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Brittany is a loner with a drinking problem. She has no mate but wants one. Although when she finds him shes so unsure of what to do. Her mothers dead and her father has practically gone mad from the loss. Dean is new to the pack from a joining pack. He was the Beta but what now?

Fantasy / Romance
Donna-Jo Barlow
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Chapter 1

I down yet another drink in record time. That makes the 10th one in this hour. I know that may seem like a lot but I need to drink that many just to even feel a buzz at this place. Its just an ordinary bar not a werewolf friendly bar.

Yep Im a werewolf. But, contrary to popular belief, we arent blood thirsty freaks of the night that change unwillingly and kill the whole city in a blinding rage during a full moon. No we are very much like regular wolves. But more like a wolf on steroids so its like massive.

We live in packs and they are ruled by the Alpha and the Luna. The Beta is like a vice president. However, unlike the president in the human government when an Alpha orders you to do something you CANNOT ignore it.

"Brittany, why don't you go home. You should be blackout drunk by now. You always drink so much when you do come in, makes me worry about you." Henry came over while cleaning a glass.

"I'm fine Henry. Ive been coming in here once in awhile for what four years"

Henry was a sweet old man. He was the bartender here since before it was legal to drink. He was shady as shady gets. I mean the first time he served me alcohol I was 16. So long as you had the money and looked at least 21 you could get your drink, and if you didn't make a fool of yourself.

"Well Britt I'm calling it for you. Why are you here anyway."

"Im selling girl scout cookies." I scoff. "Dont worry about me. I mean I lost my mom four years ago today, my dad went off the deep end, still have found my ma-"

I stop quick. Jeez I must have actually caught a good buzz.

"Way to go dumbass you almost said mate. You almost just revealed yourself" Sam butts in. Shes my wolf.

"Brittany I'm sorry. Maybe you should really go home and rest. You shouldn't be drinking-"

"No I shouldnt have been drinking when I was sixteen but you let me anyways. So now that I'm legal to drink your cutting me off??" I laugh at him.

"Go home you idiot!" Sam growls.

"Well if my life wasnt shit right now I wouldnt be drinking." I growl back.

"If you weren't avoiding home you wouldn't be drinking." She growls before retreating to the back of my mind.

"Bitch." I think knowing shes exactly right.

"Brittany Im calling you a cab." Henry looks really concerned and it melts my heart a bit. He's been a better man than my father has these four years.

"Dont worry about it Henry. Ill leave. Just give me 10 minutes okay?" I give him a sweet simple smile. "I just need to clear my head a bit."

"Ten minutes Britt, then I'm calling the cab." He gave me a half smile and went to serve the couple who just walked in.

I came in here the day after my mother died of a rogue attack when I was 16. She was ripped to shreds and I almost was too. The scar on my left side is a constant reminder.

I had felt so guilty because if we weren't arguing then maybe we would have gotten the mind-link about the boarder breach. My dad was one of the worriors at the boarder, when we didnt answer he abandoned his post and came to find us.

We were in the backyard arguing about me going to my friends house for the weekend. I didnt see the problem. Diana lived in the packhouse plus we werent anythingig in the pack. She was the daughter of Beta Jameson and female Beta Jameson. My family were just wolves in the pack but I would have been protected there.

They came at us and if it wasnt for us arguing then we would have smelled or heard them. But we didnt. And it was my fault!

"Ten minutes is up Britt." Henry pulled me out of my daze amd I nodded.

"See ya soon old man."

I walked out into the cold and pulled up the hood on my jacket sweater. It was my mothers, her favorite.

"You cant drink your problems away Brittany." Sam scolded me.

"Why dont you just be quiet for once." I snapped.

Sam was always the logical one of us. Which is weird because shes the animal she should be irrational and impulsive. Instead that was me. When I get mad I am the one to do before I think.

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