A cute duckling in an ugly world

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A twist on an old story. A cute duckling in an ugly demon world. A cute demon that starts with nothing, fighting trough the world, the insults, laughter of others at her appearance and other demons making fun of her for being cute, for being different. But she doesn't grow into a monstrous swan. No, that's not how her story ends. I didn't use any movies, books or series for inspiration the story is my original work. This is just the result of my weird imagination and brain telling me what to write. I hope you liked it :) It’s still just a story, like all of my other stores. It doesn’t have a deeper spiritual, moral or ethical meaning.

Fantasy / Mystery
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Chapter 1: The city

There isn’t a more heartwarming moment than a look on a parent’s face full of pride. A mother proud of her child was a thing that could warm a whole room.

“Stop that mom. You’re embracing me and dad.” Alcid said.

“I don’t care. I’m so proud of you. You’re finally going to high school.” Her mother said.

“It’s not like I’m going to be a doctor after this. It’s just high school mom.” Alcid said.

“Yeah, leave the kid alone.” Her father said. “You and I also went to the same high school. You know how it is there. Just a bunch of spoiled brats.”

“Will you let me enjoy this moment.” Her mother said.

“No, because we have better things to do. The bus will be here in fifteen minutes and I still have to tend to the tree eaters.” Her father said.

“Alright, but this is on you. Alcid come and visit us when you have a chance. And don’t forget to have fun.” Her mother said.

The summer’s red sun was still high up in the sky. The bus ride to the city should take about two hours and the ride to the school dorm another hour. Alcid was excited to finally go to the only city. There were smaller towns and villages but this was the only city. She had already been in the city with her father to get supplies for the farm, but this time it was different. This time she was going alone and she’ll have four years to explore the city on her own.

The bus arrived and she got on. This year Alcid was the only one from her village to go to high school. Maybe that was better, Alcid was excited to make new friends. As they arrived at the city, she got out of the bus. She stood in front of the bus station for a few moments absorbing the environment. The city was so big and full of everything your heart desired. She snapped out of it and took out a piece of paper out of her pocket. Alcid read the instructions on how to get to the bus to the school dorms and started to head towards the tram that will take her there. While walking to the tram she looked around just taking in the city atmosphere, dragging her suitcase behind her.

At the tram station, someone bumped into her and she fell. Alcid looked in the direction of the one who pushed her and saw a bunch of guys looking at her and laughing. She forgot that the way she looked would cause problems for here in the city. She was different from other demons. Alcid didn’t have sharp teeth, scaly skin, big claws, horns or spikes on her body, couldn’t roar and scare others. Alcid was smaller than other demons, she was half their size, she had white fluffy fur all over her body, w small sharp teeth, long arms, reaching down to her knees, small claws and a black flower that cowered almost the entire left side of her head. Her favorite color was black so she always wore black dresses, jackets and shoes. That made her even cuter.

When the train arrived, Alcid hoped on and took a seat. The train was running on rails above the ground so she got to see more of the city. The city seemed chaotic. In the middle, there was a big graveyard and a lake full of demons relaxing and picnicking. One part was full of tall buildings, with one towering over all the others. It was so big that it was blocking the sun. There were other buildings like the City horror museum and other art museums. Alcid couldn’t wait to go see them all. Her village was small, even compared to other villages, and there were no museums or galleries. The biggest event in her village was the Halloween fair that was only interesting for the little ones.

After some time she saw the school in the distance. It was big. Alcid read that a lot of demons come to this school from their villages because many the villages don’t have their own high schools, like hers. As the train came closer to the school, Alcid took her suitcase and headed towards the doors. She could hear a murmur of voices, insults and laughter. Alcid knew that they were all directed at her. It was tough being a cute demon in a world of scary demons.

When the train stopped, she got out and read the instructions to see where she had to register. The instructions just said that she needed to register at the A3 building but there were around fifteen buildings on the school grounds. ’How am I supposed to know where the A3 building is?’ Alcid thought and looked around. She saw a map of the school grounds, walked over to it, found the building on the map and headed there.

The building was massive, Alcid’s whole village could live in it. Alcid saw a door in the middle of the building and went through. A black demoness was sitting in a small room sharpening her claws. She had long black and red hear, six horns coming out of her forehead, one red and one white eye and claws as long as Alcid’s forearm.

“Hi! My name is Alcid Kirara. I’m here to register.” Alcid said.

The demoness looked at her and said. “You sure you’re in the right place?”

“Yes. My instructions said I have to register at the A3 building.” Alcid said.

“What I mean sweetie is that you don’t look like a demon. You sure you should be here?” The demoness said.

“Yes. I’m sure. I’m here to learn to be a demon.” Alcid said.

“Alright.” The demoness said and then yelled “Shaosi! Get down here! We got a new one!”

After a few seconds, Alcid heard a commotion and someone running like crazy down the stairs. At the last part of the stairs, the demoness missed a step and came falling down towards them. She got up, straightened her clothes and asked the demoness in the small room. “You called?”

“Yes, we have a new one. First year student. Take her to her room and explain the rules to her.” The demoness said pointing to Alcid. Shaosi, the demoness who fell down the stairs, looked at Alcid confused. Shaosi was tall, even for a demon, half of her body was white and the other half, blood red. Both of her eyes were completely black and her shoulders and upper arms were covered in sharp spikes. “You sure this is the new one?” Shaosi asked the demoness.

“Just do as I said Shaosi.” The demoness replied.

“Alright. What’s your name?” Shaosi asked.

“Alcid.” Alcid replied.

“Come with me. I’ll show you your room.” Shaosi said.

While they were walking, Shaosi started to explain things about the school to Alcid. “Welcome to the Exclusive vicious international lethal academy or as we like to call it EVIL academy. Each floor has students from the corresponding year. This is your first year so your room is on the first floor.”

As they climbed up on the first floor and entered the right wing of the building Alcid could hear a loud *kssshsssshss!* sound coming from a closet behind the door.

“Don’t mind that. That’s just Varmparia. She doesn’t like the light so she hides in dark places. Just ignore her.” Shaosi said.

“Ok.” Alcid said.

”Where was I? Oh yeah! On the ground floor are the bathrooms and the cafeteria. Breakfast is at seven, before first classes, Lunch is at three and dinner is at eight. In your first year, you will have all of the general classes but from the second year you will be able to choose the classes you want.”

“I’ll be able to choose classes. How does that work?” Alcid asked.

“Well, not all demons are the same. Some are good at possessing mortals, some age good at scaring them, causing deception and destruction even on a global scale and some are good at tempting the mortals so that they to become demons. So, in the second year you can focus on what you want to do as a demon. I’m currently the best in my class and at tempting mortals to become demons.” Shaosi said and grinned showing her sharp teeth.

After some more walking, they reached a room, Shaosi opened the door and walked in. The room had two beds, tables and closets. There was nothing special about the room, there were no decorations, no pictures, just some scribbles on the walls from the previous students.

“One bed, table and closet are yours. Your roommate will come tomorrow. The rules are simple, you can do whatever you like except killing other students. This year my roommate Oumiu and I are in charge of helping the first year students, but if we are not here and you need help, you can ask any of the older students for help. My room is on the fifth floor, room number 5C.” Shaosi said, gave her a school brochure and said. “Unpack, get comfy and enjoy yourself. You’re goanna like it here. Bye!” Shaosi waved and left.

Alcid sat on one of the beds and took a deep breath. She was here, it was happening, she will finally learn how to be a proper demon. As the excitement eased, she started to unpack. All of the things from her suitcase fitted on one shelf. Alcid decided that she’ll go shopping for new things when she gets a chance. Meanwhile, she lay down on the bed and started to read the brochure Shaosi gave her. There was nothing interesting written in there, but it made the time go faster. Soon enough it was eight o’clock and time for dinner.

Alcid got out of the room and went downstairs to the cafeteria. As soon as she entered the cafeteria, she saw the looks on the faces of other demoness’ and could her murmur of voices and laughter. ’I don’t think Shaosi was right. I don’t think I’ll like it here.’ Alcid thought, grabbed a tray of food and sat in a corner of the cafeteria, alone.

The next day Alcid was still in bed when her roommate arrived. First, she heard a commotion as if twenty people were running through the hallway and then the door to her room opened.

“Hurry up! I’m not paying you to slack around. Put the suitcases and the boxes in the room. I said… Hurry up!!!” Alcid heard an annoying voice yelling and giving orders. Demon after demon entered the room and put suitcases and boxes on the floor. When they were done, there were ten suitcases and six boxes occupying the whole room.

“Now leave! I sad leave!” The annoying voice yelled and a demoness entered. She had dark gray skin, pointed ears and six silver horns coming out of her forehead, twisting back, framing her head. She had long black hear that reached all the way to her knees, a black dress ornamented by intricate silver stitching in the shape of human skulls. She looked at the room and said.

“Is this where they want me to live? They’re all barbarians like humans. There’s not even enough place for all my things.” The demoness’ said and her gaze stopped at Alcid. “And what are you? You don’t look like a demoness. You look like a children’s doll.”

“I’m Alcid and I am a demoness.” Alcid said.

“Huh, it talks.” The demoness’ said.

“Stop being rude Astera.” Shaosi said. “Alcid this is Astera. Your roommate. Try to get along you two. And Astera try to be a bit less like yourself. Ok?” Shaosi said and left.

“How many things do you have? I’m going to need both closets.” Astera asked.

“Not many, I...” Alcid started to say but Astera interrupted her and said. “Alright then. One shelf is yours and all the rest is mine.” Astera started unpacking and occupied all the closet space. From one of the boxes, Astera took out paper scrolls and hanged them over her bed.

“What are those symbols on the paper scrolls?” Alcid asked.

“Are you from the moral realm or what? Everybody knows that the oldest families have their sacred symbols that bring them luck, prosperity, fortune and other things on paper scrolls.” Astera said.

“Oh.” Alcid replied. Her family didn’t have those.

The first year classes were mostly concentrated on general things like the history of demons. Alcid knew the history by heart all the way to the part when the king and the queen of demons were killed and their daughter went missing, fifteen years ago because the king wanted to ban the killing of mortals. Her village was small and there was nothing to do there, so most of the time Alcid spent reading books. She liked history books, books about hero demons and math. Because of that, the classes that thought general things were boring to Alcid. The worst thing about the classes was that all the teachers, seeing how small Alcid was, asked her to sit in the front row so that she could see. She wanted to sit in the back to avoid others talking about her, quietly insulting her, laughing and throwing things at her. But that was now her everyday routine.

The only class Alcid really liked was literature. She liked books, but she didn’t like the class just because of the literature, she liked it because of the teacher, Miss Xubrah. Every time a student in her class started to talk, laugh or do something without her permission she snapped her tree meter long tail, with spikes on the end at the student, leaving a cut in his face. Soon enough, in her class, nobody made fun of Alcid. Miss Xubrah was everything Alcid wanted to be. She had gray skin, black eyes, she was calm, composed, had long sharp spikes on her head, instead of her hear and that magnificent tail.

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