The War of Willow Lake - 3

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Chapter 7

Nicolas and I quietly made our way from where we had left my parents back to our scouting area, where we watched and discussed our plans for the two Davenports one last time.

“Are you certain you will handle Georgeson, Nicolas?” I asked, not because I doubted Nicolas, but because I knew how strong Georgeson was, and Nicolas intended on fighting him alone.

“Look at him down there, my dear,” His long finger pointed to an older man in the distance fighting off three vampires, “he is weakened. He cannot even wield his magic weapon anymore; I think I will be fine. There is no need to concern yourself with me.”

“It was nothing more than a mere question, dear Nicolas. I trust you can handle him; however, even weakened, he is powerful. Do not underestimate him.”

“I have studied much of his fighting style over the past months. I have witnessed the way he teaches and how he defends. I am certain that I will be victorious. However, you know what to do should the odd’s fall in his favor.”

“Yes, I do.” I nodded; it didn’t matter by who’s hand. In the end, today was the day the Davenport line died.

“And you are certain you will not need my help with Harry?”

“Oh, I am most certain, we will come out of this alive and in victory. We shall dance and celebrate in the ashes of our enemies come daybreak.”

“I cannot wait.” Nicolas smirked before he leaned to press a kiss to my forehead, “Let’s move.”


“Hello, Harry,” I spoke casually as I appeared before him, concealed by smoke which slowly disappeared, revealing myself to my most prominent foe.

The sound of my voice instantly caused him to stop mid-spell, as the two Vampires who had been attacking him backed away and fled. They knew only too well I wanted to face him alone.

His blue eyes narrowed at me, a confused expression on his face. He’d not seen me since the night he’d killed John, and I’d looked much younger back then. However, it wasn’t long until his mouth slacked and his eye widened in horror.


“So, you remember me.” I scoffed, holding out a hand as if checking my nails, “I’d half expected you to forget about me, although, how could you forget the face of the girl whose only friend and love you’d murdered in cold blood?”

“What are you doing, Elizabeth?” He warned, “What do you want?”

“Revenge, Harry. Revenge for all the times you shunned me, sneered at me, and looked at me in disgust. I want vengeance against all of you who bullied and beat me down when all I wanted to was to be a part of the coven. But most of all, I want revenge for what you did to John. You killed him in cold blood, not even giving him a chance. He was my friend and my love, and for that, I am going to kill you, Harry.”

Harry was a tall man, board, strong, with dark hair and a well-groomed short boxed beard growing on his face, “You brought that on yourself, Elizabeth, you knew the rules, yet you ignored them.”

Harry’s stance tensed, and he grew an inch or two as his blue eyes glimmered with a warning. A silent warning for me to stand down, a silent alarm that he was willing to fight.

“You cannot lay blame on me, Harry,” I spoke casually with a sigh.

“The blame is yours! You knew Jinnis were our enemy, yet you so blindly let one fool you! How did you know he was not using you to get close to us to issue an attack?”

“Because he was a good man, unlike you. If you and the others had not shunned me as you had, I never would have known John. We only met because he found me on the outskirts, playing alone. After all, you would not let me join. You cast me away and left me alone, without a friend. I was twelve.” I spat. I would not stand for him trying to blame me for all of this; the blame was on him. He shunned me, he hurt me, and he’d killed John.

His stance softened, changing his expression into one of sympathy and regret, “We shouldn’t have treated you that way, and we’re sorry. Please, call this all off. There has already been too much bloodshed. Enough is enough. Just put a stop to this, and we can talk rationally. Don’t do this; don’t pick a fight you cannot win.”

I couldn’t help the deep, throaty laugh of disbelief that escaped me, “It’s too late for apologies, Harry. It ends today, today I will have my revenge, and your precious coven will be no more. And believe me, I will win.”

“Fine,” Harry huffed, immediately shifting back into his fighting form, “have it your way, Elizabeth.”

The static brewed around his hand, and a flash of red light burst in the area like a mine exploding as lighting came hurling towards me.

I dashed to dodge the attack, using my Vampire speed to my advantage and shot a burst of absolute energy right to Harry’s back.

His roar of pain filled the air as I sent him to the floor, landing with a harsh thud against the dirt below us.

“You’re the one who cannot win, Harry, just accept your fate,” I called as he picked himself up and turned to me.

“How can you move like one of them?” His eyes glowed with more hatred than I’d ever seen as he sneered.

“My aging isn’t all that’s changed, Harry. Give it up and accept that you’re about to die.”

“Never.” He growled before shooting energy and bolts in quick succession.

I dodged as quickly as I could; however, one had landed, sending me flying backward and into one of the small cabins.

The wood crumbled as I connected with it, caving in and collapsing under me as I fell with it. A piece of timber pierced my stomach, causing me to let out a beastly growl of pain. The pain radiated through every part of my body and burned. It took the wind out of me as I struggled to catch a breath and free myself from the large fragment.

“Stand down!” Harry’s voice bellowed, snapping me back into my rage.

I pulled the wood from my gut, using my magic to heal the wound before I moved quicker than the speed of light to stand in front of him. Recovering from the blow quickly and with ease.

“Not until you’re dead.” I taunted.

My hand lifted to his chest, the blue electric dancing furiously as I hit him with a burst, point-blank, and sent him hurtling across the forest.

I chased after him, throwing more blows. He put up a good fight; he was far stronger and resilient than I expected.

Flashing sparks, lightning, invisible energy bursts came flying from both of us as we locked in a full-blown war. Both of us dodged hits, but equally, both of us landed blows, too. Cries of pain left both of us as we fought, but I refused to give up.

The tree’s around us had fallen, broken from deflected blows. Leaves rained down from the few that still stood like large green drops of rain. The ground, where grass once was, turned into nothing but scorched dirt and cracks formed in the mud. Bodies of animals caught in the crossfire lay scattered around, lifeless and unmoving.

I was weakening; despite my Vampire half, it wasn’t able to heal me quick enough to cope with the constant blows. Using this much magic did not aid me either; I was draining, and I was running out of time to find my chance to end this all.

Although he struggled to stand, blood covering him, unable to breathe correctly, he continued with his blows. Had I not held so much hatred from him, I would have admired his resolve not to give up.

He’d switched to defensive, protecting himself the best he could, sending my attacks rushing back towards me. He was trying to use my powers against me, but I knew his game.

I blocked, deflected, and sent out offensive blows, all the while my eyes watched for that one moment. That one moment, Harry would leave himself an opening, an opening for me to deliver him a blow directly to the heart.

That’s when I saw it; he stumbled. A burst I sent out he’d pushed to the side, towards the tree’s, but it had clipped his leg. He’d deflected a second too late to avoid the blow altogether.

I built my energy, mustering every ounce of power I could until the static flowed through every part of my body, not just my hands. It surrounded me, encasing my body in blue, which lit up our surroundings.

Just as he was about to recover, I unleashed it with a scream. The burst had pained me from the sheer power of it. It felt as if I were shooting one thousand daggers towards him, but they pierced and shot through me in their path. The pain felt as if I were being burned alive as the energy drained from me and darted towards him quicker than the human eye could register.

I collapsed to my knees as the energy rushed towards Harry, and my eyes watched as it landed. I watched as it flew his body high into the hair, spinning fast before crashing to the ground with a thud that echoed through the air.

I waited. I expected signs of movement or any indication Harry was still alive. I turned my hearing, focusing on his body, which was roughly twenty feet in front of me. I listened for the slightest hint of breath or heartbeat.

But there was none.

Harry was dead. The coven was destroyed, along with the surrounding forest. It was over, and I could rest.

“It’s over, Elizabeth; they’re all dead. Well done, my child, sleep now.” Where the last words I heard before, everything surrounding me faded into nothing.

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