while.

Ayodele, be careful. Do not pursue if she is there. Wait for me.

He nodded from across the forest and took off running through the woods. I didn’t get anyone’s location, so I assumed he was going to do a quick run around the property.

I gazed down at the boy in front of me. His eyes were glazing over slowly and I knew I was close to losing him. I placed my other hand on his chest and squeezed my eyes shut. “Come on, Mae. You can do this.”

After a few moments of silence, my mark began to ache. Keep going. It’s working.

In the distance, I heard a wolf howl in pain. My heart began to race, immediately thinking about Ayodele. But I couldn’t stop. I needed to save this pup.

Valerio,” I linked. “Make sure he’s okay.



I squeezed my eyes shut again. This had to work. My mark began to ache some more and I felt the power radiate from my hands. Wave after wave left my body. Suddenly the boy coughed up some blood. White jogged over and licked his wound.

The boy slowly opened his eyes until he was staring at me. He frowned. “Moon Goddess.” His voice was quiet. “I’m so scared.”

I pulled the boy into my arms. “Everything it okay. You’re safe now.” I walked through the maze of Challengers who were on the ground and rested the pup next to the group of pups huddled under the patio in the backyard.

A Protector gave him a small blanket and he wrapped it around his tiny body. He inched closer to the other boys and girls who were kidnapped and nearly drained. They all huddled together, deathly afraid that they would get taken again if they moved too far from the group. I knelt next to them and tried to reassure them once again that they would be safe with us.

Two Protectors led them inside with the promise of mac and cheese and food to fill their growling tummies. I headed back to the forest to find Valerio and Ayodele as another howl filled the air.

Mae,” Valerio linked. “Get here now. You’re going to want to see this.

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