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Life Of Three Stones

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People live in the city. Strange creatures live under the city. It is time to face each other. It is war time. It is survival time

Fantasy / Adventure
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The Man Who Escaped

The night was quiet and dark, which was not typical for the summer. The moon was barely visible behind the thick clouds, and the stars were completely invisible. The windows in the houses along the street were also black. The light was only in some of them. Everything around was in dead silence. Even the leaves of the trees tried not to make a sound.

Suddenly, silence was broken by approaching steps and heavy breathing. After several steps thin, middle-aged man appeared under the light coming from the window. Man's face was hidden behind dirty, long beard and oily long hair. Hardly standing on his feet, he leaned against the wall. His nails were torn, and his hand was in blood. Although he did not feel pain. Coughing several times and trying not to make a noise, he looked around. Seeing nothing in the darkness, he took a gulp of air into his lungs, and began to run.

His shoes were torn, and the clothes that used to be black, now, were gray from the dirt and dust. Although the man's steps were chaotic, and he was looking around perplexed, he knew the address where he was going. Having passed several houses, he turned the edge of the street and stopped again. Drops of blood dripped from a finger to the ground. Looking back to the dark street he didn't see anything. But he was sure that he was being followed. Holding his breath, he listened around. The street seemed calm and safe. Taking another full lungs of air, he ran into the next dark street, which was narrower than the previous one.

Approaching the end of the street, he stopped in front of the two-story house with dirty windows. Walking closer he took a key from the side pocket of his trousers and opened the door. Stepping into the house, he stopped for one more time at the threshold and turned back. It seemed to him that he had noticed something in the darkness, but it disappeared into nowhere.

He closed tge door and turned to the dark corridor. Standing there, he looked around. House seemed empty and safe. Although it was dark and almost nothing was visible, he walked easily to the end of the corridor and opened a wooden door with a metal handle.

It was a door to the library. On the left and right sides of the room, there were two bookcases with books. In the middle of the room, there was a table with papers, books and a laptop on it. The man hurried to the table, sat on a chair and turned on the laptop, pressing the button with a bloody finger, and as soon as the laptop came to life he started to type.

I know, it's been a long time since my last message and you are waiting for my reply to your questions. If my computer shows the date correctly, nine months passed since my last post. I can not answer your questions. I don't have a lot of time. I can't tell you everything that I know. You will be in danger if you learn everything. I just want to warn you. Something bad is going to happen.

I was taken by them. But I still don't know what they are? Yes, I wrote - "What"! I can't call them "Who." They are not human. But still, they are alive. They can think, move and act. They are strange creatures that I have never seen before. You will think that I am crazy. But it is true. I don't have much time. I escaped from them. But I don't know where and to whom I should go and tell everything that I saw. They will find in no time. There is no point to fight against them. Theories and ideas that we used to discuss, are just a small drop in the ocean. The truth is, I even don't know how to call it.

Everything is going to start very soon. Something bad will happen. We don't have much time. They are under my city right now. Whole area under my city is covered with them, and I have no clue how big is it? I have no idea about their intention, but I don't think that it will be good for us.

I am not alone at home. They are here. Be careful. Farewell!

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