The Enchanted Hot Sauce

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Chapter 1

I suppose I shall have to start at the beginning, for if I do not, this tale is too fantastic to make any sense.

This all started at the Twin's Tower. For a while now I had been chatting with a female in Tokyo, Japan.

She spoke English pretty well, and she and I chatted for years. We became very close until I came home one day and she gave me quite a surprise.

We had agreed upon certain rules. No exchanging pictures, no real-life names. Today she broke that rule. Not that I mind. Even if what happened to me a million times, I would have still accepted her offer.

I got home after work and opened up the message that was waiting for me.

Dearest Conrad,

I regret that I can no longer adhere to the rules that we both set for this chat. You mean a great deal to me, and so that is why I am going to tell you this.

I decided it would be best to come clean. I am the owner of a multinational conglomerate that my father owned. Attached to this is a reservation number for a ticket. You can use this number to choose any flight you wish to come to see me.

I do hope you decide to come to see me.

My throat began to close up a little bit. Not only was she interested in seeing me, but she was rich too?!

I clicked to view the ticket number. I wasn't sure as to whether I could actually use this number or not. It sounded too fantastic to be true. However, I have come to know my friend from Tokyo for a while. It just wouldn't be like her to make up this as a farce.

The next thing I knew I was calling the airlines to confirm the reservation number. It was genuine. One trip to Tokyo, there and back from whatever airline I chose at whatever time I wished.

Well, that was it. I confirmed a flight, and I started to pack. My job laid me off during the slow season. I was going to coast on by with my money until I could find another job temporarily.

I managed to find my passport and began to continue packing. My flight left tomorrow at 8 a.m. I began to wonder what the life of a rich person would be.

I sat down to a meal of leftovers. I admit I did not quite often eat well. All the leftovers were pretty much pasta, pizza, leftover Chinese takeout, and a few day-old donuts. I had a busy life during the busy season.

I ran a food truck. Winter was coming, and not much construction went on with the ground all solid. Mostly my boss gave me a route to take, I would drive onto the construction site, and the hungry workers would come over.

Winter was just around the corner, and so the slow season started. My boss cut his force in half. This year I was not so lucky to be chosen to stay on during the winter.

I'm sure I explained this to my friend at some point, and that's probably how she knew that I wasn't busy enough and could accept the ticket.

I was watching a really old tv show called Ranma 1/2 when I started to get sleepy.

I started to see a picture of a woman, leaping for an electrified plate. It was around plate-like a dish, but it was thicker and black. Once she touched the plate, it began to shock her.

She cried out in pain and pulled herself up. She reached for another electrified plate above that. It seemed she was climbing something.

The woman's hair was frizzy, blonde and caramel color. Her skin was the color of deep walnut. Her outfit consisted of leather straps, arm guards, shoulder guards, and leather gauntlets. She appeared to be some kind of gladiator.

I continued to watch her climb up this dreadful tower as guards below poked her with spikes. The woman went from plate to plate, getting shocked, and avoiding the spikes that stuck out of the tower.

I proceeded to awake the next day, unaware why I dreamt of such a horrible dream. It was 5 a.m. already, and I began to pack up my stuff. I turned off the TV. Apparently, it was on all night. I tripped over a bottle of hot sauce. I bent down to pick up the bottle.

The hot sauce was not a brand that I was familiar with. In fact, I had never heard of "Herby Magic's Convoluted Hot Sauce". I shrugged and began to make myself a breakfast burrito. I put some of the sauce on the bottle. I consider myself almost crazy at the time, but the sauce shimmered, changing colors like it was alive.

I figured I must still be sleepy, so I bit into the breakfast burrito. The sauce was quite nasty. I spat out the stuff in disgust. I salvaged what was left of my burrito, and ate it sans sauce.

I tossed the hot sauce in the trash and continued to get ready. I got my car. My car was 1991 Chord Escort. I got it at a very good price after it was new in '91. Fifteen years later, the car still runs. Frankly, that's all that matters to me. When I was younger, having a cool car was everything, now all that mattered was getting to work without incident.

I pulled out and took the highway to the airport. Snow began to fall, as I drove down the busy highway. Then the funniest thing happened. In fact, a lot of funny things happened on my way to tyoko.

As soon as I entered the highway, I noticed in my rearview mirror that the police pulled up. They started to barricade the entrance not letting anybody else on the highway. The highway was pretty much dead. Normally it was so full of people using it to get to work, but it was as if the highway was for myself and myself alone.

When I got to the airport, I had no trouble finding a parking space near the front of the airport.

Airport security had a long line, but a new line opened and a guard waved me through to his line. I was having phenomenally good luck.

I was actually early to catch my flight, and I found out my friend purchased a first-class ticket. I could never afford such luxury in my entire life.

I fell asleep, having another dream about the woman. This time I was watching her undress in her tent. She suddenly looked around as if she could sense my presence.

"Who is there?!" She shouted as she protected her bare chest.

I continued to watch her as she continued to look around, acting all suspicious.

"I can sense you! Who's there?" The woman demanded as she reached for a nearby sword with a curved blade.

Then she seemed to look directly at me. She covered her chest with one arm as she pointed the sword at me with her other arm. "I know you're there! Reveal yourself!"

I just stood there watching her. She grew angry and pulled back the sword as if to attack. Then I woke up.

The plane dipped as if it was trying to avoid something.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please return to your seats and fasten your belts. We are encountering turbulence." A voice told us over the loudspeaker.

I looked at my watch. It was after nine am. I had missed take off. I heard a commotion from the right side of the plane.

"Oh, we are here! We are here! That's Japan!" A businessman shouted as he looked out the window.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I know this sounds impossible.. but all the instruments are correct.. we have been in the air on a direct flight to Honolulu for a stop and to refuel.. somehow.. we ended up in Japan.."

I looked at my watch. He was right. I had only been asleep for an hour and here we were.

The air traffic tower in Tyoko guided us in, and it all seemed to be very mysterious. It was after midnight in Japan when we landed.

I had no idea how we got here in under an hour. The pilot walked nearby, talking to a stewardess about how some kind of hole opened up. He dipped the plane to avoid it, but we went in anyway and ended up here.

"What the heck is going on?" I ended up asking myself.

Soon the whole terminal was abuzz with stories of the "Impossible Flight", going from the USA to Japan in an hour, with no stops in between.

I began to hit the streets of Tokyo. Luckily this place was one that did not sleep like Los Vegas or New York. I flagged down a cab and used Google Translate to speak to the cab driver.

"Yes! I speak English! Get in already!" The female shouted at me from inside.

"Well, this makes it a lot easier," I told her before reading the address attached to the claim number.

The cab took off and then slowed in front of the police car. The officer looked at her and the cabbie made a "come follow me" motion.

The police car began to follow the cab. I began to wonder if it was because I was a foreigner.

Apparently, my friend was a big deal in Japan. The police were a bit iffy about letting an outsider go to the home of the owner of one of the most powerful Corporations in the world.

The cab pulled up and I got out. The house was over by a cliff face, A private beach below in the ocean crashing upon the rocks. I rang the bell and someone answered in Japanese. I had to use my app to figure out what he was saying.

Before I could answer, the police officer spoke in Japanese. I could not catch what the two were talking about. Then the officer asked for my passport. I showed it to him. More of the Conversation eluded me.

Finally, the gates began to open. The police officer spoke in English “You are early, but expected.” That he got inside his car and took off. The cab did as well. I turned and went through the gate as it began to rain.

I was greeted by the butler in English. “Mister Conrad. Why are you arriving so late at night? We expected you sometime tomorrow afternoon.”

I scratched my head and smiled. “Yeah.. somehow we made it to Japan in an hour..” as if that was a logical excuse.

“Please follow me. I will show you to your room.” The butler told me, taking my bags.

“I hope I did not wake anybody..” I spoke as I looked around the very expensive-looking mansion.

"Trust me when I say that the Mistress of the house is very much asleep." The butler told me as we continued to go through the house.

Finally, we stopped in front of the doors to my room. The butler began to go inside the room, showing me around the room. The bed was big and comfy, I had a closet. it was certainly not a Japanese style room, but more of a western look.

"I thought the person who owns this house was Japanese.." I spoke to the butler after beginning to put my things away.

"The man who built his house, my Mistress's father, was indeed Japanese. However, the woman he married was English. He built this house for her." The butler told me as he watched me work.

"That explains a lot. I'm glad it's built this way. It feels very close to home." I told the butler, relieved that this reminded me so much of my lifestyle back in the USA.

Back home I was quite poor. His style of living was a little bit more than I was accustomed to. I somehow managed to finish unpacking and got into bed.

"Anything else sir?" The butler asked me.

"No. Goodnight." I wish him farewell as he shut off the lights.

That night I slept, dreaming of the girl again. She was being chased by shadows. I could sense that she was searching for something. She ran, finally finding a doorway. She left through it as the shadows chased her. The shadows carried glowing pitchforks.

I woke up from the dream. I tried to think back about the dream, but soon the dream and its contents were fading away from my mind. I sat up in bed. I had slept for a long time. By my estimate, it was almost noon in Japan.

I yawned, scratched and got up from the bed. I proceeded into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and did a double-take. For a moment I didn't recognize myself. Strange stuff had been happening to me as of late.

I got dressed and went outside my door to where the Butler was waiting for me.

"Good morning Sir, I trust that you slept well?" The butler asked me.

"As well as to be expected. I don't suffer from any jet lag." I told the butler, as I looked at him.

"Indeed. Word of your "Impossible flight" was on the news this morning. How that happened, I cannot say. If I were not a man of science, I would say magic was at work." The butler told me, and he began to escort me to the room in which the girl I came to meet presided.

The woman stood up. I went to her and she offered me her hand. I kissed it.

"Aella I presume?" I asked her as I admired her.

She had deep crimson eyes. Her hair was the color of the blackest midnight. She giggled a bit, dressed in a strawberry red traditional ball gown.

"Enchante." She spoke French as I kissed her hand.

"You're quite the lady of the world aren't you Aella?" I asked her.

Aella giggled and shook her head. Another woman came out from the kitchen and pointed at Abigail.

"That's not Aella! I am!" The other woman person who was looking at exactly like Abigail.

"What?!" I looked back and forth between the two, just now realizing that they were identical twins.

Aella ran over to me, and planted a kiss on my cheek.

"I should explain.. you see.. we're identical twins.. and.. we took turns answering your letters.. and.." Aella was clearly embarrassed, blushing red.

The other girl kissed me. "Hi.. I my name is Lye.

"So you're both twins?!" I was still reeling from the fact that they were both twins.

Yeah, and we've both fallen.. hard for you.." the both of them spoke, kissing me many times.

"What do you mean by both?" I tried to ask them in between kisses.

"As I said.. we took turns answering your letter.. and.. we brought you here for a reason.." Aella told me, bushing more.

"What reason is that you asked me here?" I ask the two of them as they really went to town kissing me.

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