Protectors of Transmiel: Rebirth

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Anister, a hero from the order of the Protectors of Transmiel is reborn again. His mission is to bring balance to the land, and put a stop to the powerful Archmage Vandimir. Still a darkness lingers, and many trials lay ahead of Anister. He will once again need to master his powers, and learn to control them. Darkness itself lingers inside Anister as being reborn so many times takes a toll on his soul. We he be able to fight off his inner darkness, or will he give in? Many a battles lay ahead in his future, and great loss will he suffer as he goes about completing his mission. Many unusual creatures live in Transmiel, and Anister will need to face them or get them to join his cause. Will he be able to complete his mission, or will he die trying? Will he get the help he needs, or will he lose everything? Will he learn who he truly is, or will he die without finding out who he truly is? He has little time to complete his mission he was sent to do. Will he be able to complete it in time, or will darkness engulf Transmiel forever? Will this fantastical land bring him the power he needs, or will it destroy him? Only time will tell. Join Anister on his mission to put a stop to Vandimir, and bring back balance to his land. Step into this fantastical land, and see the beauty for yourselves.

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Chapter 1

Anister an enslaved servant to an order tasked with protecting the realm of Transmiel was unaware of the events that were taking place without his knowledge. See, he was trapped in a paradise like prison created by the order to hold him captive until he was needed once again. Practically he was living a double life and was entirely oblivious to it. Anister had a rather special talent, something peculiar about him that the order needed, and his power was like the order’s just much stronger. Unfortunately, he was enslaved due to the fact that the order was unable to replicate his abilities in another being and were unable to access this power themselves.

He was a young, practically immortal twenty-six-year-old man. Anister had these bright glowing green eyes, messy blonde hair, and was quite scrawny, but rather muscular for his thin build. High above the realm of Transmiel was where he was trapped in his limbo. This lowly lit realm held him and the six elders of the order. Throughout this quiet realm, you could hear the elders speaking to each other in hushed whispers while Anister was in his cell thinking he was actually living a life. The order bantered back and forth as they tried to come up with a plan for the new threat to Transmiel.

Worried glances were shone on the faces of the elders as they continued devising their plan, as it had been generations since the last threat to Transmiel. Little did Anister know how much his life was about to change as the order continued their deliberations. This went on for hours as they continued to decide if it was worth sending Anister, or if it were something, they could handle themselves. “Are we even sure Anister is able to handle this?” Taladine the highest elder said to the other elders as her spectral glow grew bright blue. Taladine the oldest elder well let’s just say you couldn’t really see them they were more of a glowing aura than they were human anymore.

“We don’t have a choice, Taladine. We all know you don’t enjoy sending Anister down unless it’s absolutely necessary because of the vow you made to his parents on their deathbed. But this is different this new threat may be more powerful than we can handle…” said one of the other elders.

Taladine’s blue aura grew incredibly bright. “Yes, and it is a vow I will not break! I think we can handle this ourselves…”

“We just aren’t strong enough to handle this, and that boy has been trapped in that cell for over five hundred years. I think it’s time we let him do what we have him do for a change. We’ve handled the last several threats ourselves, let the boy out, and let him be free for a while,” said another elder.

Taladine’s aura grew fiery red. “Fine! But after this time around, we are going to put him to rest at last. I’m sure his parents wouldn’t appreciate what we’ve been doing to their son that they entrusted to us!” Taladine made her way over toward Anister’s cell as her aura dimmed to a neutral gray glow. She opened the door to Anister’s cell, and the entire room went dark. “Anister, we are going to be sending you back,” Taladine told Anister as he shot up from the ground.

Anister reeled around and balled his fists. “Where did the light go, and what in the hell is going on? And sending me back where?”

Taladine’s aura flashed brightly and lit the entire room. “Don’t you talk to me like that, boy, and we are sending you back to Transmiel.”

Anister’s face grew bright red as he tightened his balled fists. “What the hell is Transmiel? And why do I have no memory of anything?”

“Transmiel is the land you are sworn to protect. You took an oath to this order hundreds of years ago, and your memories will return as you begin your training for your task.”

His face went pale as he heard these words. “Training? Task? I don’t even know you why would I trust you? You just plucked me out of my life to this wretched place to tell me I need to go complete some task I swore to do hundreds of years ago… I’m only twenty-six how could I have even sworn an oath hundreds of years ago?”

“That was a fake life we created to keep you occupied until we needed you again. As I stated before, everything will come back once you train. We are sending you back now, so as soon as you get into Transmiel, you must go find Kasha and she will get you started.”

He balled his fists even tighter as his face grew dark red. “Lady, you have truly lost your mind!”

“Good luck, Anister…” she said as a blue glow surrounded Anister, and then he was standing in the middle of a heavily wooded area. He looked around awestruck as to what had just happened. Well, this must be the land that lady was telling me about. Anister thought to himself as he looked around and noticed the vivid coloring of the trees and plants surrounding him. Up ahead in the distance he noticed a clearing and thought that may give him a splendid view of the landscape and possibly point in the direction of finding Kasha.

First, he looked down at himself to see if he had anything with him. Typical, they send me down here with nothing but raggedy clothes and no weapon or any food. He pondered in his head as he continued to survey the woods to make sure he was in the clear of danger before proceeding toward the clearing. Well, I’m definitely going to need something to defend myself with just in case anything tries to attack me. No memory and no freaking clue what roam these lands I can’t be caught off guard. Anister thought to himself as he scanned around for anything that he could use as a weapon. As he got out of his own head, he noticed a rather sharp long looking rock. It had a very sharp point to it, and he walked slowly towards it as he picked it up.

He examined the sharp rock and felt it would suffice for the time being, but knew he would soon need something better. A soft cool breeze blew through the woods and gave him goosebumps as he had a slight shiver run through his body. Then his attention was drawn to the odd chirping of the birds above him in the vividly colored trees that seemed to glow. After observing the odd chirps, everything went silent as he heard large footfalls approaching him slowly. He quickly found the biggest tree and ducked behind it as he peered around the edge to get a look at was coming.

His face went pale as he saw the large Kamdoda passing by so close to where he was hiding. He observed that the creature was reptilian in nature and was bright red with a single orange stripe running down one side of its body. The creature was at least three times the size of Anister and was at least six feet long. Quickly ducking back against the tree, Anister tried to stay as silent as he could as the footfalls began to recede into the distance. Now feeling it was safe to come out, he quickly made a run for the large clearing, but was not able to make it as he was suddenly knocked to the ground.

The Kamdoda hissed as it stood over Anister’s body and Anister stared into its black beady lifeless eyes. He searched frantically for the sharpened rock he had found and saw that it was just a few feet away. Hastily, he kicked the thing in the stomach with all his strength as he quickly rolled out from underneath it and made a run for the rock. The creature was much quicker than Anister as it ripped its claws through the skin on Anister’s back. He could feel the warmth of the blood oozing from the wounds on his back as he quickly crawled toward the rock now.

He grabbed it quickly as it made it over to it and turned to lay on his back as the Kamdoda lunged for him and he stabbed the sharpened rock into the thing’s neck. Green blood gushed onto his hands as the rock stuck into the creature’s neck. He struggled hard to pull it out of the stunned thing’s neck, but was unable to get it out of its throat. Then he became distracted as twigs snapped in the distance and suddenly the Kamdoda was flying through the woods. Through blurred eyes he looked behind him and noticed a really old lady in heavily worn gray robes. She quickly rushed over to Anister as his vision became more blurred and then everything went black.

A few hours later, Anister woke with a start and noticed he was lying on a table, and could smell this awful smelling fume radiating from his back. With blurred vision still he looked to his left where he could hear some noise and noticed the old lady rummaging through the kitchen. He laid his head back and exhaled deeply. “Where am I?” he asked as he lifted his head again.

“You’re in my cabin.”

“Who are you? And what is that awful smell?” he asked as he laid his head back against the table as the room began to spin.

“I’m Kasha, and that awful smell is a healing remedy that will heal your wounds overnight,” she said as she continued rummaging throughout the cabin filling stuff into an old brown rucksack.

“Kasha? You’re the person I was supposed to find… Wait, how were you able to make that thing go flying through the woods like that? And how did you find me?”

“Anister, I’m a witch and an oracle. I will always know where you are, and I will always come find you if you deviate from your mission. It is my job to make sure you complete what you were sent here to do,” she said as she finished packing the bag and zipped it shut.

“Well, this lady told me you would help me on my way. So, what is it I’m supposed to do?”

“Those are questions I cannot answer. But Akashi your trainer will answer for you when you get to his place.”

Anister’s face began to turn red as he balled his fists. “Why can’t anyone just answer a damn question around here!? Everyone is always so cryptic in their answers. I have no freaking memory the least someone could do is answer a simple question I have…”

“Calm yourself, everything will be answered once you get to Akashi.”

“And when is this going to take place?”

“You leave first thing in the morning. I have packed some things you’ll need on your journey to Akashi’s. You just rest now, and we will have you on your way tomorrow.”

Anister breathed deeply as he tightened his fist. “Why should I even trust you, you can’t even answer a question for me?”

“Just trust and all will be revealed soon, you rest now.”

“I guess…” Anister said as he closed his eyes to rest as he was told. He awoke the next morning and felt that the pain from the wounds from the day before was gone. Looking around, he spotted Kasha by the front door of the cabin.

“Good, you’re awake. It’s time for you to be on your way.”

Anister got up from the table and walked over to Kasha as she handed him the rucksack, and opened the door to the cabin. “Alright, you head south for about eight miles and you’ll be at Akashi’s. Remember, don’t deviate from your mission, or I will be there to set you back toward its completion.”

“Yea, I got it,” he replied as he walked out of the cabin and Kasha shut the door quickly. He looked around, trying to figure out which way was south, and decided to just head straight from the behind of Kasha’s cabin. Eight miles, well I better make it there before dark cause I’m not being stuck out here with these dangerous creatures. He thought to himself as he began hiking south. After walking for a few hours, his legs began to grow weak, so he sat down to rest. His curiosity got the best of him while he sat resting, and he decided to see what was in the rucksack.

Unzipping the rucksack, he began to pull things out of it. There was packaged food, a long silver sword, some golden coins, and a gray robe. Well, at least now I have a proper weapon. He pondered to himself as he began stuffing the stuff back into the rucksack. Now, with everything back in the rucksack, he zipped it up and decided to start trekking to Akashi’s now. He got up and threw the rucksack over his shoulder as he began hiking south again. The wind began to blow harder now as the temperature began to drop as the sun was beginning to set.

Nope, just no way in hell I’m walking through the dark. He told himself as he now began searching for a semi-safe place to sleep for the night. A few yards ahead, he spotted a small cave, and began making his way towards it. He entered the cave slowly, keeping alert, and listened for any sounds, but didn’t hear any. Satisfied with the area, he set down the rucksack as he began to shiver from the cold. He opened the rucksack and pulled out the robe, putting it on. Once he had the robe on, he closed the rucksack and set it against the wall at the very back of the cave.

He laid his head on the bag and closed his eyes to sleep for the night. As he slowly drifted into sleep, he jerked upward as a loud shrill howl echoed through the night. Anister opened the rucksack as quickly as he could and swiftly grabbed the silver sword out of it. Gripping the sword tightly in his hands, he stood at the ready for whatever had made the noise that woke him. Footfalls could be heard faintly in the distance and a low growling sound, but Anister couldn’t see anything as it was pitch black. Then he saw it a large shadow standing in front of the entrance of the cave. This thing had to be three times his size, and it surely wasn’t a Kamdoda, no this was something much worse. What could it possibly be? A bear? Anister thought to himself as the shadow dropped to all fours and growled loudly at him.

Anister stood frozen as the creature stalked closer toward him, with no idea what it was, he had no clue what to do. He held the sword up in the shadow’s direction and prepared for it to attack. The creature quickly lunged toward Anister as he sidestepped and sliced it in the side with the sword. The enormous beast howled in pain as the sword cut into its fur. He looked around for where the animal had gone, but couldn’t see it. Then suddenly he was toppled to the ground as he heard the sound of something break as he hit the ground. Flailing the sword around he felt it strike the beast as he heard it stumble back.

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to fight this thing in the dark, he sprinted to the rucksack and grabbed it as he ran out of the small cave. Once out of the cave he kept running as fast as he could, but heard a loud howl close behind him, and then he felt the claws of this thing cut deeply into his arm as he fell to the ground. Now, having some light with the moon at its highest, he could make out what the creature looked like. It appeared to be a mutated wolf with red fur, and very long legs, and a muscular torso. The wolf circled Anister, ready to go in for the kill, but as it lunged at Anister, he quickly held the sword up and the wolf landed onto the blade as it pierced through its neck.

The overgrow wolf fell lifeless to the ground as Anister chucked it aside with the sword. Well, I don’t think anywhere is safe to camp for the night. I may as well just make my way to Akashi’s now. He told himself as he picked the rucksack up from the ground and began trekking south again. Finally, after several hours, Anister saw a light up ahead from a large cottage. Another howl broke the silence of the night, so Anister took off running as fast as he could toward the cottage. He made it to the door and banged on it hurriedly. After a few seconds, a burly man answered the door. The man had greasy long gray hair, and a large white beard.

“Are you Akashi?”

“Yes, who’s asking?”

Anister exhaled deeply. “I’m Anister. I’m supposed to come see you for some kind of training and an explanation of what the hell is going on…”

Akashi let out a loud bellowing chuckle. “Ah, our hero at last. I was wondering when you’d make it here. I was starting to get worried and was about to go out looking for you.”

“Well, you should’ve sooner. There is a really large animal chasing me I thought I killed it…”

Akashi looked at Anister with empathy. “I see you’ve run into the things that plague our world. That’s a werewolf after you, and it won’t stop coming for you till you kill it. How d’you think you killed it?”

Anister’s face went pale, and a shiver ran down his spine. “I impaled it through the neck with this silver sword…”

“Well, silver will kill a werewolf, but you have to cut it’s head off to kill it.”

“Ah, good to know cause I’m pretty sure it’s almost here.”

Akashi looked at Anister and smiled. “Well, good luck. You go on and kill it when it gets here. I’ll get you some more light out here so you can see it better.”

“What! You’re just gonna leave me to die?”

“No, just think of this as the first step in your training,” he said as he placed a candle in a trough of oil and a blaze of flames lit the entire front of the cottage.


The werewolf came running down the hill toward the cottage and stared Anister down. He dropped the rucksack and gripped the sword tightly in his hands as the wolf stalked closer to him. It lunged for him and slammed him into the ground, but Anister reacting quickly kicked it hard in the chest as he rolled out from underneath it, cutting its ankles. The wolf fell to the ground, and Anister got to his feet. He walked over to the wolf putting his foot on its back, and grabbed the back of its neck lifting its head, and he sliced the sword across its neck cutting its head off.

“Good job,” Akashi’s voice broke the silence, making Anister jump.

“Yea, I could’ve died so thanks for the help…”

Akashi chuckled deeply. “I would’ve stepped in if I thought you couldn’t handle it.”

“Well, luckily I was able to…”

“Alright, well come on in. Let’s let you get a good night’s rest before we start your official training.”

Anister walked into the cottage and observed the neatly organized kitchen and dining room. Then he noticed the perfectly organized living area as well as the tidy hall that led to three rooms. Akashi walked over to Anister and patted his shoulder. “You go rest, you can have the first room on the right.” Without hesitation, Anister walked down the hall to the first door on the right with the rucksack in his hand. He opened the door and saw that the room was neat, and had a small bed, a dresser, and a small window. A single candle lit the room as it cast shadows on the wall as Anister set the rucksack down. Feeling the exhaustion becoming overwhelming, he made his way toward the bed and laid down on it with a deep sigh. He felt the relief on his body and closed his eyes quickly falling into a deep sleep.

The warmth of the sunlight gently touching his face through the window woke Anister the next morning. He was also greeted with an appealing aroma coming from outside of his room. Rolling out of the bed, Anister made his way toward the door and opened it. The aroma grew stronger as he walked into the dining area to see Akashi cooking something. Anister wasn’t entirely sure what was being cooked, but the smell of the food made his mouth begin to water. He sat down at the table awaiting Akashi to notice him. Akashi turned around as he heard the creak of the chair sliding across the floor. “Well, good morning. I’ll have breakfast done here pretty quick. Then we can begin your training and I’ll answer all the questions I’m sure you have,” he said as he continued cooking.

Anister watched Akashi continue to cook and savored the smell of the food. “Yes, it will be quite nice to know some answers.”

Akashi chuckled as he plated the food from the pan. “Yea, I bet. I know how you feel. Me and you are one and the same,” he said as he walked over to the table with the plates setting on down in front of Anister.

Anister eyed the puffy looking yellow blobs. “What do you mean we are one and the same?”

“Well, I’m only sent back here when you are. Of course, they don’t take my memories.”

Anister began to take a bite of the eggs. “So, why do they take mine?”

“I have no clue…”

In between bites of eating the food, Anister looked back up at Akashi. “This is great. What is it? And it just makes little sense for them to take my memories unless they’re trying to hide something from me…”

“The stuff you’re eating is eggs, and yea I couldn’t answer that one for you…”

After taking the last bites of his food, Anister looked at Akashi sternly. “You should know why I don’t have my memories! Kasha said you’d have all the answers to my questions. So why don’t I have my memories?”

Akashi’s face went pale as he knew he was caught. “Uh, well, I can’t answer that for you. That’s something you will learn for yourself once you begin training…”

“How can I trust any of you guys if you never tell me the truth!”

“I can’t answer it because then I’d be speaking bad of the order, and the punishment for that is not one I’m willing to endure. So, if you really want to know, you’ll find out once you begin training.”

Anister huffed powerfully. “I guess… I’m just getting really tired of being lied too.”

Akashi quickly got up, grabbing the plate in front of Anister and went straight to the kitchen to begin cleaning. “Well, I won’t lie to you. But some things you will need to find out on your own for both our sakes.”

Anister watched Akashi intently as he cleaned. “I hope you’re telling me the truth. And you really like keeping this place immaculate, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. It helps keep my stress down. Being a part of the order is exhausting, so I clean effortlessly to deal with the stress.”

“So, when do we start my training?”

“Now,” Akashi stated as he walked back into the dining room.

“Ok, so what’s first?”

“First, we will get your memories back. Then we will begin your actual training.”

“Ok, sounds good to me.”

Akashi walked over to the door and opened it as the sunlight glowed through the door. “Alright, let’s begin,” he said as they walked out of the cottage. Anister covered his eyes with his hand as they stepped outside. Akashi looked over at Anister and pointed over at a patch of white granite on the ground. “You see that there?”


“That is a rune, and it has the symbol of the order on it. From that rune you will tap into your inner power as you regain your memories.”

Anister walked over to the rune and looked at it. The granite was a perfect circle, and inside it was an upside-down triangle, and inside the triangle was a cross. After looking at the rune, he looked back at Akashi. “So, what do I do?”

“Step inside the rune, and your mind and body will do the rest.”

Anister reluctantly stepped inside the rune, and as he did, a white aura engulfed his entire body as his vision went black. Then millions of images flashed through his mind, but in no order that made sense. He tried to put all the images into perspective, but couldn’t as everything began to blur together. Then a searing pain rush through his head as the images began to become clear. Slowly they began to fall into a chronological order. The images began to slow and then started to show a play back of Anister’s entire life.

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