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“Will you run off again?” “Of course.” She said and my gaze turned hard as I thought. “I rejected you, remember?” “Yet, I feel the bond just as you do.” I snickered and stepped closer, “you are mine, Bailey. My mate.” I growled in her ear, felt her breath come out shakily. “Leave her alone!” Hunter pushed his hands to my stomach but nothing happened, “we gonna run from you. You’re no different from the other packs and Alpha’s we’ve gotten away from. Asshole!” “Hunter.” Bailey snapped and I glanced at her with somewhat amusement. Just proof of the mate bond. Protection over me. “You won’t leave me.” I said and she looked at me hard, “and you won’t reject me. Face it. I could put your name and location out.” “Fuck you-.” “Hey, language in front of kids.” ***************************************************************** Bailey and her son, Hunter are rogues only to get caught on pack territory belonging to an Alpha, who'd waited for his mate for too long. When fate happens to make Bailey and Alpha Desmond mates, things go a bit north and south. Not only that, Hunter is the son of a rogue Alpha. All he's done for eight years, ever since Bailey ran from him, was search for his son and the girl who stole what was his.

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Bailey’s POV

Laughing, I stumbled through my front door but Leo caught me, laughing too and holding me tight as he closed the door behind us. I groaned as I kicked off my heels and moved away from boy a few years older than me.

“You thirsty?”

“Do we need any more to drink?” He asked, following me through the dark and old house.

“Shh,” I said back to him, finding his hand and leading him into my room. I giggled a little as he closed the door and pulled me in, setting kisses over my lips. I kissed him back, smirking against it as his hands moved up my legs to pull up my dress. I put my hands to the air as he pulled it off, threw it down before he pulled off his own shirt. I moved my hands over his tight front, moving them behind his neck as he pulled me in again.

I closed my eyes, pulled away softly as I heard little footsteps near.

“Mum?” Hunter poked his blonde head in and I looked towards him as Leo did. His seven-year-old face was slim like the rest of his body but naturally toned like me. The same dirty blonde hair too, but his was short.

“Who’s he?” He frowned a little and Leo looked towards me but I didn’t take any notice.

Did I forget to mention that I’m a teen mum? I thought I got to that topic at the club?

“It’s pretty late, kid.” Leo went to Hunter.

Kid. I hated that word when it was used towards someone like that.

“Go back to bed and sleep.”

“Don’t talk to him like that.” I snapped and he looked back at me. I passed him and picked up Hunter.

“I’m just going to go,” Leo said and grabbed his shirt.

“Thanks for the drink.”

“You bitch.” He muttered, walking out and I smirked a little, kissed Hunter’s cheek and walked to my bed.

“He called you a bitch.” He smirked and I poked my tongue out, licked his nose.

“I am.” I laid down next to him, “did you just come back?”

“Yeah. I ran all the way to the lake again.” He laughed a little and turned to me, “I hid from big wolves.”

“Be careful. What are we doing tomorrow?”

“Hunting!” He sat up and jumped on me. I laughed a little and smiled when he kissed my chin, “mum?”

“Hunter.” I looked back at him.

“Nothing.” He laid back down and I turned to him.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m not tired.” He said, sitting up again and changing the subject, I knew that. No doubt it was the question of why we didn’t have a pack. Or why it was only us.

“What’s one plus one?” I asked and he looked down at his fingers, counted to two.


“Yep. And Five plus one?” I asked and he counted to five and added one.


“Seven take away three?”

“Mum.” He groaned and I smirked a little as he went back to his fingers. He counted to seven and then put three down.

“One, two, three. Four.” He said and laid down, “I hate that game.”

“You’re so smart.” I smiled and he smirked back, “how about we do some reading?”

“Nope. Let’s go running now. Night run and we can hide from the big wolves again.” He said and I laughed, shook my head, “mum.”

“No. It’s dangerous.” I looked at him, “we’re here to survive, not play, Hunter. And we’re only here because this town is small with one small pack. Pathetic enough for us to hide.”

“I hate you.”

“Don’t say that.” I growled and he turned away, pulled the covers over him, “if you’re gonna be a bum, you can go sleep outside.”

“No! It’s cold.”

“Well then,” I said before I turned away from him. I felt him shuffle a little before sniff.

“Mum, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care. You’re mean.”

“I’m sorry.” He said, moving over me and pulling me onto my back, “cuddle me.” He said, burying his head into my neck and I sighed and moved my arm around him. “I love you, mum.”

“I love you, Hunter,” I replied, turning to hold him closer and he snuggled in close.

Desmond’s POV

I growled out as I walked back inside. I’d been so close, that scent, I was so close to picking it up.

Fucking rogues!

I passed Joe, my Beta, and his mate as they were together in the kitchen, making up hot drinks for everyone.

“I feel them. I can sense them but when I go out, there’s nothing.” I said, sitting at the bar just as Hannah slid over a cup of coffee.

“We know they’re in the city somewhere. Hiding with the humans.” Joe nodded along, “but you don’t need to be stressing over it.”

“I have intruders, I don’t know how many but rogues on my lands, Joey.” I said a little softer, “I need to know who they are and why they’re here. If they want to do damage, then we need to deal with that. If they’re just passing through, then they better fucking stop playing around.” I gritted and drank from my drink. I finished and got up just after, stormed my way to my room to find Clare, my girlfriend, already in bed with a book.

“Your steps are definitely getting louder, are you getting heavier?” She looked at me over her book as I took off my jacket and kicked off my shoes. With her short light blonde hair, it was all up in that messy bun she liked, her lips masked pink in a sweet smile.

“Let’s get all this frustration out of you.” She put her book down and sat on the edge of the bed with her hands out to me. I moved towards her, took her hands as I placed a kiss on her lips.

“When we’re mates, that’s going to feel so much more magical.” She whispered, kissing me again softly as she let go of my hands. I moved my hands to her bun, gently undid it from the bobby pins and hairbands as she started undoing my jeans.

“You’re right. All of it will.” I replied as I brushed her thin hair out with my fingers before I moved my arms around her. She squealed a little as I picked her up, kissed her. She smirked against it, her arms going around my neck as her legs went around my waist easily. She kissed me harder and I returned it, slightly pushing her back into the bedframe as my hand cupped to her beautiful ass.

“Good thinking ahead.”

“You should know by now that I hate going to bed with bottoms on.” She whispered and I smirked, “it’s all for you, babe. Take it.” She kissed me again as my other hand moved to the brick of a dick I had and positioned it to her pussy. A low hum came from her throat as I pushed in softly and then relaxed back out slightly. I thrusted and she gasped a little. I took that to slip in my tongue and found it slipping against hers as I penetrated faster.

My hand moved up to grip her hair just as I turned and moved to the bedhead. I sat down against it and held her close as she started bouncing up and down fast. The kiss broke and I put my head back as her fingers moved over my face and chest.

“Come on, baby. Give me something.” She said, moving her hands to my head and I looked back at her. I leaned up, kissed her and then held her tight, stopped her movement and she kept her head to my shoulder as she continued to pant.

I shifted and laid her down on her back as I moved over her, giving her soft thrusts before hard and together, our bodies moved in sync. I kissed her hard, my hands moving over her body and finding her breasts. I pressed hard onto them and she whimpered a little, licked her tongue to my top lip.

I kissed her and fucked her until she had her orgasm, the one part she loved. I rolled off her and wiped my cock off with the sheets before I got into bed.

“Can we talk?” Clare asked, still panting a little.

“Yeah.” I murmured into the pillows.

“I feel like I’m getting too boring for you.” She said, getting in behind me and I turned and looked at her.

“No. Why would you think that?”

“Just signs.”

“Well, it’s not true so don’t think it.” I turned to her, hugged her.

“And there’s something else.” She said and I looked at her, “since we know we’re going to be mates, maybe we can try for cubs? Early?”

The fact that wolves usually get their mates at eighteen was still on my mind. But I’m twenty-three, not eighteen. That doesn’t happen to wolves unless their mates aren’t around. And until they meet, they stay unmated.

“How about I sleep on it?” I asked and she nodded, kissed my cheek softly. I kissed her lips in return before I turned to my back, closed my eyes.

I knew Clare wasn’t my mate. If she was, she would have already been my mate.

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