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TWISTED FATE Fantasy/Adventure/Romance rated-R 🔞 Sixteen-year-old Willow-Grace Emerson lives with her mother and Kye, her ever-faithful k9. Living a carefree life seems the way to go, but alas, fate’s got other ideas. Sadly, the world she lives in is one full of suffering, famine, and war. Will she bow down to its terror and allow it to continue? Or will she fight for world love and happiness? Oh, and save magic. Will she walk away from those who wronged her and leave them to, rot in their lies? Read on to see if Willow-Grace takes on, one of the biggest decisions of her life. ❤️ Please, don’t leave any big spoilers on reviews. Thanks in advance. Its still a working progress. Names/places/plot may change slightly.

Fantasy / Adventure
Dembie Rose
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“Willow-Grace, honey, don’t stay out too long. Your dinners gonna be ready soon. Oh, and before you come back inside; take those wellingtons off. I want no more mess on my carpets. I’ve already cleaned up after Kye.”
I hear my mum call out and naturally; I tell her I will... I’m in our back garden, sitting on my tree-swing. It’s one our neighbour hung for me when I was small. Kye’s my dog. She’s a six-month-old Siberian husky, one who’s very much into everything. No doubt she’s made a mess inside.
If you’re wondering why I’m wearing wellingtons? Well, it’s snowing lately. There’s quite a lot of it. Thankfully, I love snow. That’s why I’m sat out here. I’m admiring the glittering effect with the garden light shining down. Oh yes, it’s my favourite thing about it. Aside from the sheer beauty; the sparkles my favourite.
I also made a little snowman, one with a carrot for a nose and stones for his eyes and mouth. I’ve been lucky enough to find a few twigs for his arms too. Sadly, I couldn’t find a scarf.
Yeah, I’m wearing my scarf. I’m sorry; it’s just too cold to part with it. My mum thinks I’m mad, sitting out here every time it snows. She enjoys watching it from the windows, where it’s warm.
I like that too, but there’s nothing better than seeing that sparkle... along with feeling and hearing the crunch of it under your feet. Granted; I wear about three layers of clothing to keep me warm. But still, I love it.
While my mother and Kye stay inside, I’m here thinking about... actually, I’m not thinking about anything. I guess I’m just, allowing my mind to wander; thinking about life. I tend to do this a lot. I always imagined what living in a fantasy world would feel like. Like being stuck in your favourite book or movie, lost in a world of romance and fantasy. That’s what I love. I love books and movies, mostly books. But it’s a world I like to escape to, quite a lot. My mum says I should be in a movie or a book, playing a character. I kinda resemble a pixy like a queen pixy. (Her words, not mine)
My hair so long, it almost touches my backside... What’s making more “pixy queen” is the fact it’s almost white.
My eyes are a bright blue, with a black rim. As with my pale-skin, it makes them pop. My nose is small and because of this, she called it, a button nose. It sits above my plump, almost red lips.
They’re so full. When I have my favourite lip-gloss, I take selfies; posing with the famous trouty-pout. Nobody sees them of course. God no! I’m not on any social media sites. In fact, I don’t even own a phone. No, I took those selfies with my Nikon-Camera.
Mum says; I should be in a magazine, modelling fancy lip gloss... I always respond with “The world’s got enough vain people in it. Seriously, they don’t need me adding to it”
I guess I’m kinda stubborn when it comes to the world and its “sheep”. Everybody wants fame and fortune, I just want happiness. I’d like to live in a world where everyone is free, with no pain or suffering. I’d like to see the world come together and take care of each other. I’m not oblivious to the world or anything. I don’t push it out of my mind either. Yet just sometimes, I like to imagine the worlds just like that; free. Sadly, it’s falling apart. The world’s going crazy and nobody’s doing a damn thing to stop it.
If anything; they’re making it worse. Wars are going on; people are fighting each other for power and greed.
We’re kind of lucky... Yes, wars are happening. But the army’s not on our streets; not yet anyway. But the evil people are in our county now. They’re here and every so often, they come out of hiding. They come out and destroy innocent people’s lives. They’re killing hundreds with their home-made bombs. Children are dying at the hands of people wanting power, and our lands.
It’s not just children; men and women are dying. But they’re still somebody’s children. They have families and friends, ones losing their loved ones... All at the hands of, monsters.
I hate the world right now. It’s just a bleak place to be. So whenever it snows, I like to imagine the worlds covered in it. I imagine everybody’s doing just this.
I also imagine they’re sitting, or standing in the snow, doing exactly what I’m doing. I hope they take in its beauty while it lasts. Soon enough, we won’t be around to see it... Not with the way it’s going. Every night, I pray for peace will come. I also pray for all wars to cease to exist. But alas, that’s another fantasy, one I doubt will ever happen. Wars like this, they’ve been going on for hundreds of years. Everyone wants power. They all want ‘seen and heard’ while making innocent people fear them. Well, I don’t hate the world; not really. I only hate the monsters in it.
Mum says I was born in the wrong era; said I should’ve been born in the sixties. You know, fighting the power in the seventies.
Maybe she’s right? I’m not one for gadgets or making myself look like a Barbie-doll. You could say my style is very much “rebel girl.” It’s not, in your face; it’s quite tame... almost nerdy/librarian/hippy style. And no, I don’t follow the crowds either. I wear what I want; not what “society” wants me to wear.
In the summer, I’ll wear dresses. Mostly flowery ones with big skirts, ones I like to spin around in. I like to make them fan out, ballerina style. I’d wear my converse, instead of sandals. Just sometimes, I’ll wear my black Dock-Marten’s; ones with red laces. Heck, I’m not afraid to wear a little flower in my hair either.
Those “sheep” like to call me Hippy-Girl. They always say “get back to my elves” like I’m freaking Santa’s little helper. Only I don’t care. I don’t listen. I believe Karma will get them. They’ll get what they deserve. Yet, what else can I expect from a bunch of sheep? They’re all the same superficial. All angry with the world for not giving them what they demand. Crap like money, fame, and all eyes on them. I can’t stand people like that. I’d gladly spend my life with no friends, rather than become a sheep.

“Willow-Grace, dinner’s ready.”
My mum calls out again, pulling me from my thoughts.
When I turn my head and look at her, I end up smiling. She’s holding Kye under her arms, preventing her from running out.
Gosh, I love my mum. She’s all the friends I need. Naturally, Kye too... she’s like my furry best friend. She also warms my toes at night...
Yeah, they’re all I need.
My little family...

Author Note;

Started this in 2017 and now I'm trying to finish. Wish me luck. lol Originally, it started as 'Princess Alexis'. Since then, I've changed the title again from 'Willfire' to 'Twisted Fate'. I'm not sure how it'll go, but I have a rough idea. So please bear with me for updates.

Names and places may change slightly, so look out for updates. Fantasy isn't normally my type of genre so, I'm just seeing how I go for now. Book one is complete, which I’m now trying to clean up. Then I'll work on part two and Three.

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