No Words

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Tonight when she opened the door she would let their actions be their words.

Fantasy / Erotica
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No Words

She opens the door to see him standing there. No words are exchanged. He steps to enter. She moves back but they never stop looking at one another. He closes the door behind him still walking forward as she moves back until the wall stops them both.

She takes a deep breath and lets it out slow. He raises his hand to touch her face, her breathing changes. He gets closer. She can feel his hand going up her gown where she wears no underwear or pajama pants. She wants his touch and he can tell. Her eyes have changed. He reaches her love spot and begins to rub, never breaking eye contact. In her eyes he reads "more" so he takes two fingers and enters her. Moving slowly. Her breasts want his attention as well. He can tell without looking that theyโ€™re wanting to come out of the gown so he breaks eye contact and begins kissing them through the gown. She slowly grabs the ends of it and pulls it over her head. She was moaning before he could open his mouth. She grabbed his head as to say 'harder'. She needed to feel the pain of it. He always gave her what she wanted.

She opened her legs wider and took the thrusts of his fingers. She was wet and ready for more. He undid his pants and turned her back to him. Before she could say a word he was inside her hard with every stroke. She screamed, moaned, grabbed for things that weren't there. He never stopped and he never let go. He gave it to her the way he knew she liked it.

When he released, he grabbed her gown, wiped his face, closed his pants, and walked back out the door without a word. She stood there with a smile.

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