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They took everything from her now she a danger to us all is all  Bloodreina is a fictional character and main protagonist. Bloodreina grows up to becomes the Earth's mightiest warrior and strongest and the multiverse to search for the void of mindless and to eliminate all free will in sentient beings and remake the universe in his own image.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1 Taken

Ah Wintersky a wonderful loving kingdom filled with the amazing crowds and beautiful decorations, Wintergreen is One of the most visited kingdoms, for markets and celebrations.

"Pay attention vaylin" the bar owner said to the young girl. vaylin is a young orphan who was adopted and raised by the bar owner Jack Smith, she spends her years cleaning and help with chores she is thirteen years old. "I am" she replied. "But what's so great about this knight" she asked, "Everything" he replied telling the story.

Years ago there's was a man named Mavis Thunder, Mavis Thunder had always loved the Wintersky with its knowing, magical and lovingness. It was a place where he felt happy and joy forever.

He was known as a loving, tight-fisted, beer drinker with charming eyes and strong will. His friends saw him as a noble, honorable Protector when they were in trouble. Days Mavis would take the Role as Elite storm knight training his skills battling evil from all around the realm, from demons to dragons. Once, he had even jumped into the depths of the abyss and saved Queen Elizabeth from the Devil Naxmus. That's the sort blave man he was.

Mavis walked down the streets praise for his heroic deeds and adventures after saving the kingdom from the invasion of the the terminal empire, in bars, reflected on sunny surroundings. The crowd uproar cheered at the call of his name.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Sharon DeVito. Sharon was his stepbrother he serves the terminals, a knight with brown eyes and a cold heart.

Mavis gulped. He was not prepared for Sharon. As Mavis watch as Sharon came a little closer, he could see the unnatural glint in his eye.

Sharon glared with all the wrath of 1604 dangerous fire Demons. He said, in a hushed tones, "I hate you and I will have vengeance."

Mavis looked back, even more pain and disappointed trying to recovery. "Sharon, we were Brothers once," he replied.

They looked at each other with lost feelings, like two broken souls as the crowd continue to cheer Mavis regarded Sharon's hatred eyes. "Once" he replied disappearing out about of the cheering crowd.

"Why do his brother hate him?" She asked "do you recall when I mention Mavis wasn't always a knight" she shake's her head. "Well he wasn't always Mavis ether, he was once a librarian in the aye Hall of Khan named Victor vo. But as he dig deeper into the dark depths of power of the Sola Void that flow's through the realm he grew increasingly concerned about the present corruption in high places and inequality among the masses".

"Inequality?" She says, "yes' he replied "from elves lizard man, orcs to Dwarves, Victor Vo became inspired by the words and ideas of a warrior, one who has was blessed by the gods themselves". "Sharon, Sharon vowed to challenge the council and king and queen demanded all realms species be treated as equals, this warrior turned revolutionary rapidly, gathering a loyal of followers, being a leader among them".

Victor Vo began corresponding with Sharon who came to be something of a leader to him". As Sharon went to go for the political he saw fit to make a change before long Sharon appear before the king and queen and council to propose his vision".

Proclaiming to unite all kingdoms into one by force, and demanding that he should be the one to lead them. But Victor Vo did not believe in violence as a means of achieving justice. The heart's and minds of the council and king and queen were moved by Victor Vo words, here for the first time since the xev century's stood someone worthy of leadership.

But that honor can only be giving to one by earning the Troy of Light, his ambitious thwarted Sharon severed all ties Victor Vo and the council King and queen came and wage war on all who opposed him through his growing army of followers he vowed to clam the Troy of light from himself wherever it might lie, Victor Vo journey to holy Land hoping to get help and found him self before the very goddess that bless us, Nioma herself. Nioma sense the hope and leadership upon Victor Vo and bestowed the Troy of light and thus from humble and intelligent Victor Vo came to be Mavis Thunder.

"And that is why this story is so important for all us to remember and pass down to" he says. "Interesting story" she replied. only seeing less interested. "Just watch one day you'll meet him" he says "I hope I do" she sarcastically replied.

Omus, the town drunk, clumsy raises his drink in the air "Hey! bartender! another! round! will! yea! (Hiccup)" 'I'll fill it" jack said giving him a smile. A life of adventure! Don't you wish you lived that kind of life, Vaylin?" He asked "no" she replied "oh come now (Hiccup) don't you want to be more then a barmaid?, surely something pulls your heart," he said.

She sigh "I go on a adventure I guess." she says. "where will you go.?" he asked with a bit of curiously. "Idk ugh caves?" she answered unsure. "Well good luck (hiccup) another round (hiccup)." he says, "I think you had enough." jack says, "nonsense I only had ten" omus said, "Ten was five ales ago." Vaylin said, "takata would've let me had another one god bless her soul" he says, feeling down. "She always cut you off after five". Jack said. It's true she did always look out for me (hiccup) omus said. "Come on I'll help you get home" jack said pulling omus arm around his neck. 'Thank jack you're a good man" (hiccup).

As they leave out, Vaylin grabs the cups and took them to the back with here and washed the dishes, once when she was finished heard a weird strange voice.

(Voices) "You need to go, you're not safe here, danger is coming". "What?, go where, what's coming." She asked but is met with utterly silence before she can think more jack burst in. Omus is still at his side drunk and unsteady while several people follow in tow. "Vaylin! Invaders have entered Wintersky!". He said. Quickly we have to hide until they pass, come we must help these people into the basement. He says. Of course! She says. Omus backs away. "No I must help my family". Omus said. Omus there isn't time. Jack says. "I will not abandon them Jack no more then will abandon yours, you take care of these folks". Omus said. "Please be careful." Vaylin says. "You too may the gods Grant us Mercy". Omus stumbled out the door into the fray.

Everyone has hid into the basement. 'What do you see?". Jack asked. "They lining up young girls". She answered while looking out the window. "So it is what I feared". He said. "Listen Vaylin you must live no matter the cost". He said with a serious look. "Don't worry will get through this". She said with confidence. "You misunderstand, more than anyone else here you have to survive". "What are you talking about"?, she asked. "I'm no more important than anyone here". She said. "But you are, Vaylin". He said . "Quickly there's a small tunnel leading to the alley". He says. "Jack do you know who attacking Wintersky?". He shakes his head "No, I don't know who..., But I do know why. But there's no time to explain we must go".

As they lead through the tunnels, the basement door open, the people hundle in the basement scream. Almost a few seconds out the inn, a Invader grab and pull Vaylin back into the inn. Hold it. He said. "Please don't hurt". Jack cry is cut short when he's is knock out with the hilt of a sword. Vaylin tried to lash out at the attacker but proved effortless. Everyone is herded outside. Vaylin stay close to jack checking for serious injuries. "Keep quiet". The angry raider shoves them forward near the market stalls where the other people have been corralled. To her horror she saw a familiar face

.omus?. Hello Vaylin unfortunate to see you again. "But.... ". "They found me hiding in the barn, it was foolish on my part And I don't even like animals". He said. Sudden! a hush begins to call over the Invaders. Silence! The raider commands. Hydraulic is coming. Everyone goes eerily quiet. Vaylin looks to omus and whisper. Whose hydraulic. In answer, the raiders part, and a towering man strides towards them. His face is curdled with menace. His grotesque muscles impatiently flex in anticipation of violence... .

His eyes empty, souless and uncaring. Hydraulic stops before the stalls examines them with a cold malevolence... . He glares at each terrified person in turn. One of you know why I'm here, one of you has what I need. He says. His eyes meets Vaylins. "You might just be what I'm looking". Me?. He takes a red necklace and put it on her, the necklace lights up red and he smiles. "Finally!". He said. "At long last I found one, an Iconia. "Iconia?". She's says He grabs her and wrap her wrists in chains. "You're mine now". What do we do with the rest now. The raider asked. Vaylin!. Jack cried. Kill them all. Hydraulic says. Everyone screams.

Till suddenly lightning came out the sky and onto the ground, and came was Mavis Thunder.The people cheer, hydraulic grew angry. "!take care of him!, And you teleport us out of here now!. He yelled. "Vaylin!" Jack cried, trying to get to his feet. "Jack!" Vaylin cried back. Mavis defeated most of the raiders and focus his efforts on her. "Save her Mavis please". Jack cried. Mavis ran as fast as he can, but wasn't fast enough as they teleport away. "Mavis sir". One of knights came. "What are your orders" he asked. "Get everyone in medical attention and find where they went". He said. "Yes sir " they responded. "Vaylin!" Jack cried out. trying to stay conscious but soon ran out as he fell. Mavis ran over to him. "Sir are you alright"?. His last words. "Vaylin I'm sorry".

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