The War of Willow Lake - 3

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Chapter 4

I stared in terror as I watched John fall to the floor, lifeless. His body frozen with his eyes wide open beneath my feet, his once bright eyes now dull and clouded. Tears brewed inside me as I fell to my knees, shaking his body in the vain hope he would wake up.

“John, please.” I sobbed, the tears flowing from my eyes uncontrolled like a broken faucet.

However, my efforts were futile; he was dead. The one person who cared for me and had been my friend for the past year was gone. One minute he was there smiling, our future before us, in our grasp, and then he was ripped away from me like his life meant nothing.

I’d never see him smile again, nor would he hug me when I felt sad. I’d never be able to talk to him or play with him by the lake ever again. The one person who accepted and cared for me was gone. My dreams of us running away and building a life together, now laid there lifeless and unmoving.

A hurricane of emotions roared inside me as I stood myself up, turning to whoever had killed him. Standing tall and defensive, I was faced with Harry Davenport.

“What did you do?” I screamed, the rage filling me and ready to burst like a disturbed volcano.

“He was a Jinni, Elizabeth, and you know the rules. He knew who you were, and we heard you were planning on running away with him. You will come home immediately, Elizabeth, by the orders of my father.”

“No!” I shrieked, I wouldn’t go back, I couldn’t go back, especially now.

He’d killed John. He killed my friend, the boy I loved, and he destroyed my chance of being happy. He didn’t even hesitate before he took a life that wasn’t his to take.

“Elizabeth, do as I say,” Harry warned, standing like a skyscraper.

“I hate you! This is your fault! If you hadn’t been so horrible to me, I’d have never met John. He’d still be with his family, alive. But no. All you ever did was treat me like a freak. I won’t come back with you!”

“Elizabeth, don’t make me hurt you, I don’t want that.”

“I don’t care, you’ve already killed the one person I loved and cared for. So go ahead, Harry, don’t act like you’ve not wanted to get me back for hurting Charles.”

“Elizabeth, please, don’t make this harder than it has to be. You will answer for your crimes.”

“Crimes? My crimes?!” I screeched in horror, “I’m not the person who just killed an innocent!”

The rage bubbled as static danced violently around my fingers. I wanted to hurt him. I wanted to kill him for what he’d done to John. For the way, he’d treated me and the things he’d said the past years. I wanted to see him withering in pain beneath my feet, begging me for mercy as I tore him limb by limb.

He’d always acted as if he was so superior, because he was the eldest, and the next in line to lead the coven. It was always the Davenports who took the seat because they were the strongest. I didn’t want to be bound by rules, led by power-crazed Davenports anymore. I wanted to live my life on my terms with John, but now that hope was shattered.

“Jinnis are not innocents. They made themselves our enemy when they sided with the Lycans.”

“Are you that blinded by your father and the rest of the coven, Harry? Let me go, or you’ll have to kill me. I won’t come back with you.”

“Have it your way, Elizabeth,” Harry growled as the static sparked around his hand.

Before I could take a breath, my compact frame was being sent flying as a bolt of blue lightning hit me.

My back crashed against a thick trunk of a tree behind me. Pain coursed through every inch of my body as I dropped to the floor below. I coughed and spluttered as I took a mouth full of dirt before I found myself flying back towards Harry against my will.

He pulled me into him, and he took a tight grip around my throat, cutting off my oxygen supply as I struggled to free myself from his grasp. My feet kicked violently under me as my tiny hands tried to free myself from his powerful grip, but I was too weak.

“This is your last chance, Elizabeth. Come quietly and let my father decide what to do with you, or I will kill you.”

I took a deep breath, channeling all my energy, and pushed. The burst of energy was strong enough to rattle the trees around us as Harry flew backward. The pressure forced him to release his grip from my throat, which gave me time to recover and put distance between us.

“Nice shot, but it wasn’t enough, I’m stronger than you.” He warned, his face one of a wolf readying for the kill.

“That doesn’t mean a thing.” I roared as I pushed out another burst of energy, which he quickly deflected before shooting one at me.

I held out my hands, forcing his burst away from me and into a tree, causing it to topple and fall to the ground. I knew the crack of the abundant trunk snapping, the rustling of the leaves, and the echoing thud it made as it fell would alert the others. The surrounding animals scurried and flew away in attempts to escape and not get caught in the conflict.

I wanted to kill him; I wanted to make him pay for killing John, but I couldn’t take on the entire coven. I was too young and too weak to take on a small army alone.

More bursts came from the two of us as we ducked, dodged, waved, and deflected the others magic.

I saw my chance as Harry stumbled, overwhelmed by the amount of magic he’d used in a brief space of time. I let out an immense burst; lightning hit him directly in the stomach, sending him hurling into the rocks that surrounded the edge of the lake.

He roared in pain as he collided with them, but I didn’t care. I moved quickly, taking John into my arms, and I ran.


I wasn’t sure how far I’d run, or how long I’d run for, but I didn’t stop until I was convinced Harry or the coven weren’t following me, or I’d at least ran far enough ahead of them. I ran until I physically couldn’t run anymore, and I found a small shelter near a waterfall as the sun set.

I laid John inside the small opening of the rocks, sitting beside him as I cuddled my knees to my chest.

“I’m sorry, John, please forgive me.” I sobbed as the tears pooled and release. I would bury him here come morning, and then I would continue.

I had one goal now, and one purpose alone: Revenge.

“I’ll kill him for what he did to you, John. I’ll kill them for how they treated me. I’ll kill them all, and I won’t stop until each one of them is dead. I promise.”

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