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This is dark this is cold this is about darkness to light and the love of a two people n a different world.... This story is about love and how love overcomes all... Ginga; Who are you and what is you doing on my land? *She pulls out her sword as her silver color eyes looks at the man* ???: Who? Or do you mean What Are you? *His voice was deep but mostly deadly* What will happen? who is this weird person? (Warning this is in RP form Of writing)

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Ginga Goddess of the Galaxy Chapter 1

*The Night was Cool In space even tho it is always dark but do anyone know there is a light side of space and time? Ginga Semilla Princess of the Galaxy as her name dose mean Galaxy. In space where you can see million or billion of stars in the sky and planets But in the galaxy there can be a dark space with nothing *

Maid: Princess Ginga time to wake up!
Ginga: Five more Hours * She mumbles*
*The maid sigh and turned to walk off but Ginga didn't know what will happen next*
Maid: *She kicks down the door" I said wake the hell up the queen wants you! *Ginga Set up in bed and looked at the lady*
Ginga: Who do you think you are! you think you can bust in my room when I just said give me 5 hours to sleep! *Full with rage a bright blue light surrounds her*
Maid: Now Now Princess you should have listen to me I told you to get your ass up *She pulls her out the bed and started to drag her to the thrown room*
*As Ginga was still half sleep that her long dark gray hair was a mess as she have some drool on the side of her mouth the other maids found this...amusing*
Ginga: Mom You better have a good excuse for waking me up *She crossed her arms and look up at her mother*

*Her mother is the Goddess of all Milky waves and Black holes as her father king of the stars they both are part of the balance of time and space*
Mother: You been lacking a lot of your training what is going on with you?

Ginga: Mother did they even told you? they said I can have a whole week of relaxation...
Mother: get your act together and go with Hikari he will be the one teaching you...
Ginga: Fine ...*she turns away and goes to Hikari that was standing by the door*
Hikari: lets go princess
Ginga: mother I want to say that...I truly don't want to be queen because it is like a burden to hold
Mother: I don't care this is what you have to do to keep space and time in balance..
Ginga: but I-
Moher: Go!

*Kindom Of the darkness*
???: So little Ginga don't want to rule...*Laughed a bit* oh sweetie don't worry I will make sure that won't happen.... Yami!!!
*The door open slowly and a man walked in his hair was black with star dust making it look like space as his eyes was a dull purple as his skin was a bit like the moon*
Yami: yes queen Kubomi *his voice was soft but tough at the same time*
Kubomi: aw dear I said you could call me mother but who cares..I have a mission for you
*Yami looks up at her with his dead like eyes*
Kubomi: You need to try and earn the princess trust so I can swing in and take the throne and by that we will win the galaxyof time and space
Yami: when...?
Kubomi: at dawn so be ready
Yami: alright *he turns around and starts to walk as he did Kubomi stops him by saying*
Kubomi: you know you will be king just like your "father" but you don't have to be just like him but still-
Yami: Don't you push it woman *he growls as his dull purple grew even deeper of black*
*And he left leaving a queen that was ready to let loose of hell on space and time to destroy and rebuild a new nation of darkness*

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