The Marking

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Chapter One

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"Come on Sweetie! We're going to be late for dinner with the Braxons," my dad called from downstairs.

I rolled my eyes. Another dinner with the Braxons. Every time I came home from the university to visit my dad he would always conveniently have a dinner planned with that family. I think he was secretly trying to get me together with their son. I'm not going to complain about that one; Brett was gorgeous. All of the human girls threw themselves at him.

Although he was something to look forward to, the conversation was not. My dad and Brett's dad would always go off about the werewolves – how disgusting they were, how savage they were, how they should be locked up in a silver cage for the rest of their lives so us humans can live in peace with each other.

"MAE! Let's go!" I pushed myself off of the bed and reluctantly found my way down the stairs. "I'm glad you decided to dress up. I heard Brett is going to be there." He wiggled his eyebrows in my direction.

Okay, it's definitely not a secret that he wants us to date.

"Dad! Please stop." My cheeks became warm – something that happened every time I was even slightly embarrassed. Although me and my dad were close, I didn't like telling him much about my dating life, because it was almost non-existent and when I was dating someone he would make such a huge deal out of it.

The drive was quiet. As the car raced alongside the forest, I could see creatures running in the distance. I smiled to myself, watching as their bodies pushed forward. There were at least twenty of them running, with the biggest in the front.

My dad cleared his throat and I peeked over at him. He wore a scowl on his face and gave me a stern look.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. He did not like when I looked or thought about those "ugly beasts" as he called them. I turned my gaze to the front window and turned the music up in hopes to think about something else.

We finally got to the restaurant fifteen minutes later. The Braxons were already waiting at the table for us. When we approached, Brett got up from his chair to pull the seat out next to him. He sent me one of his bright smiles and I sat.

I wasn't much of a small talker. I preferred deep conversations, but with all of these small minds it was hard to talk about anything. So, I stayed out of the conversation for most of the night and thankfully the werewolf conversation didn't come up until we were on dessert.

Our dessert was brought over by a very muscular teenager. He towered over the table and had on a bright smile. Although he was young, his manly features fit him perfectly. It was obvious that he was a werewolf.

It was easy to spot a werewolf because they tended to be much more built than an average human. They were tall and muscular all over.

My dad gave the waiter a disgusted glare. "I am not eating that. Take it back."

"Have a human waiter bring it over, you dog." Brett's dad chimed in.

The wolf's lips formed a straight tight line and his eyes flickered black. His breathing began to heighten and I could tell he was about to lose control. I have only seen a werewolf lose control once before and it was the scariest thing in my life.

I jumped up from the table, not thinking before I acted. I grabbed the chocolate cake from him. "Thank you so much! I will gladly take this whole cake from you if nobody else here wants it. This is my favorite! Best day ever!"

I sat down with a whole cake in front of me and pushed my fork into it.

"MAE! What are you doing?! Don't you dare eat that cake." My dad scolded. I took a fork full of cake and stuffed it into my mouth while smiling at him. I looked back at the waiter. His eyes were still dark, but a small smirk began to form on his face.

I finished chewing my food and smiled at him. "Thank you. This is delicious."

My dad looked to everyone at the table. "I'm sorry for her rude manners," he said to Brett and his parents. Chair legs scooted across the floor and in a second my dad grabbed my arm and almost dragged me to the opposite side of the room.

Here it comes. Here comes the yelling and scolding he was going to give me. He has been doing it ever since I was four, when the government finally accepted werewolves in our society. Something in him snapped all those years ago and he couldn't control his anger whenever the word werewolf would come up.

"Don't you ever do anything like that again! Do you know how embarrassed that makes me for you?! You know better than to take cake or take anything from a werewolf. I taught you better than that!! Have you learned nothing since you were a child? You must be stupid or something! Werewolves are savage, disgusting, deadly animals and they don't deserve to live in our society. We are better than them. We are higher class."

"Are you kidding me? Do you expect me to sit around and do nothing while you make fun of and disrespect an innocent kid?!" I was fuming. My dad had a shocked expression on his face. I never talked back to him, but I was done with this. I've heard him be disrespectful for too long. "Why do you think I stopped visiting you so often even though my apartment is literally thirty minutes away from your house? It's because I'm sick and tired of you, of this goddamn disrespect to people who are different from you."

His breathing quickened and I was afraid of his reaction, so I took this as an opportunity to storm back to the table to grab my purse and rush to the entrance of this place without so much of a goodbye to Brett and his family. I heard Brett and my dad calling my name, but I ignored it. I flung the door opened and looked back as I rushed out to see my dad scowling at me and walking my way.

As I hoped out, I bumped into someone's chest. I looked up and was met with dark angry eyes – eyes of a werewolf. Although they were angry, they flicked to a green color, but then back to black. They were captivating. I forgot I just bumped into him, until he spoke up.

"What are you looking at, human." Canines emerged from under his lips and my heart rate increased. Although I respected them more than my dad respected wolves, I grew up in fear of them because of him. I was always told that they were dangerous and even though I know many werewolves didn't fit this stereotype, I still got nervous around them from time to time, especially now, since one was baring his teeth at me.

I swallowed nervously and whispered a "sorry."

"Why are you so scared? Just a minute ago you were telling that guy how accepting and respectful you are of werewolves and now you're so nervous just standing in the presence of one." Power radiated off of him.

I chewed on my lower lip. I tried to make words, but I didn't know what to say, so I just shut my mouth and watched as he walked closer and closer to me until he had my back against the front entrance to the restaurant. His eyes remained dark and he swallowed hard. We were so close, we were almost touching. He placed both hands on each side of my head, trapping me between the door and him.

His face got closer and closer to me until I felt his minty breath on my cheek. I breathed in his scent, almost finding comfort in it.

The door flew open and I almost fell back but, he caught me and placed me behind him. The warmth of his fingers sent chills down my back. He felt so right.

"Get away from her!" I heard Brett's yell. I peeked around the werewolf's body to see him standing there with my dad right beside him. The wolf growled in front of me.

"And who are you?" he asked.

"I'm her boyfriend!" Brett stated confidently.

WHAT?! Why would he say that?! If he thought that this werewolf would calm down and let me go just because he said he was my boyfriend he was definitely crazy. I don't know what has gotten into that boy.

The wolf growled louder this time, his eyes growing a deeper black color. "NO." He said. His hands balled up in fists and I knew for the second time tonight that something bad was about to happen.

I placed my hand on his arm in hopes to calm him down. I don't know why I thought that would work. He grabbed my arm off of his and placed me in front of him. He held my arms tightly with his hands as he stood behind me. His touch caused tingles to run up and down my arms.

"Brett, we are not dating." I managed to say, but it didn't seem like anyone was listening to me.

"Let her go, or I'll call animal control on you." My dad said with evil humor in his voice.

"You can have her." The wolf said to my dad and pushed me toward him. I stumbled forward and fell into Brett. The wolf looked at my dad with a smirk. "You can try to keep her away from us wolves, but look at how excited she is, smell how excited she is, to have seen one, to have touched one."

I looked at him wide eyed and my face flushed red once more. I squeezed my legs together, fully understanding what he meant by smelling me. I was quite embarrassed and didn't even think I was turned on by his powerful voice, his towering frame.

My dad took a step towards him and took a swing at his face. The wolf easily dodged it. I pulled at my dad's waist so he couldn't throw another punch the wolf's way.

"Dad. Stop. He's just trying to get you mad."

The wolf looked at me and smirked. He began walking towards the entrance of the restaurant, but turned back right when he was at the door.

"Until next time, Kitten." He winked my way and entered the building.

I tried to calm my dad down and offered to drive him back home after he paid for the meal. Again, the car ride was silent and I was thankful for it. I looked forward to going back to my apartment tomorrow so I didn't have to get into an argument with my dad over this.

That night, I laid in bed thinking about my encounter with the wolf. There was something different about him and I couldn't quite tell what it was. I let myself fall into a deep sleep thinking about his sweet words.

Until next time, Kitten.


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