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Angel/Humanoid story

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Chapter 2

Once I had healed Kerrilyn, she went over to pick up her lifeform which she named Sam. I had to ask her the reason for names. Back on my Sol, my race communicate with our minds , so there is no need for labels.

"Come on, I've got to get her back. I'm already 10 minutes late. Your owner is going to kill me, Sam." I did not know what she said, but I followed her. "So you really don't have a name?"

"I do not label. My Sol communicate with our minds."

"Telepathically? Wow." Kerrilyn stopped moving and I found myself looking at an oddly shaped dwelling with plain on the outside and what I guessed were other lifeforms that moved occasionally. "This is Tia's house. She's the one who made me break my leg."

"She hurt you?" I had already formed an attachment to this lifeform and it puzzled me. Maybe it was because she was the first lifeform I saw or maybe because she will be the only one that can show me around her Sol.

"No, not really. But she is kinda a control freak and wanted Sam back like 15 minutes ago... I was trying to hurry, but a tree root tripped me over."

"Why do you label?"

"Label?" Kerilyn looked puzzled.

"Tree, root, Sam, Tia. Why do you label?"

"Oh right. Um… I guess it makes it easier. Humans aren't telepathic so they have to communicate with voices. Having names makes it easier." Kerrilyn moved to the front of the dwelling and made a sound on the front of the dwelling, then moved quickly away. "Come, hide!"

"Hide?" I think humans have to stop using labels. Kerrilyn grabbed me and made me move to a part of the dwelling, but it wasn't a part of the dwelling.

"Sam! There you are! I thought that evil person had taken you away! Did you get lost? Where is she? Did she leave you here? She won't be looking after you again, I will make sure of it."

The voice like Kerrilyn's stopped and I looked to her.

She sighed. "I knew it. I'm fired. Well, I will just have to find another job as a dogsitter and maybe this time she or he won't be a control freak."

"Do you need this job?" I did not know what job was, but it was the only way I could think of to communicate with the lifeforms.

"No, it was just for a bit of money. I don't exactly have a house... uh, that," she pointed to the dwelling. "So I just needed it to get some food and water." Kerrilyn blew air out of her. "Anyway, never mind. Speaking of names I need to give you one."


"I need something to call you by. You're coming with me to university and I'm going to say you're a new student, and new students have names." Kerrilyn stopped using her voice and is quiet.

"What will you name me?"

"Well… You look like an angel. Angels look like you, but with white wings… the appendages you use to fly, whatever before you ask. So… Oh! I know. How about Evangelina? I've always loved that name. I was going to call whichever pet I ended up with that."

I still did not know what name is. "That is nice name."

"Cool. I'll call you Eva for short. The whole name is a bit of a mouthful. So let's go to my house. Well it's not a house like that one it's more a tent… Which is a small house. Tiny." Kerrilyn started moving again, but she looked back at the house then moved away quicker.

"Do all humans have houses?"

"Yeah, most humans anyway." Kerrilyn stopped next to a strange looking object. "Welcome home."

"This is not a house. Why don't you live in a house you was looking at?"

"Well… My parents died and the foster parents I was put with were terrible, so I ran away. I built myself this tent and I have been living here ever since." Kerrilyn sat down and pulled out another strange object. "This is a book and since you are going to be joining me in Biology you need to learn about the human body."

I sat down with her and took the book. Kerrilyn opened it and I looked through taking in everything. Very soon, I was finished the book. "You are a fascinating species."

"I don't think so. Anyway, first you read fast and second I have a book here about bullying. It's serious and what I'm kind of going through at the moment. If anyone tries to bully you stick up for yourself and don't let them."

"Do you stick up for yourself?" I asked.

"To be honest, no. They are a foot taller and whenever I tell the teachers they say they will talk to them, but they never do. So I've just given up with them really."

After reading through the book, I knew I had to help Kerrilyn. I did not yet know what suicide was, but from the book it is very bad and it is to be avoided at all costs.

"I will help you."

"It's fine really. There's no need, it's not that bad anyway. And it's really dark and we have to get up tomorrow so sleep and we can talk about it tomorrow." Kerrilyn put the book away and lay down.

I did not sleep. Once Kerrilyn was sleeping, I got up and looked around her house. I picked up a T-shirt that read "Westmoore College". I held the t-shirt tightly and it revealed the College's location to me. I needed to know what the bullies looked like so carefully, so I didn't wake her I placed my hand on her head and looked through her mind. A sharp pain ran through my body and I went to the floor but as quietly as I could.

Whenever I use my powers too much, it always near fully drains me. My real body and the body the Interface put me in, is partly made up of the power and if I use it all up, I won't have a life anymore. I just needed to rest and I soon have my power back. My body is very efficient at restoring my power.

Getting back up and putting the T-Shirt back down, I left the house and unfolding my wings, I flew up into the sky and flew to Westmoore College.

When I got there, I landed on a big house and folded my wings away. I walked to the edge and could see 3 male humans surrounding a smaller human. On the book I read about bullying, the bully is usually the one bigger than the rest and the other humans follow his lead because they are either his friends or to stop themselves being bullied.

I jumped down from the big house and made my way over.

As I got closer, I see it is the human males from the brief moment I had in Kerrilyn's mind. They were in her mind and she was worried about having to face them tomorrow.

"Humans." I said to them. They looked up. The smaller human had red on his face.

"Who are you? We've never seen you around before."

"Leave the smaller human alone."

"Why the hell is she talking that?" A middle sized human next to the larger human said.

"I am not from around here. Let the smaller human go now and leave Kerrilyn alone." The male humans made a sound that sounded either like a threat or they were mocking me. "I mean it. Let the small human go and leave Kerrilyn alone."

"Or what? You gonna make me are you?" The larger human came really close to me. The sound they were making was definitely a threat.

"Yes I will." From the human body books I had read I knew where the organ was that sustains life and humans cannot live without. On my Sol, anyone who made a threat has to carry out the threat or they were weak and would be drained of their powers, if the lifeform being threatened is merciful. If not, they won't have a life. Peace is needed on my Sol to survive and live by each other.

I put my hand over his chest and closed my hand. My power could seen coming out of my hand and the human let out a loud sound. I pulled my hand away and out came the human's heart. It moved for a moment then stopped. The red was all over my hand and dripping to the floor. I dropped the heart and looked to the other humans.

"Will I have to do that to you or will you leave them alone?" I asked.

"Your flipping crazy! How the hell did you do that?" The middle human asked. I didn't answer because the smallest human out of them tried to attack me with an object. I pushed him back with a powerful wave. He flew back, hit something and fell to the ground. The last human left in a hurry.

I looked to the smaller human. "They won't bother you anymore. If they do, I'm coming here in the morning and you come to me."

"T-Thanks. That was… Amazing. No-one has ever stood up to them before, well not like that anyway. So, uh… See you tomorrow!" The smaller human waved his hand then left in a hurry too.

I had done good. Kerrilyn won't have to worry about being bullied anymore and so perhaps she will trust me more. I read that trust is a big thing in human life.

I unfolded my wings and flew back to Kerrilyn's house and settled down to sleep.

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