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Atlas Lykios is going feral. Literally. The beast that lurks within him is gradually gaining more control of his soul. Atlas knows his time is running out and he needs to find his mate and soon. But when Atlas finds his mate, he realises that she cannot free him from his curse. Is he doomed to remain feral forever?

Fantasy / Romance
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lone wolf

A predator waits within the

depths of existence,

creeping within the conscience

of safety,

it creeps with a sense of what it


the deepest way he'll crawl and suffer

with no heart of a humans,

but of pure bred wolf.

Its tongue quenches for the blood

of the innocent,

but there's only one that he craves


When he sees her in his mind

is set to oblivion,

the hair all over and stands on

edge and somewhere beneath the hate

his heart was beating.

The confusion he has reverts to


as he tears through his lies to tell

her how he truly feels,

but only the yearning to kill her

intensified each time,

every breath that he took was hesitant

because something in his heart restrained


The thoughts of love in his

mind was becoming so strong

and clear,

because no matter how much

he tried to shake the feeling

it kept coming here and there,

so there he sat crouched within

the abyss of his anger,

wondering why his heart beats

once more,

for such a beautiful human

β€” Elizabeth Tyease Collins

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