The War of Willow Lake - 3

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Chapter 5

I watched the leaves dancing in the air, swirling like a miniature hurricane in front of me as my hands manipulated them to move in various patterns and directions.

“You’re strong.” A deep voice caused me to startle, the static flickering around my hands, ready to defend myself against the unknown stranger, hiding in the shadows, “No need to get defensive, I won’t hurt you.”

“Who are you?” I snarled as I scanned the area surrounding me, focusing on where I was certain the voice had come from.

After a moment, just as I was about to run, a man appeared from among the trees and came into my line of sight. He was tall and well built, with dark, short tousled hair, sharp and defined features, and piercing golden eyes that reminded me of fresh honey that stood out clear against his pale skin.

“My name is Nicolas.” He introduced with a nonchalant tone in his voice. He stood there so casual as if he didn’t have a care in the world as he waved one of his hands aimlessly in the air, “I’ve been following you as recent. You’re a Willow Lake Witch, aren’t you?”

“Do not dare speak of them to me, stranger,” I growled with venom in my tone. Despite it had been over three years since I ran, I had still not forgiven them.

For three and a half years, I’ve been on the move, hiding in caves, occasionally taking refuge in small towns to replenish my energy. I never stayed in the same place for more than a couple of weeks; I couldn’t risk them finding me, I wasn’t ready to be found.

For all that time, I’d tirelessly been honing my powers, learning to control them and bend them to my will. Over time, I’d learned my abilities did not quite follow every law we knew. There were things I could do that I’d not known others to do. I could control and manipulate them in ways I didn’t think possible.

Of course, the sheer amount I used had aged me. I was Eighteen now, but I looked as if I were in my late thirties. However, my body and mind were strong, despite my outer appearance aging, I still had ample energy roaring inside of me. Soon, I would return to Willow Lake to get my revenge on Harry and the coven who had scorned me.

“So,” A small smirk danced on his lips as his eyes studied me with care, “you are indeed the Witch who ran away. We have heard of what happened, although whether what we’ve heard is the truth, who knows. Perhaps, my child, you could tell me.”

“Why would I tell you anything? You’re a Vampire.” I spat the last word. I had no interest in tangling with Vampires or Wolves, they had but one thing in common and that was their hatred for someone like me.

I knew they were nothing but bad news, only out for themselves and caring only for where they’d source their next meal. I had one goal, revenge, and I would let no one stand in my way.

“Perhaps I could be of assistance, my child. Was it not your coven who killed the Jinni, John?”

My head cocked to the side as my brows furrowed in suspicion, “How did you know?”

The man shrugged his broad shoulders, which were covered by a long, black coat, “My clan was living not too far, and we heard everything that happened when you fought with the Davenport boy. Is it not revenge you’re seeking for him killing your love?”

I let out a quiet, low growl, “That is my business and mine alone.”

Nicolas let out a deep, brief chortle, “As strong as you may be, do you think you can take on the coven alone? Eight elders, and seven younglings, three of whom now have their full powers if my knowledge is correct? You’ll die.”

“That’s none of your concern, now leave me alone before I kill you.”

“Please, my child, I want to help.” He stepped forward, his posture straightening, causing him to stand much taller than before. At full height, he towered over me, the shadows of the forest cast over his figure making him seem much more intimidating than before. “It was the coven leader who killed my wife a couple of years ago. He took her from me without remorse, and I, too, want revenge. However, I am not stupid enough to go charging in. Perhaps, we could work together towards a common goal. Destroying the Willow Lake coven.”

“Why should I trust you? You’re nothing but a filthy bloodsucker. All you Vampires care about is yourselves.”

“Ah,” A wicked grin spread across his lips, “I see your coven has tainted your mind into thinking such ways, child. While, yes, we can be that way, especially when we’re hungry, we do care for those who are our allies. Either way, I have full intentions on destroying that coven, I’m merely offering you the chance to join me. I believe there will be ways I can help you, that will ensure your victory.”


“Why don’t you come with me and we can talk, it is not wise to be out here too long. There are other clans and Wolf packs that wouldn’t be so friendly towards either of us. In fact, there is a wolf pack heading our way, I can smell their filthy wet dog smell a mile away.”

I stayed silent, studying the man before me, tall and robust like a skyscraper. He had an air of nobility about him, but perhaps that was his thick British accent or his smart clothes. I knew better than to trust a Vampire, but I knew; equally, he was right.

I was strong, but to take on the entire coven alone was no doubt result in certain death for me. I could be certain Harry Davenport would have trained and become much stronger himself over the past years. As much as I desired to kill them all, he was the one I wanted to kill the most. I wanted him to watch as I killed his parents and then leave him begging me for mercy. I longed to make him pay most of all.

I stood myself tall, and kept my expression blank as I gave him a curt nod, “Lead the way, Nicolas.”

I watched as the man’s lips curved into a wicked smirk before he turned, “Wise choice, my child, come. It is not far, and you can tell me everything along the way. Then, when we have joined my clan, I will tell you how I can help. I think you’ll find my offer impossible to refuse.”

I followed Nicolas deeper into the wooded area as I told him all of my childhood. Of how the other children had treated me, how I met John, and what Harry had done.

Eventually, we came to a large gathering of rocks, with a small opening that led to a deep cave that ran thirty feet below the ground. Candles that littered the walls gave the only light within the otherwise gloomy rocks surrounding us. I wasn’t sure how deep we had gone underground; it seemed we had been walking for a while, however, we finally arrived, greeted by members of his clan. Once the formal introductions were done, Nicolas finally told me of his plan.

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