The Marking

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Chapter Three

His nose brushed against the nape of my neck and I took a breath in. I turned around to meet his green eyes. They had drips of darkness in them.

I leaned into his touch. The alcohol clearly taking over. His hands felt so good on my body. I swayed my hips from side to side, wanting him to touch more of me, wanting him to feel how good I felt. I wanted more of this beast.

"Kitten, you don't want to see what happens when you get me excited," I felt him smirk against my neck. I giggled at his words.

"I think I do." He gave a small shake of the head almost in disbelief and smiled at me.

I grabbed another drink from the waiter and took a sip. He grabbed it out of my hands and gave it back.

"No more of this stuff. It's too strong for humans. We should get you home." He tugged on my elbow, leading me off of the dance floor.

"Am I going home with you?"

"No," he said sternly. I pulled my elbow out of his grip and took a defensive stance.

"Then, I'm staying here." I looked around the bar to see both of my friends gone and then I remembered that they probably went home with the people they were talking to.

I huffed. That's not fair. I wanted to go home with someone too. I felt myself sway slightly, the alcohol taking full effect, and I stumbled forward and regained my balance.

"You're not staying here. This is a werewolf bar. You're drunk. I'm not letting you stay here any longer."

"Why? Are you jealous that one of these husky wolves will take me home instead?" I jokingly asked. His jaw clenched and he grabbed my elbow again, tighter this time.

"No." His voice was low and sounded almost deadly. His eyes were pure black. He pulled me to the door and I tried to pull out of his grip once more but couldn't. His fingers dug deep into my skin. He dragged me to a black SUV and pushed me into the passenger's seat. He quickly got in and locked the doors before I tried to escape.

"You can't do this!"

"Where do you live?" He asked over me. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared out the front window. "Don't want to tell me?" I didn't answer him and just watched as the trees passed by. I wonder where he was going to take me.

He kept driving past the exit for my apartment and I kept my mouth shut, my drunkenness fully taking over.

"Are you always a brat or is it only when you drink alcohol?" My eyes went wide.

What did he just say to me?

I glared at the side of his face. He glanced over with hard eyes, but then looked back at the road.

"Are you always annoying or is it only when you talk to humans?" I asked back, testing him.

His hands gripped on the steering wheel.

"I was just curious because both times I've seen you, you have been very b*tchy."

"WHAT?! How was I b*tchy? Was I b*tchy when I stood up for you goddamn beasts to my dad? Was I b*tchy when I didn't want some stranger to abduct me and take me in their creepy SUV to some unknown place?" I questioned. Who did this guy think he was? He was the one acting childish.

He stayed quiet, but clenched his jaw tightly. I continued glaring at him. I took this time to fully look over his profile, something I haven't got a chance to do. He had dark shorter hair that curled slightly at the ends. His jawline was sharp and his lips were full. His nose was strong but had a small, barely noticeable bump in the middle of it. My eyes wandered lower and I saw a tattoo peeking out of the short sleeve of his shirt.

I wonder what it's of. His tattoo stopped at the top of his left bicep.

I swallowed hard and tried to keep my composure as I tried to peal my eyes away from his bicep. I watched it flex as he looked over at me.

We turned down a dirt road and my attention refocused on my surroundings. The forest around us was a lot darker than before and fog lined the trees, giving it an eerie look. He drove for ten or so more minutes until he pulled up to a large house.

There were a few people scattered in the lawn breathing hard, looking like they just got back from a run.

"Come on. Let's go." He got out of the car and I reluctantly followed. As I got out the people gave me a few stares but he growled in front of me, causing them to bow their heads and to look away.

He pushed the door opened and began climbing the stairs. We climbed until we reached the top floor and walked down a hallway which seemed like it went on forever and ever.

I hope we get there soon. My legs hurt from all of this walking.

We finally reached a door at the end of the hallway. He opened it and held the door for me. I walked in to a bedroom and turned around to stare at him.

"What's this?"

"What does it look like?" He asked like I was dumb.

"I mean, why am I here?"

"You did say you wanted to go home with me."

"That was before you called me a brat and said that I was b*tchy. Now I want to go home." I crossed my arms in front of him.

"No." His said with authority. "I'm not bringing you home. You sleep here tonight, in that bed, with me." He pointed to the bed.

I squinted my eyes at him. "No." I said back. I stomped to the door to leave but he stood in front of it completely blocking the entrance. I pushed, punched, and kicked him to get out, but he stood their unfazed by my attempts of hurting him. He didn't even flinch when I punched him in the nose. He just glared down at me.

Crossing my arms over my chest again, I stomped to the other side of the room, finding another door. He watched me as I opened it up, ready to escape. I quickly walked into the dark room and shut the door.

Yes! I did it! I moved my hand around on the wall looking for a light switch. I finally found one, turned it on, and screamed in frustration. I stared at all of the clothes he had in his closet and rolled my eyes.

I reopened the door and stomped back out in frustration. He was lying shirtless on his bed, legs crossed, waiting for me to come out. A smirk was plastered on his face. I walked over to him.

It took all of my strength to not look at his abs and just cuddle next to the beast. I snatched the blankets from him and stole the pillow that he was lying on. I dragged them to the edge of the bed and laid down on the floor.

"Are you seriously going to sleep on the floor?"

"Are you seriously going to sleep on the floor?" I asked back, imitating him in a childish voice. He sighed and I could tell he probably did an eye roll.

I laid back down on the pillow and pulled the blanket over me. He mumbled a few more words but I drowned him out and let myself fall into a deep sleep.

Sun glared through the curtains and a chilly breeze woke me up. I squinted my eyes trying to adjust to the sunlight. The light just made my headache worse. I picked up my phone from my side of the bed to see what time it was.

Wait, bed?! Why was I lying in bed? I distinctly remember falling asleep on the floor.

Oh, that guy better not have put me in bed with him. I swear to whatever kind of goddess he believes in.

I rolled over to see the bed empty. He probably got up already. I jumped up ready to find him and to fight him. He's going to really get it from me. I'm not drunk anymore I can really throw a punch now.

My feet landed on the cold ground and I walked towards the door, trying to find the light. On the way to the door, my big toe stumped on something hard. I pulled it up into the air and held it, trying to ease the pain.

"What the hell are you doing?" A husky voice came from below. I looked down to see a certain werewolf lying on the ground looking up at me. His eyes squinted at me and his hair was all messed up.

If I wasn't mad at him, I would almost think he was cute.

"Why are you on the ground?" I asked.

"Because I wanted you to be comfortable and I didn't want you to think I took advantage of you." I looked down at him with big eyes and a smile crept on my face.

He may be annoying but he was cute. I brushed the cuteness out of my mind. "Well, get up. I need some painkillers. My head is killing me."

He reluctantly got up and walked to his bathroom with me hot on his heels. He pulled out some Advil and gave me a glass of water. I happily took it.

I looked at him quizzically as he looked down at me with a huge smile. "What?" I asked.


"Why are you so happy?"

He looked at me with eager, but I could tell he was fighting an internal battle. His eyes changed back and forth between green and gold. I watched as they traveled from color to color and looked up at him in amazement.

Wolves were so cool. I wish I was one. His eyes changed from green to gold one last time and remained as a golden glow.

"Because we found our mate."

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