The War of Willow Lake - 3

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Chapter 6

Nicolas stood tool beside me as we faced our allies, “Today is the day, my children! Are we ready?” Nicolas bellowed proudly, with a purpose in his tone and a gleam in his honey-colored eyes.

The small crowd before us roared out their battle cries. Three clans of Vampires, making twenty Vampires total, and a pack of six Wolves. I had been hesitant of Nicolas’ suggestion to approach a nearby pack for help, but they took little convincing. I’d found I had ways of being able to communicate with the leader, I wasn’t sure what it was, but we could speak to each other with our minds and we quickly came to an understanding. They, too, hated my coven, for it was them who brought the curse upon them.

Nicolas turned to me, his expression softening a little as he looked upon me with a sweet smile, “are you ready, my child?”

In the six short months since Nicolas had brought me to his clan, he’d been like a father to me, far more than my birth father back home. He helped me train; he helped me get stronger, and I hadn’t thought that possible.

Nicolas aided my battle strategy and made this all possible. But most of all, he changed me. I was no longer a mere Witch who could be easily killed. I was now Elizabeth the Hybrid, half Vampire, half Witch. My powers were far more potent, they were stronger, and I could withstand using them for extended periods without becoming drained. I did not age, and I did not weaken.

It had taken me a while to adjust to the need for blood to survive; however, it was a small price to pay for what I’d gained in return.

I nodded with confidence, “I have been ready for a long time.”

Today is the day we set out to Willow Lake, and we’d reach there by dusk. The Vampires protected by jewelry which I’d enchanted with magic to protect them from the sun, allowing them to roam free in the daylight.

The Wolves would protect the outskirts, taking down anyone who dared to attempt escape. The Vampires would take on the elders and younglings who tried to fight, leaving Nicolas and me to deal with Georgeson and Harry Davenport.

We all knew there would be death’s on our side, we were no fools to the fact, but they’d sworn their loyalty to Nicolas and me. For those who survived, we promised them riches beyond compare. The Vampires would keep their enchanted jewelry, which would open up a whole unknown world for them, a life without limits. As for the Wolves, I’d promised to return them to human form once more. For those that didn’t survive, they were happy knowing that it was with their help, the Willow Lake Warlocks would be no more.

Nicolas turned back to the crowd anxiously awaiting the call, “Let’s move out.”


Nicolas and I watched from a distance as the chaos unfolded before us. An all-out war had erupted in an instant as our allies fought against my old coven. Small fires had sparked around the remote village, The William’s cabin already burning in bright, wild flames flickering in the distance.

Lightning bolts, energy ripples, invisible forces being thrown around while the Vampires ducked, dodged, and fought back. Magic weapons ranging from swords coating in fire and axes that stung with the power of ice flew around as our friends evaded their attempts to strike them down. The wolves pounced and attacked the unexpecting women, trying to escape with the ones much too young to fight.

It had been mere minutes, and there were already deaths on both sides.

My eyes caught sight of my parents in the outer area of the village, turning one of Nicolas’ friends into dust as they tried to prevent him from striking a youngling.

“Allow me.” I nodded sternly as Nicolas growled. My parents, the ones who should have loved me and supported me, but shunned me instead, were mine to deal with. They may have not ignored me directly, the way the children and others had, but I knew they held contempt for me. They never spoke to me with kindness after the accident, they always look at me as if I was a disappointment, if nothing, I deemed them the worst of them all besides the two Davenports.

“I got you covered.” Nicolas smiled at me as we moved towards the pair quietly, being careful to approach with caution.

I approached behind them, my once red light now flickering a powerful royal blue around my hand and a smirk appearing across my lips, “hello mother, father.”

They both froze on the spot, their bodies going rigid before they dared turn to face me. They stood there stunned, looking at me as if they had no clue who I was, looks of both concern and confusion.

“No, it’s not possible.” My mother gasped, her hand clapping over her mouth as she took a step back.

“Oh, it’s very possible, mother.”

“What are you doing, Elizabeth?” My father demanded, his static readying itself for defense.

“Revenge, father. Harry killed my love, my friend, my hope. The village shunned me, and you treated me like I was a nuisance to you. All because I was a girl. So, today, it all ends.”

My mother regained her composure, something she was quite skilled at doing, and stood tall beside my father, “We won’t let you do this; you’re siding with Vampires! We did not raise you this way!”

“On the contrary, mother, you barely raised me at all.”

“Stand down, Elizabeth.” My father ordered, trying to seem intimidating and confident. A farce that would once cause me to cower under his stern green eyes, but now held no power. I simply just laughed at his command.

“Not a chance.” I sneered as a massive ball of energy and static flew from my hand with the smallest motion, smacking my mother directly in the chest.

I watched her feeble body fly at a rapid speed as the shrill of pain that tore through her throat rattled in the air, shattering through the sounds of the violence near to where we stood.

“Mary!” My father yelled as he hastened to prevent her from slamming against a nearby tree while shooting his energy at me.

My hand waved, deflecting the wave away from me and towards him instead. He wasn’t quick enough to stop it, too focused on lowering my mother to her feet from being suspended in mid-air and landed on the dirt below.

With one hand, I had my mother pinned helplessly against a tree while the other fired and deflected at my father. It was child’s play, and he was weak; Jackson’s were never that powerful in comparison, to begin with. However, for him, he was more vulnerable from his years spent trying to train me. He had spent more power than most fathers would have training their younglings, so despite being only in his early forties, he had the body of someone about to say hello to their swinging sixties.

A black fire sparked around my mother’s feet as I manipulated and fashioned the branches of the tress to act as rope and tie her to the trunk.

“No, Elizabeth, please, we’re so sorry. Please don’t do this; we love you.” My mother sobbed, trying to break free of the binds, but it was useless, she had no powers and I trapped her. The black flames grew higher, now a mere inch away from the bottom of her feet.

“Too late, mother,” I growled, as I conjured as much energy as I could to force my father to join her in the grips of the branches.

I watched as the black fire grew, slowly consuming the pair which I’d once called mother and father. I felt nothing as I watched them burn, a smirk on my lips as they sobbed and wailed until finally, they were silenced, fully engulfed in the flames.

Nicolas’s hand came to my shoulder, in a firm, but comforting grip, as his other handheld out a small flask full of human blood, “drink up, and let’s go find those pesky Davenports, shall we, my dearest?”

I opened the flask, bringing the rim to my lips and allowing the red liquid to run smoothly down my throat as I felt myself replenishing from the energy I had used against my parents. I let out a soft sigh as I left just enough for Nicolas to refuel and smiled at him with an evil grin, made only more menacing by the blood that now coated my teeth, “I’ll make Harry wish he was never born.”

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